Locals get first intro to three incredible Muay Thai fighters

The performances of these individuals at the latest WCK Muaythai Show at the Four Points By Sheraton Hotel in San Diego will be long remembered.

Just in case you missed it, on Saturday evening, November 3, 2018, at the regularly scheduled WCK Muay Thai show at the Four Points By Sheraton Hotel in San Diego, local fans had their first opportunity to witness firsthand three of the sports latest attractions. Make no mistake about it, these up and coming phenoms will soon be a major draw as the competition will be flocking in from all over for an opportunity to compete against them. Before they do, we issue this warning. The competition better study up, train extra hard because these gents, Chris Alvidrez, Ardavan Moeini and T. J. Arcangel have a unique style.


Also on a local level, Susan Wallace from Steel MMA has made such a remarkable recovery from a hip replacement operation that people are now reminded of Lindsay Wagner’s character on the popular TV show: the Bionic Woman.

In regards to the results from Saturday’s show featuring the great and not so great, there were more than a few fighters who became that hero from your favorite inspirational movie. In other words, of the 12 Muay Thai fights, more than a few left it all in the ring. No doubt their competitors played a role in forcing them to do so.

In Bout #1, it was 6’1″ tall, 28-year-old C. Patrick Harrington (l) of San Diego’s City Boxing making his debut against 18-year-old, 5’9″ tall Diego Lopez (0-1) from the SWAMA Martial Arts School, Imperial Beach. While Harrington had early success with his kicks, his opponent felt more at ease throwing only punches. By round three, Lopez, falling further and further behind in the scoring, started running lower and lower on petrol, as Harrington saved the best for last and cruised to victory.

Here we see Patrick Harrington having arm raised in victory by referee Vichai Supkitpol.

Bout #2 featured (l to r) 19-year-old, 5’6″ tall Juan-Manuel Medina (2-0) from Team Parusa who trains at the UFC Gym in San Diego’s Mission Valley versus 19-year-old, 5’8″ tall Miguel Guzman-Lugo from San Bernardino, Calif. who is trained by Adam Rottweiler.

Giving credit to his coaches who instilled in him the proper motivation to pull out this extremely tough victory, the winner Juan-Manuel Medina (now 3-0), poses for a photo with his proud trainers Jhanex Alviz and Jason Huber from San Diego’s Team Parusa.

In Bout #3, it was 41-year-old, 5’10” tall Marquez Rodriguez from Escondido, Calif., trained by Joseph Tarango and Bryon Schell taking on 26-year-old, 5’9″ tall Barack Sekander of San Diego who trains with Charles Martinez at The Arena in Point Loma. In this fight, you had Rodriguez attempting to mix it up with punches and kicks while Sekander waisted little time and went straight to the head-hunting with some awesome overhand rights. Before long referee Jim Vanover could see Rodriguez was in deep trouble and issued him a standing 8-count. Not long after, Vanover stepped forward again after Rodriguez had been knocked off his feet and certainly looked unsteady, groggy when Vanover looked at his eyes; groggy enough to stop the bout.  

Marquez Rodriguez and Barack Sekander await the announcement of the TKO ruling.

After his arm had been raised, it was official, Barack “the Boxer” Sekander had victory #1 in his resume, despite his reluctance to atttack his opponent with a kick.

After the quick victory over Marquez Rodriguez, Barack Sekander (no direct link to the former President) paid tribute to his coach Charles Martinez (l) and his loyal sparring mate (r).

Bout #4 between 21-year-old Patricia Stabile (0-2) from Fontana, Calif.’s Team Double Dose and debutante Jessica Cook from Team Parusa in San Diego’s Mission Valley, featured more than a few twists and turns. For one, Cook’s contact lenses fell out and there she stood almost defenseless. Finding the small lense so that the contest could resume was a miracle.

At the conclusion of their back and forth strugggle, the none too pleased Patricia Stabilile (l) and Jessica Cook (r) had their arms raised. Their bout was declared a mixed decision Draw.

Before leaving the ring, the disheartened young ladies plus their coaches to include Bryan Dobler (l) plus Aly Bright and Jhanex Alviz managed a subdued smile for the cameras.

Bout #5 featured Marvin Pepito from the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Gym in Spring Valley, Calif. taking on Andrew Lama from the Valdez Muay Thai Gym of Whittier, Calif. What started out as a strategic back and forth battle with Lama taking round one, gradually turned Pepito’s way as the better conditioned Pepito went nonstop right up until the final bell.

After his Split Decision victory over Andrew Lama from the Valdez Muay Thai Gym, we see the victorious Marvin Pepito being joined by his very proud coaching staff of Pro fighters Kris Bruno and Andy Murad from the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu gym of Spring Valley, Calif.

Bout #6 featured 32-year-old, 5’8″ tall, tough guy Oscar Gallegos (5-1-2) from the UFC Gym in Mission Valley taking on the undefeated 21-year-old, 6′ tall Christopher Alvidrez (4-0) (AMMA: 1-0) from San Pedro, Calif. in the first of three extremely exciting matches. Like nothing you’ve ever seen, Alvidrez flew at his opponent as if he were a swarm of angry bees ready to inflict all sorts of punishment while using all eight limbs. Before you knew it, Gallegos’ only defense was to swing wildly, aimlessly at Alvidrez as if mimincking a madman, anything to slow his opponent down. Whenever one of Gallegos’ punches or kicks was headed his way, Alvidrez knew instinctively how to pull back to be out of range or ready to dodge right or left.

Only after receiving Oscar Gallegos’ permission did we take this photo of the battered, bruised and bloody fighter who found himself in an unblievable nightmare of a situation.

A lot can be read from the look on Oscar Gallegos’ face as he looks over at the undefeated Chris Alvidrez while referee Jim Vanover is dutifully raising Alvidrez’s arm in victory.

To show his respect for Chris Alvidrez (l), Oscar Gallegos applauded the future champion.

Aha! Out of the shadows came the gentlemen who have been assisting Chris Alvidrez to hone his unique, attacking style.

Bout #7: Next up, we have the 27-year-old, 6’1″ tall Ardavan Moeini (10-3) from Laguna Nigel, Calif. who trains with Collin Oyama, Romie Adanza and Daniel Mac Donald at the Team Oyama Training Center in Irvine, Calif. His opponent on Saturday night was the less experienced Jason Durrant 5’7″ tall, 28-years-old (2-1) who trains with Steven Frye at Victory MMA. What was so remarkable about Moeini performance in this match was his stamina, poise and control under stress, plus his accuracy with each punch and kick. With the help of his mates in the Team Oyama Training Center he has become quite a talent, the second of our three super stars.

On Saturday night, Moeini at first frustrated Durrant by being so illusive to the point where he was wearing him down. He did this by continually mixing things up and always varying his attack between a punch or a kick.

After their no-let-up battle in Bout #7, we see referee Jim Vanover lifting the arms of both Jason Durrant (l) of Victory MMA and the victorious Ardavan Moeini from Team Oyama.

The simply amazing Ardavan Moeini (r) has his arm raised in victory after the referee’s stoppage (TKO victory) over the never say quit Jason Durrant (l).

(l to r) Muay Thai Promoter Dennis Warner, legendary fighter Romie Adanza, Daniel Mac Donald, Ardavan Moeini, well known trainer/gym owner/WCK Official Sarinda Chaney and finally Colin Oyama. Once again, after learning more about a fighter’s support group, we can dispel the earlier thoughts of perhaps a fighter being a self-made champion. Team Oyama has an excellent reputation for producing extraordinary Muay Thai talent.

Bout#8 featured the three time Lightweight Champion 20-year-old Selina Flores from Vista, Calif. (17-3) who was taking on up and comer 36-year-old Jaime Beatty (7-2) from Los Angeles, Calif.

In their WCK Lightweight Title fight, Jaime Beatty (r) gave it her best against the taller, more polished Selina Flores (l) but it wasn’t enough.

Up goes the arm of the clever, resourceful and tough as nails Selena Flores, to make it four times that she has won a major title.

After her resounding victory, it seems everyone wanted to be in the photo with Selina Flores.

Bout #9, a 5 round Title Bout’ features the 5’10” tall, 30-year-old T. J. Arcangel (Thomas Jon Arcangel) with his Pro Muay Thai record of 4-1, Amateur 12-1 who is trained by Kru Sam Phimsoutham at the World Team USA Gym in San Francisco, Calif. going up against 29-year-old Joe Gogo (Pro Muay Thai 9-4, Pro MMA 1-0, AMMA 4-1) who currently trains at San Diego’s Steel MMA by way of Hawaii, by way of Guam.

Bout #9: At the conclusion of their exciting five round title fight, we see referee Vichai Supkitpol raising the arms of both T. J. Arcangel of the T. J. Dream Team and Joe “Iron Assassin” Gogo of San Diego by way of Guam who trains at Steel MMA in Tierrasanta, CA.

And the winner is: T. J. Arcangel from the World Team USA Gym, San Francisco, Calif.

After the announcement of his victory, Joe Gogo showed his respect for Arcangel’s exceptional performance and gave the champion a congratulaory hug.

While being interviewed after the win, T. J. Arcangel made certain to give props to his beloved coach, Kru Sam Phimsoutham (r) from the World Team USA Gym in San Francisco.

What a battle Bout #10 turned out to be between 19-year-old Jordan Huber (Muay Thai record 5-1) from the Parusa Team, UFC Gym in Mission Valley & 29-year-old Mychaquil Shields who trains with Andy Murad at 10th Planet Spring Valley (MMA record 3-2).

The scoring reflected how close it was and up went the arm of the victorious Jason Huber.

Jason Huber who trains at the UFC Gym Mission Valley was joined by his two proud coaches.

At the conclusion of Bout #11, the combatants 29-year-old Savannah Stark (2-1) and the 32-year-old Melissa Sifuentes (6-2) had their arms raised by veteran referee Jim Vanover.

After the announcement of her victory over Savannah Stark (l), the victorious and smiling Melissa Sifuentes (r) has her arm raised in victory.

Melissa Sifuentes is joined by her support staff which included coach Victor Beltran (l).

Bout #12 featured a 5 round WCK Muaythai Promotional Title Fight at 115 lbs. between the 45-year-old, 5’5″ tall Susan Wallace from Encinitas, Calif. (8-2-1 ) from the Steel MMA Gym in Tierrasanta, San Diego, Calif. and the 30-year-old, 5’4″ tall April Vergara from Pasadena, Calif. (9-6).

At the conclusion of their five round battle royal for the WCK Flyweight Title, Susan Wallace (left) with the million dollar smile, instinctively grabbed April Vergara by the arm and marched her over to side of the ring where the most vociferous group of fans were going bananas cheering the ladies for their efforts. Unbeknownst to many, was the fact this was Wallace’s first fight back since receiving a clearance on May 18 of this year to fight after undergoing major surgery.

Well over a year ago, Wallace had hip reconstruction surgery. After being in constant pain from repeated labral tears plus a hip replacement that didn’t stand up to the rigors of Muay Thai, she opted for a rare surgery that actually cut her socket out and repositioned it. It meant a year off from fighting and at her age, the risk of never being able to return to competition. Her later assessment: “The surgery actually made me come back even stronger plus more focused. So for that, I am so thankful!” There is a video on-line showing Wallace in training. It is simply mind-blowing.”

What is mind-blowing is how Wallace was able to go non-stop with her kicks and punches while being on the receiving end of similar punishment from Vergara. The one striking difference was when Vergara opted to keep going with these clinches, which did little to prevent Wallace’s continued assault of landing these elbows to the side of Vergara’s head. 

Only until referee Jim Vanover managed to have the ladies return to the center of the ring did the whooping and hollering from their fans subside.

Based on those continual hard shots to April Vergara’s face the decision was never in doubt. The scores favoring Susan Wallace were unanimous.

Closing out the show, we see Susan Wallace (center) being congratulated by WCK Official Sarinda Chaney, the show’s promoter Dennis Warner plus the two lovely ringcard ladies.

A quote from Susan Wallace after her successful return to the ring: “I was literally rebuilt so I could once again have moments like this.”

and this! She had quite a few supporters at the show and were they ever a rambunctious lot.

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