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Brandon Adams continues to chalk up the victories

On March 4, 2021, the WBC 7th-ranked super welterweight, 31-year-old, 5’9″ tall Brandon “Cannon” Adams (23-3, 15 KOs) of Whittier, California, who got his start right here in San Diego defeated the previously unbeaten 25-year-old, 6′ tall, 73″ reach Serhii “El Flaco” Bohachuk (now 18-1, 18 KOs) of Los Angeles by way of Vinitza, Ukraine […]

Oscar Valdez’s impressive victory over Miguel Berchelt

In Saturday’s contest, it didn’t take that long before you knew who had more stamina, had the quicker hands, which was landing the sharper punches and which would end up winning the title. At this point, the Berchelt backers might want to argue that their champion was still dealing with the effects of his bout […]

Legendary Boxers from Ali to Whitaker,

The boxers on our all time list were chosen for their success up the ranks from hopeful to invincible; for their showmanship and popularity which no doubt led them to their induction into the various Boxing Hall of Fames. #1 Joe Louis “The Brown Bomber” from Detroit, Michigan by way of Lafayette, Alabama had 66 […]

No need to be embarrassed like this gentleman

“I know you won’t listen, but let me give you some advice. Don’t be so cheap. Forget that Art of the Deal crap and these accidents won’t happen.” “Don’t lie! I heard what happened. You sent your driver out to a store with a coupon and he returned with the smallest size. It was such […]

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