News flash! David Barragan wins pro debut

December 1, 2011, super welterweight David Barragan of San Diego wins his first pro fight at the O. C. Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, CA. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Thursday evening, December 1, inside The Hangar at the O. C. Fairgrounds came an announcement that two boxers David Barragan from San Diego, CA and John Ferrari of Chico, CA were making their pro debut. Hence, the sellout crowd had virtually no idea what to expect.


The Barragan supporters from San Diego and National City knew what to expect. And what of all those USA boxers he defeated. Barragan was raised in a boxing gym, and started to box when he was just eight years-old. Before he turned 15, he had won a silver medal in the Junior Olympics and was considered a top prospect for the 2008 Olympics. He has sparred against some of the top pro prospects. They too have felt his punches and have been awestruck.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011, John Ferrari (L) and David Barragan (R) face off after their official weigh-in.

An early report from my spy at ringside said Barragan’s opponent was badly overmatched in Round #1 and had not a ghost of a chance of surviving against the powerful punches of Barragan. He was right. Just 23 seconds into round #2, Barragan had ko’d his opponent. 

The rest of the fight card:

Heavyweight hopeful Alex Flores (7-0, 5 KOs) knocked out Kelsey Arnold (4-9) at 2:51 of the first round. Flores attacked the body and after a three-punch combination connected with a right cross that floored Arnold for the count.

“I was going for that punch,” said Flores, “He was dropping his hand.”

In the semi-main event Lysette Medel (4-1-1) won an unanimous decision over Hollywood’s Yolanda Ezell (1-2) in a six round junior lightweight clash. Medel showed a marked ability for slipping Ezell’s punches and catching her overly aggressive opponent multiple times. Being much shorter she fought mostly on the inside to counteract Ezell’s reach and height advantage.

Laguna Beach’s Ronald Gavril won his pro debut by technical knockout over Arizona’s Gilbert Gastanum (0-3-1) at 2:11 in a light heavyweight bout. Gavril benefitted big time from having James “Lights Out” Toney and John “Pops” Arthur as his corner men.

If we were to do a retrospect of David Barragan’s life by going back five years, you could never imagine what this young man has gone through and what he has accomplished. The following videos will give you some insight into his amazing story.

One day he was out jogging with a friend and his father came to pick them up. Within minutes of David getting into his dad’s car, a drunk driver came flying broadside at their vehicle and caused a horrendous accident, one with grave consequences.

In the hospital, the specialists advised young David that he should give up any thoughts of competing in the ring. Plain and simple, it was out of the question. After all, he had fractured three of the bones in his vertebrae. With the help of his dad, Carlos Barragan, Jr., who was also seriously injured, and his grandfather, Carlos Barragan Sr., he recovered. David then defied the odds and through the grace of God and rehabilitation, returned to the ring.

David Barragan is shown holding one of the trophies he awarded to one of the USA Amateur Boxers that boxed in the recent show that his gym hosted. Photo: Jim Wyatt

At this point, it appears the amazing story is likely to continue. Together with his brother and a financial assist from family and friends, David recently opened a topnotch boxing gym, the House of Boxing, on Reo Drive in San Diego.

So, we have the amazing recovery from the accident, the amateur boxing success, the opening of the first class boxing gym, and now the easy victory in his first professional fight. It’s starting to sound like a made for Hollywood movie script. Stay tuned.

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