Click bait test for Athletes/Smart Guys/Smart Gals/Nutrition Experts

Should we believe them? The Arena MMA, Muaythai, Boxing Gym in the Point Loma neighborhood of San Diego claims to have had more famous people train at their gym than any other gym, anywhere and offers the above photo as proof.

We all enjoy showing off how savvy we are when it comes to Sports, Nutrition and General Knowledge. Below is a short, simple list of true or false, multiple choice questions to see how smart you are. Nothing as obvious as, True or False, “Is Bill Belichick the most talkative head coach in the NFL? or True or False, When on a road trip, is it true the San Diego Padres baseball team stays at Motel 6?” Below are statements that will test you and perhaps you’ll find them enlightening.


1) Honey is the only natural food which never spoils. True or false?

2) Did you know you burn more calories by eating celery than it contains? That would mean, the more you eat, the thinner you get. True or false?

3) True or False? Cucumbers are great for you because they are 96% water, a banana is 75% water, a daily carrot contains 0% fat, and a scrambled egg daily contains every vitamin except for vitamin C?

4) You burn more calories

     sleeping than watching TV? 

     True or false?

5) Multiple choice: If you, the top long-distance runner in the world were asked to go to Mainland China and compete in a race that would begin at the start of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty and continue to its very end, what would be your closest estimated time for you to complete such a run? a) five hours, b) under two and half hours, c) six days, or d) over two months.

Since not many of us have ever been to China or seen the Great Wall, we were asked to include photos of this amazing structure.

6) Some homemakers claim clothes that are dried outside always smell better/fresher. They say it’s because of this process known as photolysis where the sunlight breaks down the compounds that cause odor. True or False?

7) True or False? With the diameter of Earth being 79,265 miles, does that measurement make our planet sound small? With the diameter of the sun being 865,000 miles, that would mean you could fit more than 1,000,000 Earths inside the Sun. Or, another way of looking at it: you could figuratively fit all of the planets in our solar system inside Jupiter. 

8) True or False? You’d have to eat 11 lbs. of potatoes in order to put on 1 lb. of weight because a potato has no more calories than an apple

9) True or False? Like the carnivorous snake in the grass, humans lose layers of skin. 

10) True or False? In regards to those “Big Ole Jet Airliners.” There’s enough petrol in the tank of a Jumbo Jet to drive your car around the planet 4 times? True or False

Let us know how you did and the one with the highest number of correct answers will win our top prize – Dinner with the President. 

Answers: 1) True – you can always microwave the crystallized honey on medium for one minute or if your raw honey is in a jar, place that jar in a pan of boiling water until it becomes liquid. 2) That’s true, and be prepared to go to the bathroom. 3) That’s true. With all of the sweet and salty foods being advertised, we often overlook the staples that are not only beneficial, filling and delicious but inexpensive. 4) When sleeping, your body is obviously fasting and not getting up for a drink/food every 30 minutes. It’s going through a repair process which uses calories. If you have lucid dreams, you may also be manipulating your dreams to where you’re doing an even more physical activity which increases both your heart and respiratory rate. While sitting there on the couch to watch TV, you’re constantly being bombarded with subliminal thoughts to get something yummy, which would include a bowl of your favorite ice cream. In other words, sitting there mindlessly in front of your TV and not moving uses very little energy. 5) In an archaeological survey that took five years to complete, China’s State Administration of Cultural Heritage announced in 2012 that the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, measures 13,170.69 miles long. Therefore, the closest estimate would be – answer #5. If our champion marathoner kept up a pace of say 110 miles per day, after two months he would have still only completed half the distance. 6) That’s true. Why else would so many homemakers be using fabric softeners like Snuggles, Bounce and April fresh Downy? 7) That’s true – we are certainly one of the small guys. 8) True, it’s not until you add the extra ingredients to that raw potato (of 100 grams, 70 calories), that your calorie intake goes off the chart: as a mashed potato (where you’ve added salt, milk, and butter) you end up consuming 108 calories; turn that same 100 grams into French Fries and it goes up to 270 calories and the most popular transformation is a Potato Chip. You then end up with 500 calories. 9) That’s also true. Which if you think about it, it’s pretty cool. Every four weeks we end up with a new layer of skin and coincidentally the snake sheds their skin every four months. 10) That would be true. It sure sounds like we should be doing a lot more in the transportation field to conserve fuel and save our planet. 

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