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Ali from I am the Greatest to Yes, you were

That’s Boxing! You go from “I am the Greatest!” to “At one time, I was pretty darn good!” In 1965, at their annual Sports Dinner, Sport Magazine recognized Muhammad Ali, the Heavyweight Champion of the World as their top performer in Boxing and the publication had Jim Brown, the former top NFL Running Back there to […]

Talk is Giovani Santillan belongs on that top contender list

What a performance Giovani Santillan delivered on Friday night, October 15, 2021 at The Pechanga Arena in Point Loma! Since the judges’ scorecards are the best indicator of a boxer’s performance, we’ll begin there. Judge Edward Hernandez Sr. had Santillan winning 99-91 while the other judges, Judge Lou Moret and Hall of Fame Judge Alejandro Rochin had the […]

Bob Arum returns to the Arena with another Explosive Show

       It has certainly been “many-Moons” since Boxing Promoter Bob Arum, the former New York lawyer and now legendary Hall of Fame Boxing Promoter has come our way to showcase one of his Classic Shows and here he is in the flesh promoting one of our very own, Welterweight sensation Giovani Santillan who’s gym, […]

Our local Boxing Community

Brandon Adams Sindy Amador Born July 13, 1984, the 5′ tall Sindy Amador of Riverside, Calif. (12-1-1, 1 KO) has a record of (2-1) vs local boxers, (0-1) versus Jolene Blackshear and (2-0) versus Amaris Quintana. Her commendable record, due to a strategy of outworking opponents, has worked 85.71% of the time. Danny Andujo Brothers […]

Professional Boxing’s Fan Favorite Photo Collection, ladies first

The intent of this posting, a never ending work in progress, is to exhibit those classic, timeless, beautiful photos of not only the top performers within our lifetime but also pay homage to the high achievers with whom they did battle. No doubt their story lines are so abundant the imaginative Hollywood Script writer might […]

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