Old School Boxing hosts District Silver Gloves Tournament

In Bout #2 of the LBC-44 District Silver Gloves Tournament, it was Jessica Juarez (R) of USIAA in San Diego getting the victory over Clarissa Hernandez of El Centro.

November 10, 2012

On Saturday, the LBC-44 District of the USA Amateur Boxing program in Southern California held their Silver Gloves Tournament at the Old School Boxing Gym on El Cajon Boulevard close to the campus of San Diego State University. The winners in the Silver Gloves matches advance to the State Finals.

In Bout #1, it was Hussein Fakhreddine (R) over Furgan Raschke.

To insure the show got off to a rousing start, the organizers began with two 16 year old, heavy hitters, super middleweights, Furgan Raschke (166.8 lbs.) from Outlaws Boxing in Tarzana (a community of Los Angeles’ in the San Fernando Valley) and the popular Hussein Fakhreddine (171.8 lbs.) of Old School Boxing, the host gym.

Round one went to the lefty Raschke, who moved exceptionally well and did the majority of his scoring with quick two and three punch combinations. Knowing full well he needed to get inside his opponent’s longer reach to land the straight rights, Fakhreddine did much better in Round two and for most of Round #3.

Then in the closing minute, Raschke came on and caught Fakhreddine with a left to the midsection. An eight count ensued and with it, you could see Fakhreddine seemed a bit deflated. Raschke scored three more times to close out the round. Raschke’s efforts in that final 30 seconds definitely closed the scoring gap but not enough. The judges awarded the decision to Fakhreddine.

Bout #2 featured 13 year olds Clarissa Hernandez (L) of El Centro and Jessica Juarez (R) of USIAA in San Diego.

Bout #2 featured 13 year olds Clarissa Hernandez (86.8 lbs.) of El Centro and Jessica Juarez (89.9 lbs.) of USIAA.

In Round #1, Juarez was the aggressor and surely landed more of the cleaner shots to the head. Even though Hernandez came on in round two, the fact that she had to box while backing up and often ended up pinned in a neutral corner made it seem she was losing the battle.

Both gals showed tremendous grit by going all out in the final round. It was a judge’s nightmare trying to keep track of all the punches being thrown.

At the conclusion of their contest, both the referee, Hondo Fontan, and those in attendance were in awe of the performance put on by these two youngsters, Clarissa Hernandez (L) and Jessica Juarez (R) the eventual winner.

In Bout #3 it was Ernesto Verdin (L) of El Centro, CA defeating Tyler Herberger (R) of Old School Boxing, San Diego, CA. All photos Jim Wyatt

Bout #3 featured 16 year-old Ernesto Verdin (120.6 lbs.) of El Centro, Ca taking on 16 year-old Tyler Herberger (117.8 lbs) of Old School Boxing in San Diego, CA.

In this one there was a difference in the intensity. It was clear Verdin wanted it more and he completely outworked, outboxed Herberger. The scoring in Round one, 3 points for Verdin, one for Herberger. In Round two, it was Verdin 4 points, Herberger one. For added measure, Verdin even added a looping punch well after the bell.

Herberger’s chances of pulling out a win in the final frame went from unlikely to impossible. After Verdin started catching him with left hooks, Herberger was issued an eight count. Then Herberger was penalized two points for leading with his head. After Verdin’s point advantage reached 8-3, I doubt if anyone kept track.

In Bout #4 it was Jacob Sanchez (L) of Rhino’s Boxing in Vista, Ca getting the best of Miguel Andrade (R) of Barrio Station, San Diego, CA.

Bout #4 saw 27 year-old Jacob Sanchez (127 lbs.) of Rhino’s Boxing in Vista, Ca taking on 19 year-old Miguel Andrade (150.8 lbs.) of Barrio Station.

Despite some clumsy footwork, Sanchez was clearly in charge in Round #1. After receiving a quickie eight count in Round #2, Andrade, with his raw talent, came on strong and showed some flashes, especially when landing two solid shots to the head.

As they began the final round, Sanchez was back in the driver’s seat and outboxed Andrade right up until the final bell.

In Bout #5 it was Juan Padilla (L) of the Legacy Training Center in Vista, CA getting the best of Jose Fernandez (R) of Cital Boxing & Nutrition in San Diego.

With his outstanding performance in Bout #5, it was only appropriate to take a second photo of Juan Padilla with his support group, those most proud of his success, the doting coach, Ivan Puente (R), Juan’s father (L), and Juan’s grandfather. All photos: Jim Wyatt

Bout #5, featured 11 year-old Juan Padilla (74 lbs.) of the Legacy Training Center in Vista, CA taking on 9 year-old Jose Fernandez (77.2 lbs.) of Cital Boxing & Nutrition of San Diego.

Even though there’s the age difference, it appears Padilla is a special talent. After taking Round one by landing the clean, straight shots, Padilla became even bolder in round two and went with some uppercuts and punches from all sorts of angles. His accuracy was uncanny and he soon had the referee issuing Fernandez an eight count. Any opening became a magnet for Padilla’s glove. Padilla’s amateur record has now reached 6-0.

In Bout #6 it was Warren Brown (L) of Old School Boxing getting the best of Clem Chavez of Encinitas Boxing.

Bout #6 had 30 year-old Warren Brown (167.2 lbs.) of Old School Boxing, taking on 25 year-old Clem Chavez (171.2 lbs) of Encinitas Boxing in Encinitas, CA.

Before long, Brown, with his long arms, knew exactly which strategy to take. What he did was wait on Chavez to throw one of his short arm punches, and then he countered over the top of it. Even before Round two ended, Chavez had been issued two eight counts.

After being knocked down in Round #3, the referee thought Chavez had seen enough and waved off the bout. As we all know, the attendees at a boxing show enjoy an occasional knockout and when the referee called for his RSB (referee stops the bout) the patrons went, “Aah!!”

In Bout #7, it was Jiael Brownell (L) getting the best of Oscar Cuevas (R).

Bout #7 featured two cruiserweights 32 year-old Jiael Brownell (181.2 lbs.), Unattached, taking on 28 year-old Oscar Cuevas (182.8 lbs.) of Encinitas Boxing.

This match was very similar to the preceding match. After three telling blows, an eight count was issued to Cuevas in Round #1. After a straight right to the chin in Round #2, a second eight count was issued to Cuevas.

Even though Cuevas had taken some stiff shots to the head, he was still game by Round #3 and landed a few power shots himself. After Cuevas was issued his fourth eight count, referee Will White decided to step in and call a halt to the match.

When his opponent failed to report, Jesus Laguna of the National City CYAC won by default.

Bout #8 was to featured two 12 year-olds Henry Liera of El Centro (81.6 lbs.) and Jesus Laguna (83.6 lbs.) of the National City CYAC. For some reason, the Liera camp had to pull out and this gave Laguna the victory by way of the phantom punch, a walk over.

In Bout #9 it was Jevon Norms of City Boxing getting the best of Adrian Hernandez of the Legacy Training Center in Vista, CA.

Bout #9 featured 14 year-old Adrian Hernandez (128.6 lbs.) going up against 15 year-old Jevon Norms (132 lbs.) of City Boxing in San Diego’s Downtown. In Round #1, Norms was the aggressor and definitely held the edge in scoring. In Round #2, Norms’ coach had him mix it up and throw more straight lefts which had him continually piling up the points.

By Round #3, it had become an old fashion beatdown and the referee Rick Ley issued Hernandez an eight count. The punches came in bunches, straight rights followed by lefts to the midsection. The decision for Norms was never in doubt.

In Bout #10, it was Roberto Ocampo (R) getting the best of Noe Larios (L).

Bout #10 featured 15 year-old Noe Larios (117 lbs.), Unattached, going up against 14 year-old Roberto Ocampo (118.8 lbs.) of the ABC Mongoose gym. In Round #1, Ocampo started doubling up on the jab to get inside and then pow, pow came the straight right.

Larios did better in Round #2, but he was still having problems gaining the upper hand. Round three provided the fiercest exchanges of the bout. In the end, Ocampo got the nod from the judges.

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