Not one, but three titles on the line, Friday, at the Big Punch Arena

On Tuesday, Kevin “Diamond Boy” Torres (l) from Bellingham, Washington attended a Press Conference in his honor at the Mi Chiante Restuarant in Tijuana. The Borizteca Boxing Promotions people were there promoting his upcoming WBF Regional Title fight on Friday, November 9, 2018 against the formidable Sr. Jorge “El Chihuas” Brito from Tijuana.

When you see a promoter laying out big bucks for three Championship Belts plus their sanctioning fees, you got to wonder where is all this money coming from. After you discover they have sponsors with deep pockets plus a ton of pre-sold tickets, you’ve answered your own question.

So there we were on Election Day (Don’t forget to vote), all of the local Press, El Mexicano, La Frontera, plus multiple journalists from the websites who cover boxing: Sportijuana Box,, etc. covering the latest Borizteca Boxing Promotions’ undertaking which will take place, Friday, November 9, 2018, at The Big Punch Arena in Tijuana. On hand to promote the show were three of the event’s headliners. First up, they had the undefeated Kevin “Diamond Boy” Torres (10-0-1, 9 KOs) from Bellingham, Washington who currently resides in South San Diego and trains with Carlos Barragan Jr. at the House of Boxing in Paradise Hills.

Bellingham, Wash. where current temperatures range from the 40s in the day, 30s at night.

Imagine this: the Kevin Torres’ faithful, family and friends, won’t have to travel the 1,162 miles from Bellingham, Washington to the Big Punch Arena in Tijuana, B. C., Mexico to witness this fight. All they’ll have to do is go to their computer, go to and type in to watch the entire feed, blow by blow, KO by KO. Or copy and paste one of the following: Or copy and paste one of the following:,, or www.globalsportsstreaming.comTorres’ celebrated opponent, Jorge “El Chihuas” Brito (10-1, 7 KOs) is from Tijuana and according to his manager, the 23-year-old southpaw has a ton of experience to include over 300 Amateur Bouts. As an Amateur, Brito won multiple Championships plus National and International honors. Continuing on this, “Our guy is going to win” diatribe, he said “Jorge is  taller, at least four inches, so he’ll have that desirable reach advantage plus he’s a southpaw with a big punch.”

Up until a week ago, Kevin Torres had been helping super lightweight Maurice “Mighty Moe” Hooker” get ready for his WBO World Super Lightweight Title fight against Alex Saucedo on November 16th. Hooker is an orthodox boxer. So, despite all of those desirable hours of top notch sparring, it was preparation meant for someone fighting a righty and not a lefty. The fact that Torres as a Pro has never faced a lefty, had this reporter wondering should the Torres camp be concerned?

As it turns out, the Torres Camp was concerned after learning that Brito was a lefty and immediately went looking for an accomplished southpaw to spar. At the Jab Gym in East Lake there was the ideal sparring partner, a dandy, Esteban “El Chuky” Garcia (9-0) who was in training for his next fight on the same date. Garcia didn’t hesitate and volunteered to join Kevin Torres in the remaining days. Will it be enough? We’ll find out on Friday evening.

Prior to Tuesday’s Press Conference the promoter had the early arrivals watch a recent interview of Kevin Torres which took place at his training facilty, the House of Boxing.

On Jorge “El Chihuas” Brito’s arrival, the assembled press immediately clamored for a face-off.

It was at this point that someone said (en espanol), “How does that saying go? The bigger they are, the harder they fall.” And Kevin Torres responded with a snicker.

Is this the calm before the storm? The alert ring card girl, Jackeline Zamudio, sensed the two boxers might be getting a bit ornery and quickly placed her hands on the boxers’ chests to make certain that neither boxer would get any closer.

(l to r) Raphael Ramirez poses for a photo holding the WBF Championship Belt with the organization’s local representative Juan Carlos Ramirez.

The popular ring announcer Pablo Flores gives his opinion on Friday’s exciting line-up.

At that point the CEO of Borizteca Boxing Promotions, Saul Rios, made the introductions.

Juan Jose Ramirez, International Referee and local representative of the World Boxing Federation gave us his thoughts on the show and the dandy Torres vs Brito matchup.

Finally, Jorge “El Chihuas” Brito had his opportunity to speak on the match-up.

Following Brito, Kevin Torres said he declined to name the round of Brito’s demise.

Group photo, (l to r) Martin Murillo, the cordial manager of the Mi Chante Restaurante localed at Avenida Aquiles Serdan #11756, Col. Libertad in Tijuana, boxer Kevin Torres, Borizteca CEO Saul Rios, World Boxing Federation representative Juan Jose Ramirez, boxer Jorge “El Chihuas” Brito, boxer Rafael Ramirez and the lovely ring card girl Jackeline Zamudio.

Someone did mention, “You don’t want to mess with that guy. Did you see the size of his three bodyguards? They’re even bigger and meaner than he is”

Below, we have included the untouched fight card for the November 9, 2018 show which appears to still be in a state of flux.

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