Oscar Valdez’s impressive victory over Miguel Berchelt

In his battle for the WBC World Super Featherweight Title with Miguel “Ala Cran” Berchelt (left), it appears tough guy Oscar Valdez (right) would have done almost anything to defeat the former champion, even it meant devouring his boxing glove.

Our heartfelt congratulations to Oscar Valdez who through his tireless preparation and determination monitored by a training staff par excellence led by receiving an assist from Eddy Reynoso (Canelo Alvarez’s head coach) defeated the much accomplished Miguel Berchelt. In their Saturday, February 20, 2021 title fight, it became evident who had more stamina, which had the quicker hands, who was the sharper puncher and finally who ended up banging harder.

At this point, the Berchelt backers and camp might want to emphasize it was their champion who had to deal with a recovery from a bout with the dreaded Corona Virus which led to multiple distractions. The rescheduling of Berchelt’s title fight with Valdez had to affect the champ’s training regime, in some way affect his breathing, eating and sleep.   

Regardless of all the heavy blows thrown during Saturday’s fight, how refreshing was it to watch these two warriors hug after the stoppage and witness both Valdez’s sincere, heartfelt concern for his rival as he sat there on the canvass recovering from the knockout.

With both men still in their prime, Valdez 30 and Berchelt 29, you know a rematch will likely follow and perhaps lead to a trilogy. That being said, the fact Mr. Berchelt had trouble making weight for this fight leads one to believe that in the immediate future, he might have to move up in weight to 140 lbs. and compete against the likes of Gervonta Davis, Vasyl Lomachenko, Teofimo Lopez, Richard Commey, Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney. Only the boxer knows for sure the difference/benefits of weighing in at a certain weight which makes you look extremely fit, but might rob you of your maximum power and strength which is needed on fight night.

After his fight with Oscar Valdez, Miguel Berchelt sent a very thoughtful message to his fans stating he wanted to thank everyone who supported him and those who were now writing to wish him well. “Thank God I’m fine. I’ll be back even stronger.” Being a true sportsman, Berchelt also congratulated his opponent. 

It’s almost as if the new champion is telling his fans to keep the news to themselves. The burden of winning the WBC World Title has now placed a target on his back.
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