Studio Be Well’s Grand Opening – Wellness Center & Boutique

Grand Opening of Studio Be Well on Sa, February in North Park, San Diego, Calif.

Grand Opening of Studio Be Well Wellness Center & Boutique in North Park.

On Tuesday, February 16, 2016, Dr. Brandy Augustine, a well respected guru in the sports and nutrition field for a dozen years, officially opened her doors for business in the heart of our city, North Park, 3960 Park Blvd., San Diego, Calif. Below are some photos of our visit plus a critique of the Wellness Center which will be open Tuesday through Friday (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.), Saturdays and Sundays (11 a.m. to 4 p.m.).


mmm college store and offersa outside of buildingFor someone like myself, being from the Philadelphia area and having traveled extensively, I was immediately drawn to the Bohemian style furnishings. The only thing missing was one of those floor to ceiling bamboo water fountains. It’s probably on back order. In other words the decor of this all encompassing Wellness Center made you feel at ease. The shelves displayed so many different products from all the latest organic developments to cure an ill to correcting a weight gain problem, a cure for whatever ails you. Before a visit, I recommend you write down a list of every ailment you’ve ever had and then you too will be amazed at the number of remedies that Dr. Augustine has for you. With all the interest in living healthy and the athletes of our day becoming almost super human, Sports and Nutrition has become such a big part of our lives. The number of books and studies on this subject is mind-boggling. That’s why you need to talk to someone like Dr. Augustine, someone with her credentials has already done the research and read the 5oo plus books for you. Within minutes of talking with her you’ll be impressed as I was. I’ve never met anyone so dedicated to her field of study. She can clear up the confusion as it pertains to any digestive issue, fatigue, the individual’s immune system and it’s dysfunction, hormone imbalance and even infertility.

What is it about this opening that will interest my readers? It’s her track record of helping both Boxers and the fighters in the Mixed Martial Arts?

As they say, actions speak louder than words. Even though she’s already helped thousands, Dr. Augustine gained even more acclaim when she aided two local boxers. On July 26, 2013, Dr. Augustine was in the corner helping the 43 year-old Jolene Blackshear win the IBA Female Light Flyweight Title. Blackshear, who will be 46 on May 13th, is still in excellent condition. In May of 2015, she fought for the WBC World Title. After pro boxer Jose “Bolivita” Uzcategui, a 2014 arrival from Merida, Venezuela, had dietary problems prior to facing Matt Korobov in a championship fight and lost, his manager went looking for a new trainer and a strength and conditioning coach. The answer to his prayers – Nutrition Expert Dr. Brandy Augustine and her husband, trainer Jose Cital. Uzcategui had no problem in his next fight and scored a first KO victory. Soon after Uzcategui accepted the biggest fight of his career against knockout artist Julius Jackson. In unison, the Boxing scribes claimed, “Jackson should be able to get past Uzcategu without a problem.” How wrong they were. With the help of Cital and Augustine, Uzcategui walloped his opponent from pillar to post until referee Tony Weeks stopped the carnage at 0:45 of the second round. 

(l to r) After his victory, Jose Uzcategui had the warmest embrace for two of the people responsible for his victory.

After his big win over Julius Jackson, the victorious Jose Uzcategui had a warm embrace for the people who helped him the most to secure the victory.

The people I talked to made reference to the balance in their body and the customized solutions to their individual health problems that Dr. Augustine was able to address. She quickly got to the root cause of their problem.

Two ladies in particular went out of their way to express their gratitude that “Brandy” had chosen their neighborhood to set up shop. “If you want to have an interesting talk with Brandy, just ask her about her ideas in regards to fitness and cooking delicious, healthy meals. She always has these Athletes calling her to pick her brain concerning their performance. Others have more discernible needs involving the healing from a disease, an injury, the benefits of using a masseuse or getting Chiropractic help. With this new prime location, Dr. Augustine should be quite busy with individual repairs, group cleansings and detox work. Now with a full staff to help her, there’s going to be a lot of different specialty work done and it’s all going to be available under one roof.”mm outside aginmm flowersmmm office

Not to leave her husband out, Dr. Augustine added a room full of boxing memorabilia for her main squeeze, boxing trainer Jose Cital who will be assisting his wife whenever possible or whenever he’s not training his fighters at the Undisputed Downtown Gym.  mmmm boxing 3mm poster on wallmmm poster photos 1

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