Results from Saturday’s South Coast “Old Dog” Boxing Club Show

When you look at Jeffrey Railey, you would never believe he’s fast approaching his 40th birthday. There must be something to this working out in a boxing gym. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Saturday night, the seniors took over the local boxing scene at South Coast Martial Arts Boxing and Kickboxing Center in Costa Mesa, CA. Three hundred rabid boxing fans were on hand to enjoy the festivities which featured boxers all the way up to 71 years young. And yes, all the bouts were sanctioned by the local USA Amateur Boxing Federation.

Bout #1 featured 17 year-old Rodrigo Vital of Norwalk Youth Athletic League defeating 19 year year-old Ricardo Flores of the host gym South Coast Boxing by way of decision. The two young and up-and-coming boxers kicked off the show. Vital out worked Flores in a bout highlighted by a furious finish.

Bout #2 featured 25 year-old Elyse McNeff of South Coast Boxing defeating 32 year-old Diana Fuzzini of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department in Pomona by decision. After a wild start, McNeff used her stiff jab to pull out the victory.


Bout #3 featured 42 year-old southpaw John Raschkie of Outlaws Boxing getting the better of 38 year-old Jeffrey Railey of San Diego’s Mongoose Gym to garner the decision. His biggest weapon was the left hook that kept catching Railey as he came forward.

Bout #4 had 70 year-old Robert Ray of Santa Barbara defeating 71 year-old Richard Jones of South Coast by way of decision. The pair of grandpas fought non-stop in a bout that had Ray connecting big time with his looping left, especially in the second round. After finishing the thrilling bout, they received a standing ovation.

Bout #5 had 44 year-old Jill Morley of Train Me Right defeating Dina Cicotello of the Fortune Boxing Gym by way of decision. The ladies traded blows throughout the first round, took somewhat of a breather in the second and then finished strong in the third.

Bout #6 featured 27 year-old Krista Roberts of South Coast defeating 27 year-old Diana Lopez of Inglewood, CA by way of decision. After learning early how to deal with Lopez’s solid jabs, Roberts stayed on point to win the hard fought victory.

Bout #7 featured 50 year-old Steve Franklin of American Gym getting the decision over 53 year-old Mike Young of LASD. A tough battle ensued and in the end it was Franklin who landed the cleaner shots.

Bout #8 featured 39 year-old Silvestre Coronel of Axteca Boxing gaining the decision victory over Carlos Narro, a 45 year-old FBI agent from Los Angeles. From the outset, the boxers traded heavy blows. Then Narro started getting caught by some wicked combinations to the head. Unable to respond, the referee had to step in and issue a pair of standing 8-counts.

Bout #9 featured 44 year-old George Lopez of Santa Clarita (His TV Show must be on hiatus) defeating 47 year-old Rob Ure via decision. Lopez was able to handle the bigger guy and eek out the close victory.

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