One Training Center hosts their 4th USA Amateur Boxing Show

Whether it be the popularity of the venue or the popularity of the contestants, the latest USA Amateur Boxing show, Showdown in the Valley IV at the One Training Center in Spring Valley, featured a packed house of passionate boxing fans.


For a gym that held its Grand Opening just two years ago, it has certainly come a long way. The huge facility, which has partnered with 10th Planet Oceanside and the San Diego Combat Academy, is where you’ll find such notable Champions/Maestros as UFC bantamweight Liz Carmouche, Bellator Flyweight Ilima-Lei Macfarlane, black belts Richie “Boogeyman” Martinez and PJ Barch plus Purple Belt Jacob Lee. Even the owner, Andy Murad, is a successful Mixed Martial Artist with a record of 15-2. Under the One Training Center roof, you have 10th Planet Spring Valley Jiu-Jitsu, Tiger Smalls Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, Strength, and Conditioning, plus the various Kid’s Programs.

Even though Ilima-Lei Macfarlane (c) and her coach Manolo Hernandez have a Bellator MMA Title Fight on Saturday, November 3rd, at the Bryce Jordon Center on the Penn State campus, University Park, Penna., here they were at their dear friend Andy Murad’s gym, as they say supporting the cause. This just goes to show you how extra special these people are. 

Without further ado here are the results from the 12 exciting USA Amateur Boxing bouts from Saturday, October 28, 2017, at the One Training Center in Spring Valley, Calif.:

In the opener, it was 10-year-old Jesus Bojorquez from the San Luis Boxing Program, San Luis, Arizona (75 lbs., red gloves) going up against 12-year-old Alejandro Bastidas (record 6-7, 79.6 lbs., blue gloves) from the Bound Boxing Academy of Chula Vista, Calif.

From the outset, there were the usual momentum swings. In this photo we see Jesus Bojorquez (r) landing a right cross, one of the crucial punches on the taller Alejandro Bastidas, which helped Bojorquez to gain the upper hand.

Back came Alejandro Bastidas (l) to catch Jesus Bojorquez with a straight right.

If there is one thing that Jesus Bojorquez doesn’t lack, it is confidence.

After the announcement of his victory over Alejandro Bastidas, we see an exalted Jesus Bojorquez having his arm raised in victory by referee Dana Kaplan.

Bout #2 featured 15-year-old Joshua Salgado (2-0) from the San Luis Boxing Program, San Luis, Arizona (102.6 lbs., red gloves) going up against 15-year-old Anthony Hernandez (104 lbs.) from the Nevarez Boxing Gym/Physical Fitness Center, Vista, Calif.

In this slugfest, the strategy quickly evolved into the necessity of hitting your opponent at least one more time than he hits you.

After an accumulation of unanswered blows, referee Dana Kaplan decided it was time to issue Anthony Hernandez a standing 8-count.

In the end, it was the cunning and more elusive Joshua Salgado (l) earning the decision victory over the equally tough Anthony Hernandez (r).

In Bout #3, they had 18-year-old Anthony Clark (114.2 lbs.) from the San Luis Boxing Program, San Luis, Arizona, going up against the seasoned performer 17-year-old Jonathan Mansour (119.2 lbs.) from the Bomber Squad Academy of El Cajon, Calif. With both boxers being well-schooled and technically sound, this was a classic match to see which boxer would take more risks, who would land that first solid blow and which boxer would make the first careless mistake.

From the outset, Jonathan Mansour (blue gloves) did as planned – he used his solid jab and mixed in several nice combinations. The one who employed the more radical approach was Anthony Clark who realized that he couldn’t just stand there and trade blows with the taller veteran who would pick him apart with his reach advantage. What he did was come flying in at Mansour from every imaginable angle. Once he was inside that reach, he’d smother Mansour so there was no chance of retaliation. To be fair, it was one of those matches where you wish it would have gone a few more rounds – not just three.

At the conclusion of Bout #3, we see referee Hondo Fontane raising the arm of the victorious Anthony Clark after the MC/ring announcer/well known MMA Trainer Manolo “Hurricane” Hernandez read off the winner’s name.

Being such a memorable bout, we couldn’t let the combatants (l to r) Jonathan Mansour and Anthony Clark depart without one last photo.

Bout #4 featured two welterweights, 20-year-old Carlos Remigio from The Arena Gym in Point Loma, San Diego, Calif. (140.6 pounds) going up against 25-year-old, Gustavo “Goose” Diaz (142.2 pounds) from the host gym, The One Training Center of Spring Valley, Calif.

From the start, this was a bit of a mismatch as it pertains to experience level. Unlike Diaz, Remigio was green and still dealing with getting into fighting shape while his opponent knew how to throw the straighter and more effective blows.

At the conclusion of Bout #4, we see referee Hondo Fontane raising the arm of the victorious Gustavo “Goose” Diaz (r) from One Training Center who earned himself a unanimous decision victory over Carlos Remigio of The Arena.

Bout #5 featured the ladies, lightweights, 13-year-old Danna Vega (133 lbs.) from the One Training Center going up against 14-year-old Jennifer Peralta (126.6 lbs.) from the San Luis Boxing Program, San Luis, Arizona. In round one, Vega soon became the aggressor and took control to easily win the round. Then, in between rounds, Peralta must have received a good tongue lashing from her coach, because she finally started throwing some big, overhand rights with reckless abandonment. The surprise, all-out attack in round #2 put her right back in contention. Then, with round three to decide the match, an all-out war developed and the decision was then in the hands of the five judges. With this match being so hotly contested and the scoring close, the powers to be later voted this bout as their “Bout of the Day.” 

Round #1: with the straight booming punches coming from Danna Vega (left), Jennifer Peralta (right) lowered her head which left her open for even more punishing blows plus an uppercut that could have had her lying on her back.

Danna Vega’s jabs plus this left hook landed on the money.

The way Danna Vega had the bout so well-in-hand, it appeared all observers, to include judge Will White (lower left), were enamored by her performance.

Then, whatever was said in-between rounds, Jennifer Peralta had suddenly become a different boxer upon entering round two. Each punch that she threw was now fully extended as if she was going for a knockout. Now, take a look at the faces in the crowd as Peralta began to throw her all or nothing, big overhand rights. Peralta had suddenly turned the tables and became the busier boxer.

If you look closely at their faces, it appears Jennifer Peralta (r) is wondering if what she did was enough to overcome Vega’s early lead, and knowing she had been in an all-out war, Vega appears rather pleased with her performance.

In the end, you can have only one winner and that distinction went to Jennifer Peralta. But as boxing rivals will often tell you, ‘That distinction will only last until our next meeting.’

Bout #6 featured Adan Palma (15 years of age, 121.8 lbs., an Elite boxer) from The Arena going up against the taller Darius Winfrey (16 years of age, 123.8 lbs.) from Boxing for Christ, San Jacinto, Calif. Since Palma has been eating, sleeping, studying and training to be a champion boxer for quite some time, he often makes his opponents look pedestrian. It’s likely Palma will be turning pro sometime soon.

In Saturday’s opening round, we see the polished Adan Palma (l) setting himself up to deliver his first barrage of punches against Darius Winfrey (r).

On this day, Adan Palma’s strategy involved pinning his opponent Darius Winfrey either against the ropes or in a corner to work over the midsection to build up his insurmountable point lead. Eventually, referee Dana Kaplan had to intercede and issue the beleaguered Mr. Winfrey a standing 8-count.

At the conclusion of Bout #6, we see Adan Palma having his arm raised in victory by referee Dana Kaplan. All photos: Jim Wyatt

Bout #7 featured welterweights 21-year-old Earl James (143.6 lbs., record unknown, a new arrival to San Diego from the Philadelphia area who now trains at The Arena) going up against 20-year-old Kyle Erwin (a much shorter, 145-pound hard-nosed Open Boxer) from the Nevarez Boxing Gym/Physical Fitness Center in Vista, Calif.

Early on, it appeared the slick Earl James knew every trick in the book and like a bullfighter he began to parry every one of Erwin’s attempts to get in close.

James was so adroit at sidestepping every advance, that he reminded this reporter of Roy Jones Jr. who would elude his opponents and then suddenly put on the brakes to land these rapid-fire punches while outmaneuvering his opponents every step of the way. It was a sort of  “Can’t Touch This!” strategy. On the negative side, you found yourself asking, ‘When is James going to actually land a damaging blow, instead of these tap, tap, tap touches? And, how long can he keep up this master maneuvering, tapping Erwin, moving out of reach, and then holding or dodging Erwin?’ With his footwork, the flashy looping punches and quick snapping jabs, you start to imagine a great many scenarios. How good is this young man?

Then, just before the bell sounded to end round one, Kyle Erwin had finally cut off the ring to burst that bubble. Once the two boxers were standing toe-to-toe, James could not deal with Erwin’s firepower, especially his hard blows to the midsection. James’ early point lead soon evaporated.

(photo, bottom, left) At the conclusion of Bout #7, we see veteran referee Hondo Fontane raising the arm of the victorious Kyle Erwin.

Bout #8 featured 8-year-olds, Adrian Herrera (58 lbs., red gloves) from the Boxing for Christ Team going up against Gabriel Bojorquez (57.4 lbs., blue gloves) from United Boxing & Fitness of Chula Vista, Calif. Prior to their bout, referee Hondo Fontane, who’s also the local LBC 44 CAL Border President, briefed the youngsters with some last minute instructions. “Please, don’t hit me in the knee.”

It’s for sure the spectators were flabbergasted when they saw Adrian Herrera jump so high after being declared the winner of Bout #8. Some say, if his arm had not been held by the ref, he could have reached up and touched the ceiling.

In Bout #9 they had two 13-year-olds Fernando “Chito” Lopez (91.9 lbs.) from the Nevarez Boxing Gym/Physical Fitness Center of Vista going up against Sebastian Camberos (92.2 lbs.) from Intensity MMA & Fitness of South San Diego. On this day, Camberos, the southpaw, was the one landing the most punches and since he was in attack mode throughout, the referee deemed it necessary to issue Lopez a standing 8-count.

For the majority of this boxing match, you saw the courageous Fernando “Chito” Lopez (red gloves) backing up or battling Sebastian Camberos while the majority of his weight was placed on his back foot.

Now we know the reason why Sebastian Camberos is doing so well. With this tremendous support group behind him, how could dare let them down?

Bout #10 featuring 10-year-olds Alejandro Leyva (84.2 lbs.) from the Nevarez Boxing Gym/Physical Fitness Center and Javier Garcia (82.6 lbs.) from United Boxing & Fitness was a bout involving several collisions. The ones you normally see on the football field. After Leyva missed one tackle, he went to the canvas and those often seen hefty shoves that set up blocks in the NFL, helped set up several barrages of punches. At times Garcia had Leyva eating leather and as a consequence, he was issued an 8-count.

This all or nothing overhand right by Alejandro Leyva sure impressed the judges.

In the end, the judges had Alejandro Leyva ahead in the scoring column much to the dismay of his opponent Javier Garcia who next time wants to go 12 rounds.

When it comes to supporting their in-house boxers, the Nevarez Boxing Gym &    Fitness Center of Vista is always there to cheer, cheer, cheer for the home team.

Bout #11 featured Victor Tiscareno Jr. (127.4 lbs.) from Hemet, Calif. who trains with the Boxing for Christ Team of San Jacinto going up against Alejandro Mendoza from the House of Boxing Training Center in Paradise Hills, San Diego, Calif. From the outset, Mendoza appeared to have the bout well in hand that is until a major distraction occurred. A combination of a thumb in Mendoza’s right eye plus the resulting tears and sweat blurred his vision. With the noticeable discomfort, Mendoza somehow managed to fight on so that Tiscareno could not take advantage of this complication. Then, between rounds, the well-schooled corner people from the House of Boxing were able to eliminate the problem so Mendoza could carry on without the handicap.

After the opening bell for Bout #11, we see Victor Tiscareno (r) getting himself in position to do battle with Alejandro Mendoza (l) from the House of Boxing.

At the end of their grueling match, referee Hondo Fontane raises the arms of both Victor Tiscareno (l) and the eventual winner Alejandro Mendoza (r).

Bout #12, the final bout of the show, featured two more Elite boxers, 18-year-old Jason Meza (133.2 lbs., red gloves) from The Arena in Point Loma and 21-year-old Austin Brooks (131.4 lbs., blue gloves) from the City Boxing gym in San Diego’s Downtown. With both boxers unloading their heavy artillery, you could see every patron was totally invested in watching this match. As the bout progressed, Meza’s production slowed somewhat but Brooks was like a machine landing one effective blow after another. He was also willing to take a punch in order to deliver two in response to wear his opponent down and earn the victory.

In the end, it was Austin Brooks (r) of City Boxing earning the victory over the tough Jason Meza (l) from The Arena gym. All photos: J. Wyatt

Mates from San Diego’s City Boxing gym to include the Head Boxing Coach Vernon Lee (c) gather around their star performer, Austin Brooks, for a photo.

To conclude the festivities, the Master of Ceremonies Manolo “Hurricane” Hernandez from the San Diego Combat Academy announced the “Bout of the Day” award which went to the ladies, Jennifer Peralta (l) and Danna Vega (r).

What is the date of the next USA Amateur Boxing show? 

Saturday, November 18th, the District Silver Gloves Qualifying Matches are scheduled to be held in the City of Westmorland, Calif.

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