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Johnny Boy Quiroz

As a 5’2″ tall USA Amateur Boxer competing in San Diego County, Jonathan “Johnny Boy” Quiroz was a flyweight/super flyweight of note. He dominated the competition. Then, on March 9, 2012, Quiroz made his Pro Debut at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in Del Mar, Calif. His competition had all of a sudden become exceedingly better, more mature and a lot tougher. His first opponent, Christian Lorenzo, knew all the tricks. At their weigh-in, the 22-year-old Lorenzo was 2 inches taller and weighed exactly 115 lbs. (the super flyweight limit) whereas the 18-year-old Quiroz weighed 113 lbs. and was a full two inches shorter. Lorenzo’s competition had always come from the mean streets of LA. When you compare the Los Angeles Boxing gyms to our San Diego Gyms, it’s like comparing the New Jersey Gyms to the tougher gyms in Philly (Philadelphia). There is no comparison. Still, Johnny Boy made his bout memorable. That being said, his opponent won himself a close Mixed Decision victory. From there, Quiroz went on to win his next five fights. Then, for whatever reason, the Calif. State Athletic Commission allowed the 20-year-old Quiroz to fight the 21-year-old Daniel Covielles who outweighed him by 4 pounds. In other words Quiroz, a super flyweight was fighting a Bantamweight. Once again, this turned out to be an extremely close fight ending in a mixed decision with Daniel “El Bolollo” Covielles winning.

Quiroz (now 6 wins, 5 losses) last fought on September 9, 2016 versus undefeated bantamweight contender Max Ornelas (now 13-0-1, 5 KOs) from Las Vegas. It appears Quiroz (recently married) may have taken that last fight for the money. How so? Max Ornelas is a another Bantamweight, 6 inches taller than Quiroz, a Super Flyweight and he’s currently ranked #7 in the U.S. That being said, Quiroz did go the distance vs. Ornelas.

Abraham Rodriguez

Step by step the 25-year-old Minimum-weight battler Abraham “Choko” Rodriguez (27-2, 13 KOs) of Tijuana has certainly worked hard to lead an exemplary life and all that hard work is finally paying off.

Rodriguez is one of those fighters with a reputation for taking on all comers, big and really big.
When you’re moving up the ladder and facing the top people in your weight class, the only way to sharpen your skills and progress is to get an assist from the best ever, people like Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, Nonito Donaire and Jesse Magdaleno.
No doubt the grandest reward in his life? Winning over the love of his life, Cynthia Tellez.
Confucius once said, “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” It’s likely this couple rarely if ever misses out on an opportunity to see the beautiful things in life.
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