Hall of Fame

Friday night fights to honor Tony “Bazooka” De Luca plus recent Hall of Fame Inductees

Tony “Bazooka” DeLuca (7-08-62 to 10-20-12) Anybody can write about the fun stuff, the congratulatory mention of a victory, or the blow by blow break down of a fight. It’s the painful recounting of a lost friend that’s the most difficult to do and Tony De Luca was everybody’s friend.

Bobby D to be inducted into California Boxing Hall of Fame

Once again, Benny Ricardo, the ex-NFL kicker, everyone’s favorite play by play color analyst (Football and Boxing), plus standup comic dropped us a line. His latest words of wisdom regard this year’s inductees into the California Boxing Hall of Fame. Among this year’s recipients is long time boxing promoter Bobby DePhilippis.  

The very likable Angelo Dundee is remembered

I like most only watched the man on TV. It seemed he was always affable with a broad smile. I thought it would be best to read what his colleagues had to say. Since he lived in Miami, that seemed the best place to start.

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