Recap of Pacquiao’s total domination of the guy who never cheated

My vantage point for this critique? A comfortable seat in front of a large TV screen at the Viejas Casino. Joined by friends, we were surrounded by boxing fans that were equally divided. With the very large Philippino population in San Diego cheering for Manny Pacquiao and the equally large Mexican population cheering for Antonio Margarito who hales from nearby Tijuana, the room often reverberated with each anxious moment.

Round #1 Pacquiao wins by being the busier of the two boxers.


Round #2 Ditto, as Paquiao is clearly landing the cleaner shots while Margarito swings at ghosts. Someone yells, “He couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn door.”

Round #3 Pacquiao continues to gain confidence and is now landing combinations on a guy that appears to be content to bide his time.

Round #4 One announcer proclaims, “Manny is simply better and faster.”

By Round #5 the crowd begins to wonder: “Is Pacquiao that good, or Margarito that bad.”

Round #6 At the outset of the round, it was clearly, ‘My punches are landing, your’s aren’t,’ and then near the close of the round, in a miraculous spurt of true grit, Margarito fights like we believed he would. I’m thinking to myself: There’s a slim possibility the judges might give him this round.

Round #7 As Pacquiao continues to dominate, Emanuel Steward clues us in, “Manny’s skills are dramatically better. He’s a natural fighter.”

Round #8 Someone lands an uppercut and two left hands and suddenly Manny Pacquiao has himself a fight. Pacquiao ends us absorbing more punches in one round, 34, than he’s ever had to absorb in his whole boxing career. And yet, Pacquiao still wins the round.

Round #9 Once again Steward pontificates: “The bigger man can absorb these punches but the littler man can’t.” Someone iin the crowd is fearful Manny is getting too bold and adventurous. “One good punch and he could get knocked out!” The man yells as if Pacquiao is within hearing distance: “Create space, Manny!”

Round #10 Margarito’s right eye is almost closed and there’s a second welt forming under his left eye. Further pontificating from the earlier doubters: “Seeing is believing. Overcoming the 17 pound differential in their body weight is an extraordinary fete.”

Round #11 Margarito lands only six of the 18 punches thrown. Pacquiao is now landing at will, 51 of his 75 power shots land. At this point I firmly believe that either the referee or Margarito’s corner should stop the fight.

In the 11th, Pacquiao sees what both the referee and Margarito’s corner are apparently oblivious to and starts motioning for the ref to stop the fight, just as he did in the late rounds of the Cotto fight. Cole does call for a timeout to take a look at Margarito’s grotesque eye, but okays the continuation of the bout.

Round #12 Instead of finishing Margarito off, Pacquiao is the only one with an ounce of pity and virtually carries Margarito through the final round by throwing marshmallow punches.

The final tally from the judges: 120-108, 118-110, 119-109.

In a remarkable career that began with fighting as a light flyweight as a teenager, Pacquiao has progressed all the way up to light middleweight. That’s an incredible fete. When asked his impressions about the fight with Margarito, he said, “He got me in the body and face. I can’t believe I beat him that easy.”

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