Nick Diaz’s career goes up in smoke for a second time

One of the sport's biggest draws, MMA tough guy Nick Diaz, appears to be in need of some counseling for the career path he has chosen.

Why does this tough as nails fighter keep shooting himself in the foot?

On Thursday, February 9, 2012, it was reported that the former Strikeforce welterweight champ, Nick Diaz, tested positive for marijuana following his UFC 143 loss


to Carlos Condit. As a consequence, the talk about a rematch with Condit has ceased and he will likely be suspended and fined by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer confirmed the news on Thursday: “All results received thus far have been negative, except Mr. Diaz tested positive for marijuana metabolites. A complaint for disciplinary action against Mr. Diaz has been filed.”

Diaz should have known better since he was suspended before in Nevada after fighting Takanori Gomi in Pride and testing positive for marijuana. That fight was overturned and made a no contest. Diaz was suspended six months and fined 20 percent of his paycheck.

This time around, the request for Diaz’s suspension will be made February 22, at NSAC’s next meeting. Kizer will then ask the commission to uphold the temporary suspension until the formal hearing in April, where Diaz is expected to answer to the complaint. Past offenders who have multiple offenses have been banned from the sport for a year.

Diaz was also removed from a Strikeforce fight card in 2009 after failing to submit to the required drug testing for a pre-fight medical by the California State Athletic Commission. He was subsequently dropped from that show.

Even though Diaz is licensed in the state of California for medicinal marijuana use, that license has no bearing on the testing done by state athletic commission officials who have banned the use of marijuana.

Condit, the UFC interim welterweight champ, is expected to meet Friday with UFC president Dana White to discuss alternates.

Worthy opinions/comments from bloggers:

Pooby: “Not funny, but very predictable. Diaz is a horrible representative for the sport of MMA. He is a mindless, thug, fool, stoner, and does not deserve another fight in the UFC.
Good bye and good riddance.”

Ajmadic: “I think its hilarious. Knowing that it’s illegal and knowing its a banned substance in the UFC, he should have never picked up a joint in the first place … If brushing your teeth before a fight was banned, then you just don’t do it. No matter how stupid the rule is.”

John Morlock: “Hey, a jackass with no class is a bad ass that thinks the rules don’t apply to him. But he snookered cheap ass Dana easy enough.”

KBEsq: “Is this what is stopping the rematch? If so, I have to ask why? Most people know, I dislike Nick Diaz pretty much more than any fighter out there, but who cares about marijuana. If anything, it’s a performance DE-hancer (if I may make up a word). Maybe give him a monetary fine and leave it at that.”

Ruben Albarran: “You have never been in a fight or trained while on marijuana have you? It is actually a great relaxer, pain reliever, and (surprisingly) it helps you focus better. Its definitely a performance enhancer. Well if your using good **** anyways… but I doubt Diaz has crap weed. Just ask Joe Rogan.

RonnieV: “If you don’t smoke weed very much, you can have it out of your system in 10 days. If you smoke weed a lot, it can take up to 40 days to get it out of your system. We studied this when my wife was applying for a government job (yeah, we love the peace pipe).”

Ruben Albarran: “Again, it depends on what type of weed you’re smoking. Indica (dumb dumb weed) is very, very bad for MMA. Sativa (makes you more focused) on the other hand it is used by many Yuy Thai and Jiu Jitsu practitioners because it helps in training. In fact I would rather fight a skilled fighter that is on major Roids, than a skilled fighter that is on Sativa. The 1 with Roids may be more physically dangerous, but is much more liable to make mistakes.”

Triggerman99: “Relaxing is one thing, but if we’re gonna try and push the idea that he had somehow gained a competitive advantage over Condit by either A) Being baked during the fight, or B) being baked at some point over the last month, then we might as well all just declare ourselves legally retarded.”

RonnieV: “Some haters will still call him a cheater. I’m with you brother! I don’t always condone Nick’s antics, but he is my favorite fighter, so no way I’m jumping off the bandwagon.”

alhmiel: “Nick Diaz is basically a TURD, a low life. A mean spirited, evil person, hateful, disrespectful and vile, a demon seed and should be removed forever, a blight upon society.”

Pooby: If they were to throw him out of the UFC, I’d miss his brilliant trash talk. Holding up your middle finger and calling your opponent a “bitch” is so original and so cutting edge.”

Innovator: As you can see by the above comments, it is still a debatable subject which is why it is still banned. It does not matter what anyone thinks. You follow the rules until you can change the rules. Nick probably knew this was coming which is why he spewed his retirement crap at the end of the fight. He is a good/great fighter and could be more if he could get over himself. I don’t mind his trash talking as it sells a fight, but his my way only attitude with everything, holds him back.”

jmat13:20% fine. That equals to $40,000. It probably also allows Dana to decide how much if any PPV bonus and revenue Diaz gets. I’m pretty sure all these guys have morals clauses in their contracts. So the total cost to him could be well into the six figures. Plus he just lost the huge future payday on the rematch. Thats one hell of an expensive bag of weed. Hope it was really great **** Nick.


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