Results from WCK’s Full Rules Muaythai Ultimate Conquest of Feb. 9, 2018

Ahead, we have the results from the latest WCK FULL RULES Muaythai show “Ultimate Conquest” which took place Saturday evening, Feb. 9th, 2019 at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in San Diego, Calif.

In Bout #1 – it was 29-year-old Jessica Cook of La Mesa, Calif. who trains with Jhanex Alviz (Team Parusa) at the UFC Gym in Mission Valley (c), all smiles after her split decision victory over 22-year-old Patricia Stabile from Fontana, Calif. who trains with Bryan Dobler. Photo: Richard De la Cruz
As you can see, the mood was a lot different back on November 3, 2018, when these young ladies were a bit perturbed at the way their fight played out.

This was Cook’s first fight back after that November 3, 2018, loss to Stabile, in which one of Cook’s eye contacts was dislodged and turned the bout into be a harrowing experience. For Cook, it was as if someone had suddenly turned the lights outs and there was very little she could do to defend herself against the pending punches and kicks. This time around, with far less drama and no longer helpless, she executed her coach’s game plan and secured the victory.  

Recalling that harrowing experience, Jessica Cook (r) points to the eye that was affected and retells her tale of woe to Coach Alviz.
Team Parusa led by coach Jhanex Alviz (seen here poking fun with the bunny ears) pose for a group photo on Saturday night. It’s quite an assist or should we say a collaborative effort when you have this large of a group pulling for you every step of the way.
Bout #2: In his WCK Muaythai debut, Alex Herrada (l) of San Diego 5-1 PKB, 2-1 Amateur Boxing has his arm raised in victory by veteran referee Vichai Supkitpol after defeating Barack Sekander (1-1) from The Arena MMA gym.
Alex Herrada’s TKO victory over Barack Sekander came at 1:58 of Round #2, shortly after both fighters had been going nonstop in a reckless fashion. You’d have to admit it was inevitable that this contest had no chance of going the full three rounds. With Herrada landing the cleaner, harder shots to the head plus landing several well-placed kicks, it was tough guy Sekander who eventually became overwhelmed. In our final photo, we see Herrada joined by two of Steel MMA’s assistant coaches.

In Bout #3: it was Manuel Medina (l) from Team Parusa, San Diego matched up with Roy Gonzalez (r) from Foothill Ranch, Calif. who trains at the Carrillo Muay Thai Gym in Santa Ana. This fight was expected to be an explosive one and it was. Even though Gonzalez was two inches taller, had more experience (5 more fights), was four and a half years older, Medina managed to get the win.

In round one, both fighters used their entire arsenal to land that one memorable kick or that one memorable punch. In round two, Medina took over and was relentless in his drive to out-fox the cunning Mr. Gonzalez.

With the first two rounds being so close, this made Round 3 oh-so important and it was Medina coming through by using every trick in the book to come away the close decision victory.
Being flashy, standing out in a crowd must be a prerequisite of all the fun-loving Team Parusa Muaythai Team members. Why else would they be wearing these pink tank tops?

In Bout #4, it was 31-year-old, 5’10” tall Abel Lara (4-2) of Carson, Calif. taking on the veteran, 39-year-old, 5’7″ tall Sweet Baby James Gregory (5-15-2) from the Art of Eight Training Center in Kearny Mesa, Calif. At the time of this photo, it was Gregory being shoved into the neutral corner. After a pretty even first round, things got gradually worse for Gregory who in the final round found himself on the canvas. After three rounds, the judges had it close with Lara managing to come away with a split decision victory.

Up goes the hand of the victorious Able Lara who earned himself a split decision victory over the veteran Sweet Baby James Gregory.
In this photo we see Abel Lara’s fun-filled seconds wearing these The Fight Within shirts which may have be an attempt to promote the movie by the same name “The Fight Within”. In that movie, a college student, who trains his entire life to be an MMA fighter, is suddenly faced with doubts as to who he really is and then meets a Christian girl who helps him in his search. He’s able him move on, despite being at odds with his father.

5 – The Alyshia Madison versus Amanda De Rosa (WCK FULL RULES MUAYTHAI WOMENS bout) ended in a DRAW.

6 – Jason Durrant loses to Jeremy Shepard who won an Unanimous Decision victory in their IAMTF FULL RULES MUAYTHAI bout.

7 – Roman Lysenko wins by Split decision over Oscar Moller in their IAMTF FULL RULES MUAYTHAI bout.

8 – Samantha Stark vs. Melissa Sifuentes who wins a Split Decision victory in their IAMTF WOMENS FULL RULES MUAYTHAI bout.

9 – Diego Paez Winner by Majority Decision) over Bruno Borges in a WCK FULL RULES MUAY THAI Pro Match.

10 – Marvin Madariaga Winner by TKO at 2:38 of Round four over Jacob Hebeisen WCK FULL RULES MUAY THAI.

11 – Jordan Huber Winner by Split Decision over Alan Smith in an IAMTF FULL RULES MUAYTHAI TITLE FIGHT.

12 – Selina Flores Winner by Unanimous Decision over Carleigh Karen in an IAMTF WOMENS FULL RULES MUAYTHAI TITLE FIGHT.

13 – Chris Rolen loses to Ryden Kerr Winner by Unanimous Decision in their IAMTF MODIFIED MUAYTHAI bout.

14 – Geri Edu Winner by TKO at 0:53 of Round-1 over Aly Bright IAMTF WOMENS FULL RULES MUAYTHAI 

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