Latest Update on Parison vs Gonzalez at the Del Mar Fairgrounds

Timothy J. Fennell, CEO/GM of the 22nd District Agricultural Association, State of California, the gentleman in charge of coordinating the over 300 yearly events at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, is shown holding up the hands of Southern California's best middleweights, James Parison (L) of South San Diego and Lester Gonzalez (R) of Clairemont. On March 9th, the two men will battle it out at the Wyland Center as part of the "Champions of Tomorrow" boxing show.Photo credit: Jim Wyatt

Friday afternoon, at the Surfside Race Place on the Del Mar Fairgrounds, Delmar, CA, Bobby DePhilippis of Bobby D Presents along with Timothy J. Fennell, the Del Mar Fairground’s General Manager, hosted a Press Conference for the March 9th clash between James “El Chocolate” Parison of South San Diego and Lester “El Cubanito” Gonzalez (12-6-3, 6 KOs) of Clairemont by way of Havana, Cuba.


Unlike some of the shenanigans we’ve seen recently on YouTube and National TV, the combatants in next Friday’s Main Event were totally professional in their demeanor, not one shred of animosity, similar to what we saw last week at the Timothy Bradley vs. Manny Pacquiao Press Conference.

James "El Chocolate" Parison of South San Diego Photo: Jim Wyatt

Lester "El Cubanito" Gonzalez Photo: Jim Wyatt

How so? Gonzalez and Parison have always been a credit to the sport and like Pacquiao, they’ve traveled extensively and fought admirably. Each has a tremendous respect for the other and over the past two years, they’ve even helped each other prepare for a major fight.

In handicapping this one, you have to consider all the variables. Not long ago, Parison’s coach, David Gutierrez, was asked to train Gonzalez and surely he knows Gonzalez’s shortcomings. Parison, being four years younger and arguably the boxer with the quicker hands should have more power behind his punches.

Parison has just finished a one on one program with nutrition and conditioning specialists Tom Green at the Gonzalez Sports Academy where they’re building a reputation for giving athletes a leaner but stronger body, one with more vitality. As a result of this new program, Gutierrez, Parison’s brother and trainer, mentioned he’s seen the difference, not only in Parison’s explosive combinations but in his daily demeanor; he’s got more bounce in his step.

Gonzalez has also gone through a catharsis of sorts as he changed trainers for about the fifth time. He’s really pleased with the assist he’s been getting from the Barragans, Carlos and Carlos, Sr. at the House of Boxing. Like Parison, he feels sharper and reenergized.

That being said, Gonzalez has more experience against the top echelon of fighters after fighting such notables as Charles Hatley, Omar Henry, David Tabatadze, Matt Korobov, Bastie Samir, Eromosele Albert, Brandon Gonzales and Chris Chatman all within the last two years. The eight major league boxers have a combined record of 113 wins, 9 losses with 5 draws. In a pro-career that spans almost seven years, Gonzalez has been stopped only once.

If we compare Parison’s activity level with that of Gonzalez, we discover he’s not been as active and the one noteworthy opponent over the past three years, Craig McEwan (19-2), was a loss. As anyone will tell you, you don’t get better unless you keep active and keep working hard at your specialty.

As a counterpoint, you might say Gonzalez is now too set in his ways and hasn’t learned from past mistakes. When Gutierrez coached Gonzalez, he tried to correct some of his bad habits, but Gonzalez became intractable, uncooperative.

Some people are saying it will come down to a game of wits. After viewing Parison’s past fights, you’ll see he’s the more cunning of the two. He will hit and hold at just the right time and then he’ll be looking to steal a round with the demonstrative flurries in the last 15 seconds of each round. Trying to schmooze the three judges has never been in Gonzalez’s repertoire.

What makes this match so appealing is the fact that it’s a matchup of two great tacticians and a classic battle between the righty versus the lefty. There’s always been a disproportionately higher number of left-handed boxers and for that matter athletes in general, who thrive in sports involving direct one-on-one contact. The video of this fight should be a great teaching tool for the intricacies of how you’re supposed to attack and defend against a boxer whose stance is opposite of yours.

Think about it like this. Everything becomes the opposite of which you’re used to. Say you’re Gonzalez (the Southpaw) and to take full advantage of this, you throw a lot of straight left hands, and lots of right hooks.

Since most Orthodox fighters slip the jab by moving their head to the right, it becomes a habit. But when they’re facing Gonzalez (a Southpaw), and he throws his jab, and they slip to the right, they’re lining themselves up for Gonzalez’s straight left.

When Parison moves to Gonzalez’s right, Gonzalez will be moving away from Parison’s right hand, and they’re both moving towards Gonzalez’s left hand.

As we saw in the Manny Pacquiao versus Juan Manuel Marquez fight, it can become so awkward that we often see the boxers stepping on each other’s toes. Since they are momentarily linked, the pursuing heated exchange (similar to a cat fight), becomes difficult to judge. Fists were flying in every direction in that Pacquiao/Marquez fight.

Five of the 10 boxers competing this Friday, March 9, 2012 at the Del Mar Fair Grounds pose for a photo at the Friday, March 2, 2012, Press Conference held at the Surfside Race Place on the Del Mar Fairgrounds. (l to r) boxers Jonathan Quiroz, Amaris Quintana, James Parison, Fairgrounds' CEO Timothy J. Fennell, boxers Lester Gonzalez and Christian Bojorquez, promoter Bobby DePhilippis plus one of the event's lovely representatives from Four Loko. Photo: Jim Wyatt

The battles leading up to a title shot get tougher and tougher for the unbeaten Amaris "Diamond Girl" Quintana of Chula Vista, CA. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Elizabeth Cervantes (L) is shown giving her opponent, Susanna Mellone, a shot to the midsection during the bout she won by a split decision back on January 13, 2012 at the Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, CA. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Three additional boxers of the 10 preparing for Friday’s Boxing Show, were at this meet and greet. In the six round co-main event the always exciting Amaris “Diamond Girl” Quintana (5-0-2, 1 KO) of Chula Vista, CA. She’s hoping to remain undefeated after going up against the more experienced Elizabeth “Dinamita” Cervantes (3-6, 1 KO) of Palmdale, CA in a flyweight contest.

Gabriel Barron, one of the show’s organizers, mentioned that the powers to be, were inching ever closer to a match-up of Quintana (the #3 ranked U. S. Female Flyweight) with the #2 ranked U. S. Female Flyweight, Cindy Amador of Riverside, CA (7-0-0, 1 KO). The winner of that match-up would likely face Carina Moreno of Watsonville, CA (22-3-0, 6 KOs) the #1 ranked. It appears Quintana’s little steps are now starting to become giant steps and Friday’s opponent, Cervantes, is just another gate keeper in this talent laden division.

In Cervantes’ last outing, January 13, 2012, she won a split decision victory over Susanna Mellone (0-1) of Los Angeles by way of New York, N. Y. Only twice has she fought someone with a losing record.

Over the course of her career, Cervantes has weighed in between 114 and 124 pounds for her fights. Quintana, a natural flyweight, has always weighed in the vicinity of 110 pounds. David Gutierrez, Quintana’s coach, is aware of the size difference but feels Quintana will be able to offset this advantage since she’ll be the better boxer, be more elusive, dart in and out and not stand directly in front of the power puncher.

Everyone, including Christian "El Huevo" Bojorquez (L) wanted a photo with the young lady from Four Loko. Photo: Jim Wyatt


In this photo, the young lady from Four Loko is holding up the arm of Jonathan "Johnny Boy" Quiroz (R) who will be making his Pro-debut on Friday night. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Also on the card is a trio of four-round bouts, one has super bantamweight Christian “Huevo” Bojorquez (5-0, 2 KOs) of Tijuana, who trains at the Undisputed Fitness and Training Center in San Diego’s Downtown, taking on Pablo Cupul (6-3, 1 KO) of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

In Cupul’s last outing. January 27, 2012, he was dominated by Raymond “Bad Boy” Chacon at the Gonzalez Sports Academy in Chula Vista, CA. Chacon won every round. Cupul, who won his first six bouts, is now on a three fight losing streak.

Bojorquez, a Mexican Amateur Champion, has had the benefit of sparring almost daily with his older brother Emilio “El Musico” Bojorquez, (19-1-0) and Adrian Vargas (5-0-1). Needless to say, Borjorquez, who is much taller and the more accurate of the two, will be ready for this match-up.

Jonathan “Johnny Boy” Quiroz of Rhino’s Boxing in Vista, CA was also present. On Wednesday it was confirmed that Quiroz will be making his professional debut against Christian Lorenzo of Los Angeles by way of Mexico, another up and coming boxer who is making his pro debut. Both boxers had laudable Amateur careers.

Rosendo "El Bufalo" Alvarez, the former Straw-weight and Light Flyweight Champion of the world is now scheduled to fight Juan Jose Beltran at the Wyland Center on the Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, CA on Friday, March 9, 2012

The final bout, a six rounder, has 41 year-old Rosendo “El Bufalo” Alvarez (37-3-2, 24 KOs) of Miami, Florida, by way of Managua, Nicaragua going up against journeyman, 33 year-old Juan Jose “Pinocho” Beltran who is listed as (26-18-2, 12 KOs) on Box Rec with all 46 fights listed. However, his record with Fight Fax is (20-25-2, 12 KOs). Someone needs to do a better job with their record keeping.

This will be Alvarez’s first appearance since he lost that memorable fight to Jorge Arce back on April 8, 2006 at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. For that bout, with the interim WBC Flyweight Title on the line, Arce weighed in at 111 pounds, the weight guidelines or agreed upon weight stated 112 pounds or less. Since Alvarez weighed 115 pounds at the weigh-in, he had to forfeit 20 percent of his purse and the bout was no longer considered a title fight.

The following night, Arce took it to Alvarez and in round six a left hook to the ribs dropped Alvarez to one knee. Alvarez remained down on one knee as referee Vic Drakulich counted to 10. On May 8, 2006, Alvarez was suspended by the Nevada Athletic Commission for the rest of 2006 and fined $2,000 when he failed a post-fight urinalysis. Alvarez tested positive for the diuretic Furosemide.

Beltran, who is from Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico, has lost to such notables as Jorge Arce, Christopher Martin, Luis Cruz, Eric Morel, Leo Santa Cruz, Rico Ramos, Michael Franco and Paul Fleming. This would certainly be a feather in his cap if he could defeat the former Flyweight Champ.

Alvarez is a former strawweight and light flyweight champion, who had two memorable battles with Ricardo Lopez. Their first bout ended in a draw, which is the only blemish on Lopez’s career record. Alvarez ended up dropping a close decision in their rematch.

Inside view of the Wyland Center before the setting up of chairs and the center ring.

Outside view of the Wyland Center at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

The actual show will be held at the Wyland Center located inside the Del Mar Fairgrounds at 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd., Del Mar.  The five bout “Champions of Tomorrow” event is sponsored by Filippi’s Pizza Grotto; 2012 San Diego County Fair; Balboa Thrift and Loan; El Latino Newspaper; Telemundo Canal 33; XX1090 and The Gonzalez Sports Academy in Eastlake, Chula Vista, CA. Doors to this all ages event open at 6:30 p.m. with the first bell sounding at 8 p.m.

Why the new venue?

To quote Gabriel Barron, “For a long time we’ve been wanting to expand our fan base. The Del Mar Fairgrounds, centrally located, has always been considered the “belly button” of San Diego County.”

The Fairgrounds, with its 370-acres and one mile oval for horse racing, is owned by the State of California and the site of the annual San Diego County Fair (formerly known as the Del Mar Fair).

The Racetrack was built by the Thoroughbred Club in 1937 with the help of relative unknowns e.g. Bing Crosby, Pat Obrien with an assist from Paramount Studios. Since opening day, the venue has likely hosted over 20,000 events.

Aerial view of the Del Mar Fair Grounds

The event center contracted for this March 9th show, the Wyland Center, has 30,800 square feet of space with a capacity of up to 3,000. As mentioned above, the show’s promoters have always had their sites set on finding a more comfortable location for their 2,500 avid boxing fans.

The five bout “Champions of Tomorrow” boxing show is sponsored by Filippi’s Pizza Grotto; 2012 San Diego County Fair; Balboa Thrift and Loan; El Latino Newspaper; Telemundo Canal 33; XX1090 and The Gonzalez Sports Academy. Doors to this all ages event open at 6:30 p.m. with the first bell sounding at 8 p.m.

Tickets are now on sale at Ticketmaster. Prices start at just $20 for general admission, $30 for reserved and $55 for ringside. As an added bonus, to celebrate the return of boxing to the Fairgrounds, patrons of the show will receive a FREE 2012 San Diego County Fair admission ticket with the purchase of each boxing show ticket. Tickets are also available at the door on the night of the event. For more information or to purchase tickets over the phone call (619) 420-8866 or (619) 743-0698 or visit

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