Saturday’s XAFS Fight Series results from Valley Center part II

After defeating Oscar Gonzalez of Victory MMA in the XAFS title match, Paul Blancaflor (C) becomes the first 155 pound Xplode Amateur Fight Series champion. Blancaflor is joined by (l to r) stablemate, Carlos Caliso, his coach, Waachiim Spiritwolf, Blancaflor, XAFS executive Roy Nickerson and fighter/matchmaker for Xplode, Ken Sells, Jr. Photo: Jim Wyatt.

Continuing where we left off – here are the results from Bouts 11 though 19 from the Xplode Amateur Fight Series show at the Pavilion on the San Pasqual Indian Reservation grounds in Valley Center, CA, Saturday, February 25, 2012.



After their brutal battle in Bout #11, Xavier Anderson (L) comes over to congratulate the man who beat him, Rodney Murphy. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #11, in the 195 pound division, featured Rodney Murphy of the Undisputed Fitness & Training Center, El Cajon getting the decision over Xavier Anderson of The Arena MMA Gym. Even though both fighters were landing their best shots early, there was no indication as far as who was going to falter. Murphy landed the cleaner, harder blows while Anderson countered well and used his knees.

After Anderson controlled round two, back came Murphy to dominate Round #3 and it appeared Anderson had run out of gas. 

Justin Jones (R) has his arm raised in victory after defeating Brandon Collins (L). Photo: Jim Wyatt

In Bout #12, in the 205 pound division, Justin Jones of Victory MMA handed Brandon Collins (2-1) of The Compound his first loss.

Late in Round #1, Jones received a high kick to the ribs and from the way it now looks, he may have been playing possum with Collins. At the end of round #1, the big guy dropped to his knees and had this painful expression on his face.

When coming forward to begin Round #2, that painful expression was gone and Jones went right back to work to get the win.


During his match versus Brandon Maynard (R) in Bout #13, Adam Gould managed to defend himself by grabbing Maynard's leg. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Both Brandon Maynard (L), the eventual winner, and Adam Gould (R) await the judges' scores after their grueling battle in Bout #13, Saturday, February, 25, 2012 at the Pavilion in Valley Center, CA. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #13, in the 180 pound division featured Brandon Maynard of Team Mad Beatings getting the win over Adam Gould of Five Star MMA.

There were several bouts that could easily qualify for “Fight of the Night,” but this battle between Gould and Maynard was simply incredible to watch and will be talked about for some time. At times you felt Gould, the grizzled veteran, was in complete charge as he kept slipping punches and ducking under the wide looping punches to counter.

What must have alarmed the Gould fans was watching their hero land a hard kick or maybe his best punch to Maynard’s head and then seeing Maynard smile as if Gould had nothing behind it. The “Is-that-all-you-got smile” happened tree times as Maynard kept walking his opponent down. By the end of the fight, the outcome was right there on Gould’s bloody face.

Gerald Bailey has his arm raised in victory by referee Ben Lagman, after he defeated Miguel Lavalle (R) in Bout #14 on Saturday, February 25, 2012. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #14, in the 135 pound division, featured Gerald Bailey of Chute Boxe USA of Longbeach, CA getting a quick Armbar submission over Miguel Lavalle of Team Jhanex. 

Written all over Lavalle’s face, “I’ve got to have a rematch with this guy. It happened so fast, it was like hearing “Checkmate!” in four lightning quick moves.

Richard Horne with the choke hold on Marcus Aven tries with all his might to get his opponent to submit. Photo: Jim Wyatt

This photo shows Marcus Aven lifting Richard Horne off his feet only to slam him back down like a flapjack. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Trying his best to keep everyone amused, Marcus Aven (R) jokes around with his opponent Richard Horne (L), on Saturday evening. Photo: Jim Wyatt

After the judges' scores were announced, referee Ben Lagman (C) raises the arm of Richard Horne. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #15, in the 150 pound division featured Richard Horne of 1ON1 Fight Co. getting the best of Marcus Aven of the Undisputed Fitness & Training Center, El Cajon in a bout with many momentum swings, extremely violent takedowns; another hard fought battle that had to go to the scorecards.

It took Mike Koelzer (R) all of thirty-nine seconds to beat his opponent, Tony Martinez (L) by using a rear naked choke. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #16, in the 165 pound division, featured Mike Koelzer of the Boxing Works going up against Tony Martinez of Team Mad Beating.

This one was over in a hurry, thirty-nine seconds into Round #1. In the bout, Koelzer pressed forward like a fine oiled machine, using his striking prowess as a diversion to get close, close enough to stop Martinez with a menacing rear naked choke hold.

After receiving a nasty gash on his forehead from Carlos Caliso, Kyle Mason (C) was forced to retire from the bout. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #17, in the 155 pound division, featured Carlos Caliso of Team Spiritwolf MMA getting the best of Kyle Mason of Orange County MMA.

Caliso dominated the first round with violent takedowns, then followed with straight shots to the head. At the conclusion of Round #1, the fight doctor took a look at the nasty gash on Mason’s forehead and immediately called for a halt in the action.

Juan Ramero (R) has his arm raised in victory by the owner of the Xplode Fight Series, Gregg Sharp. Ramero put a rear naked choke on his opponent Coby Hollier (L) to get the win by submission. Photo: Jim Wyatt

In Bout #18, in the 135 pound division, Juan Ramero of the SD Fight Club used the rear naked choke on Coby Hollier of Victory MMA to get him to tap out.

Paul Blancaflor (L) and Oscar Gonzalez (R) put up one heck of a scrap as they went all out to win the 155 pound XAFS championship belt. Photo: Jim Wyatt

In the final match, Bout #19, XAFS’ main event, they featured the first ever title fight in the 155 pound division featuring the well respected Paul Blancaflor of Spiritwolf MMA defeating the always tough Oscar Gonzalez of Team Jhanex/Victory MMA.

With the fighters being so close in age and ability, this one was well contested especially when it came to the striking and maneuvering for takedowns. In the end it was Blancaflor using his superior strength to gain the victory.

Paul "The Perfectionist" Blancaflor did little wrong against the always tough, Oscar Gonzalez. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Next up, the Xplode Fight Series reverts to the pro card scheduled on March 25, 2012. The show for the Amateur Mixed Martial Artists will return in April.

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