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Some classic match-ups on the latest Jibaro Boxing Show

On Thursday, the Tijuana Boxing Commission along with the Jibaro Boxing Promotions Group held the weigh-ins for Friday’s big show at the Big Punch Arena in Tijuana. While the Bout Sheet read 14 bouts, quite a few boxers failed to show up at the Tijuana Commissioner’s Office at the appointed time. It’s likely, the officials will bend […]

Kika Juarez and Anthony Clark are the latest to make their Pro Debut

You just knew the day was fast approaching and now here it is. For a Boxing enthusiast like myself, it’s like being a teacher at a local high school and all of a sudden you find yourself emotionally invested after learning two of your favorite students (in this case, USA Amateur boxing standouts) have been […]

Quinones Promociones Boxing Show, a marathon of sorts

Your average boxing show consists of seven, eight, 10 bouts tops. At this July 27, 2018 show at La Oficina Niteclub in Downtown Tijuana, the promoter was asking his patrons to sit through what could end up being an all-nighter on one of the hottest days on record. How hot? Earlier that day your’s truly saw a dog chasing […]

Latest Quinones Promociones Boxing Show features a ton of people

Tonight’s Quinones Promociones show at La Oficina on Avenida Revolucion is featuring a ton of people and also a slew of undefeated boxers who want to remain that way. As of Thursday, there were 19 bouts scheduled and then with the various travel complications and injuries that pop up, plus the extremely high temperatures, that incredible […]

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