Results from Epic Fighting 7 MMA Show on Friday night

Marvin Madariaga (2nd from the left) became Epic Fighting’s Welterweight Champion on Friday night after defeating Craig Cook of Team Quest in the main event. Madariaga is joined by his brother Lawrence (L), members of the Black House Team Nogueira team and coach Alex Palma (2nd from the right).                                                      Photo: Jim Wyatt

Another in the series of EPIC FIGHTING MMA Shows is in the books and like the rest, Friday’s event was a crowd pleaser. From the competitive match-ups to the beautiful babes, the patrons had their heads on a swivel.

MMA events have become a unique experience. Where else do you have all these gorgeous, scantily clad women strutting about with the aplomb of a top fashion model and yet without one prudish bone in their body. Like the competitors in the ring, they’ve become a big part of the evening’s entertainment.

Friday, at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in San Diego, there were plenty of hot cars and hot ladies. Photo: J. Wyatt 

How revealing were the dancers’ outfits? Since there wasn’t much left to take off, one patron had everyone breaking up when he yelled, “Take it all off!”

Also on the lighter side, there was a VIP table nearby with a fun loving group of burly gents. They were poking fun at everyone who passed by. When a gentleman wearing an outlandish outfit with the brightest of colors sat down at an adjoining table, one of the jokesters asked, “Who ordered the @#$% job?”

A rap artist was introduced and opened his introduction with the customary greeting of, “How you doing tonight?” After no one answered, the flamboyant entertainer added, “That’s what I’m talking about!” The furrowed brows and odd expressions on the faces of the oafish jokesters were priceless.

Since males at these events rarely dress to impress, the insignia on the T-shirt speaks volumes of where their allegiance lies. With six of the 22 fighters on the 11 bout fight card coming from the 1-ON-1 Fight Company of El Cajon, that group benefitted the most from their large, very loud and adrenalized cheering section.


Referee raises the arm of Richard Horne (R) after he defeated Anthony Soltero (L) in Bout #1. Photo: J. Wyatt

Bout #1, in the 155 pound weight class, featured ANTHONY SOLTERO of TEAM CAGE versus RICHARD HORNE of 1-ON-1 Fight Company of El Cajon. Horne looked the more impressive in both rounds one and two, especially with his two dominate takedowns. Soltero made a push at the end after catching Horne with two strikes right on the money and almost got Horne in trouble with a choke hold. Too little, too late as the decision went to Horne.

The referee raises the arm of Francisco Castro (R) after he defeated Tom Pho (L) in Bout #2. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #2, in the 145 pound weight class, featured FRANCISCO CASTRO of the U. S. Marine Corps stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar versus TOM PHO of TEAM PUNISHMENT. Castro, now 3-3, was in control of this one from the outset until the very end. Takedown after takedown, the constant windmill punches to the head and an occasional choke hold demonstrated his determination. After the bout, Castro’s two offspring, beaming with pride, joined their dad in the ring.

After his win, Francisco Castro is joined by his children, Carolyne and Francisco Jr. and fellow members of the U.S. Marine Corps Team, Chris Rydell and Brian Ryan. Photo: Jim Wyatt


Referee raises the arm of Joe Wagaman (L) after he defeated Ken Sells Jr. in Bout #3. Photo: J. Wyatt.

Bout #3, in the 155 pound weight class, featured KEN SELLS of 1-ON-1 FIGHT COMPANY in one of the most anticipated bouts of the evening versus JOE WAGAMAN of TEAM QUEST.

This one got serious in a hurry, especially after Wagaman showed his superior strength by flipping Sells over like a pancake. After mounting his opponent, Wagaman landed blow after blow to Sells’ head. If he didn’t have Sells pinned against the netting, he was on top. Round two began with a kick to the head by Wagaman who later landed two solid left hooks. In Round #3 Wagaman had Sells on his back for the third time. Seeing that Sells was in deep trouble, the referee stepped in to stop the bout.

Grant Hankinson (L) , the eventual winner, and Sean Marsicane (R) await the judges’ decision after doing battle in Bout #4. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #4, in the 170 pound weight class, featured SEAN MARSICANE of PITBULL DANGEROUS versus GRANT HANKINSON of 180 FIGHT TEAM. Early on, Hankinson’s strategy involved smothering his opponent, either against the cage or being on top while grabbling. The highlight for Marsicane in that first round was a crowd pleasing high kick. Round #2 saw Hankinson with another takedown and again he was on top. The round ended with Marsicane applying a rear choke but Hankinson was able to withstand the pressure until the timekeeper called a halt to the round. Round three saw a nice leg sweep by Hankinson, a strike flush on the face and before the round ended Hankinson was back on top. In the end, Hankinson won by an unanimous decision.

Gibran Alvarez has his arm raised in victory after defeating John Morgan (R) in Bout #5. Photo: J. Wyatt


Bout #5, in the heavyweight, 205 pound and up, weight class, featured JOHN MORGAN of 1-ON-1 FIGHT COMPANY versus GIBRAN ALVAREZ of VICTORY MMA. In this one, Morgan, with his plethora of tattoos and NFL middle linebacker physique, was thought to be the favorite, especially when he came out swinging for the fences. After all, Alvarez had the flabbier middle and seemed to move much slower.

A short time later, Alvarez proved the naysayers wrong. After taking Morgan’s best shots to the head, Alvarez’s heart was never in question. Little by little he introduced Morgan to his superior wrestling and grappling skills. Alvarez ended the match by landing three solid shots to Morgan’s head.

It was another case of, “you can’t always tell a book by its cover.” Every person with a little something extra in the middle was on their feet cheering for their new hero.

Adam Griffis (R) has his arm raised in victory after defeating Odon Alvarez (L) in Bout #6. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #6, also in the heavyweight division, featured ADAM GRIFFIS of BLACKHOUSE TEAM NOGUEIRA GYM on Miramar Road in San Diego versus ODON ALVAREZ of TEAM QUEST. Griffis, who’s much taller than Alvarez, used his leverage, his quickness, his longer reach, his escapability and superior grappling skills to dominate an opponent who usually dominates his foes.

Throughout the fight, Alvarez’s supporters kept yelling to him, “Get inside, get in close!! He’s picking you apart with that jab!! Go for the takedown!!” Alvarez had no answer in his arsenal for the more talented Adam Griffis. Griffis’ corner had devised the perfect game plan which worked to perfection.

Both Brandon Doucette (R), the eventual winner of Bout #7, and Joel Mundt (L) await the judges’ decision.                                     Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #7, in the 170 pound weight division, featured JOEL MUNDT of THE ARENA on Sports Arena Boulevard in Point Loma versus BRANDON DOUCETTE of 1-ON-1 FIGHT COMPANY.

Doucette, who appeared stronger and scored multiple takedowns, took the first round. The second round had a lot more give and take and could have gone to either fighter. Then in the third round, Doucette came back even more determined to insure the win with high knee kicks and solid shots to the head.

At the conclusion of Bout #8, the referee raises the arm of the victorious Kyle Kleinschmidt after he defeated Neil French (L). Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #8, in the 185 pound weight class, featured KYLE KLEINSCHMIDT of THE ARENA versus NEIL FRENCH OF WORLD MMA. This one was tough to watch because of the constant pummeling by Kleinschmidt from round one through round three. You could see the referee was also bothered by the disparity of skill levels as he kept asking French if he was all right. “Do you want to continue?” To his credit, French hung in there despite the punishment taken.

After his big win over Jaime Reyes, Sean Nejjar (C) poses for a photo with his support team. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #9, in the 135 pound weight class, featured JAIME REYES of 1-ON-1 FIGHT COMPANY versus SEAN NEJJAR of the UND1SPUTED FITNESS & TRAINING CENTER in North Park.

Not to take anything away from Nejjar but Reyes appeared drained in this one and not his usual self. This was his first fight after coming down from the 145 pound weight class to the 135 pound limit. The end came swiftly as Nejjar won by an armbar submission in the very first round.


After defeating the tough Oscar Gonzalez (L), Paul Blancaflor (R) became the new Epic Fighting Middleweight Champion. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #10 featured middleweight PAUL BLANCAFLOR of SPIRITWOLF MMA winning an unanimous decision victory over OSCAR GONZALEZ of VICTORY MMA.

Twice in the first round, Blancaflor got a takedown and mounted his opponent to land the solid blows to the head. In the second round, it was more of the same except for a late reversal. In the third round, Blancaflor again took Gonzalez down and then applied a non-sustainable choke hold.

Gonzalez, knowing he was well behind on the scorecards, gave it one last try in the closing seconds of the final round. His flurry of rights and lefts at the end could not put his opponent away.

Craig Cook (L) appears incredulous as the referee raises the arm of Marvin Madariaga to signal he’s the winner of Friday night’s Main Event.       Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #11, Epic Fighting 7’s Main Event, featured MARVIN MADARIAGA of the BLACK HOUSE TEAM NOGUEIRA GYM on Miramar Road in San Diego going up against CRAIG COOK of TEAM QUEST of Temecula, CA.

As you might imagine, this was one of the best matches of the evening. Both gentleman are well schooled in all facets of the Mixed Martial Arts. After Madariaga would land a blow, back came Cook to answer in kind. After tallying the judges’ scores for the blows landed, the takedowns and ring generalship, Madariaga came out on top but by the slimmest of margins.

At the end of the final bout, the CEO of Epic Fighting, Jason Stewart, came into the octagon to present additional trophies, one for “Submission of the night,” one for “Knockout of the night,” and a trophy to the fighters who competed in the “Bout of the night.”

Three gents were awestruck by the beauty of this young dancer and asked for this photo. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Tops in the show awards went to: Joe Wagaman (second from the left) for his “Knockout of the Night,” to John Morgan (Center) and Gibran Alvarez (not shown) for competing in “Bout of the Night” and to Sean Nejjar (left) for his “Submission of the Night Victory” in his win over Jaime Reyes in Bout #9.                                                 Photo: Jim Wyatt 

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