Results from the Bobby D Presents Show at the Sheraton

In attendance at Friday’s “Stars of Tomorrow” Boxing Show were (L to R) WBC lightweight champion Antonio DeMarco, Emilio Bojorquez, James Parison, Christian Bojorquez, Jorge Marron Jr., Alan Sanchez and Christopher Martin. Photo: Jim Wyatt

In Friday’s Main Event of the Bobby D Presents Boxing Show “Stars of Tomorrow” at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, were two undefeated, super featherweights, Pablo Armenta (6-0-1, 2 KOs) of San Diego and Guy Robb (5-0-0, 2 KOs) from Sacramento.


The fighter’s contrasting ring entrance music set the stage for this exciting clash. Robb’s people went with a gangster lean with its repetitive, foreboding message “We’re gonna whoop that ass!” howled by rapper “Hype Man” who bounced his way around the ring. Armenta’s music followed which featured a zesty Mexican flair. The stage was set and the crowd was wound tight.

Guy Robb (L) is shown getting his full body into a right cross that hit Pablo Armenta on the right side of his face. Photo: Jim Wyatt

From the opening bell, you could see a major battle was a brewing and the fighters delivered their punches at a frantic pace. After Arementa dominated with a combination, back came Robb to do the same. Then in the closing minute of the first round, the Armenta backers were aghast when seeing a serious cut open over Armenta’s left eye. Robb had caught him perfectly with an overhand right and the blood started streaming down into Armenta’s eye.

Guy Robb (L) is shown landing a powerful left hook. Photo: Jim Wyatt

After the bout ended, Hype Man (R) is shown helping Guy Robb (L) get out of his gloves. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Armenta, who’s normally quite accurate with his jab and combinations, was now firing off target. Even when he did connect, his punches could not ward off the shorter foe who managed to stay in close and negate Armenta’s reach advantage. Often times Armenta was back pedaling which is never a good sign. Without a doubt, that bothersome cut over his eye not only restricted his sight, but it hampered any realistic thoughts of a comeback.

In the closing rounds, Robb maintained his upper hand by brawling and trapping Armenta against the ropes. The partisan crowd, who periodically tried to inspire Armenta with chants of “Pablo, Pablo! Come on Pablo!” were hoping for some miraculous turn about, but it never came.

Robb’s punches pushed Armenta back the same way a chest kick jolts a Muay Thai fighter. Realizing that he needed a knockout, Armenta showed tremendous heart in the final minutes and gave everything he had right up until the final bell. After the six hotly contested rounds, there was no doubt who won the match. Judges Jose Cobian and Fritz Warner scored the bout 59-55 while Alejandro Rochin scored it 60-54, all for the winner, Guy Robb.

As a recommendation to future competitors coming to San Diego: Our local judges and media have a longstanding reputation of being above reproach. They don’t play favorites. Consequently, they’re always working hard at their craft to make certain the right young fighter gets the win. The fans watching will always have a stake in the fight but not the judges. I mention this because of the foolish antics of one of the corner people who accompanied Guy Robb and made it appear his win was an aberration, un milagro, an improbable development. Clearly the judges were meticulous in their scoring. Locals take it as a personal affront when someone suggests their scores might show favoritism.

“We won! We won!” As they say Hype Man’s display of emotion was over the top.

In this photo we see David Gutierrez (L) waiting to assist Amaris Quintana (C) with her robe. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Katarina De La Cruz (L) is shown taking a knee after becoming overwhelmed by a flurry of punches from Amaris Quintana.

Amaris “Diamond Girl” Quintana gets her fifth victory

In the Co-main event, San Diego’s Amaris Quintana (5-0-2, 1 KO) scored the first stoppage of her career when Katarina De La Cruz (2-8-1) could not answer the bell for Round #3.

Near the end of round two, Quintana scored with a straight right to the stomach and De La Cruz opted to take a knee. At that point referee Pat Russell began his 10 count which De La Cruz managed to beat.

After getting hit by everything but the kitchen sink, De La Cruz sat on her stool in obvious discomfort with the water bucket close at hand.

In between rounds, the ringside physician asked De La Cruz a series of questions and then decided she had had enough.

Luis Sanchez is Adrian Vargas’ latest KO victim as he lies on his back after getting clocked by a powerful left hook. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Adrian Vargas continues to dominate his opponents

Adrian Vargas (center) is surrounded by his support group. Photo: J. Wyatt

On the undercard, light welterweight Adrian Vargas (4-0, 2 KOs) continued his winning ways with an impressive knockout of Luis Sanchez (1-6) from Fairfield, CA. in the closing seconds of round one.

From the outset, Vargas was content to allow Sanchez to circle about and occasionally land his long snapping jab. As he circled, Vargas had his measuring tape out waiting for just the right moment. In the closing seconds of the round that moment presented itself. On the attack, Vargas had the much taller Sanchez pinned in the neutral corner and began unleashing his volley of heavy blows – one of which, a powerful left hook, sent Sanchez to the canvass.

Referee Jerry Cantu began the count but quickly realized Sanchez was in trouble and immediately summoned the fight doctor. Official time of the knockout was 3:00 of round one.

For his first pro fight, Brian McGlory (R) did well. That being said, he has a lot of bad habits that need to be corrected. Photo: Jim Wyatt

It was a proud moment when referee Pat Russell raised the arm of Brian McGlory after winning his first professional fight. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Brian McGlory makes his debut

In a four round super middleweight bout, Southeast San Diego’s Brian McGlory of the Gladiator Gym cruised to an easy victory over Jose Hurtado (3-4) of San Ysidro, CA from the Ocean’s Boxing Gym in Chula Vista.

Since McGlory, who stands 6’5” tall, had this phenomenal reach advantage, all he had to do was circle about and use his powerful snapping jab to score points. Since the bout was one of those, David versus Goliath struggles, McGlory received little or no recognition for his boxing prowess and when he began to showboat, the crowd became even less amenable.

Jose Hurtado takes a knee after getting waffled by the formidable Mr. Brian McGlory. 

Jose Hurtado, the underdog, showed an amazing tolerance for pain as he kept pressing forward while walking right into punches. Whenever he did land a punch, the crowd cheered wildly.

Franky Martinez was no match for the big puncher, Jonathan Garcia.

Also on the bill, welterweight Jonathan Garcia (6-0, 5 KOs) scored another knock out by stopping Frankie Martinez (0-5-2) of Las Vegas, Nevada, at the :45 mark of the fourth round.

What makes this outcome so impressive is the fact that Martinez, who has faced some really tough hombres, had never been ko’ed before.

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