New UFC champion crowned as Cain Velasquez dethrones Brock Lesnar

How could anyone not be intimidated by Brock Lesnar's size, muscle definition and the new scruffy beard. Dana White, the new promoter extraordinaire, stands between, Brock Lesnar (left) and Cain Velasquez (right) at the UFC news conference to announce their heavyweight fight on October 23, 2010.

It took Cain Velasquez (9-0) all of four minutes and 12 seconds to knock Brock Lesnar (5-2) off his perch and prove he’s the best heavyweight in the sport. Lesnar, who was thought to be invincible, was brutally beaten in the one sided affair Saturday night at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA.

Once a journalist was grinding Lesnar, a native of Webster, North Dakota, as if he was fodder for a Hollywood tabloid. The big guy, known to be ultra conservative when it comes to talking about his private life, wanted to save time and gave the following run-down on his life: “It’s very basic for me. When I go home, I don’t buy into any of the b.s. Like I said, my life’s pretty basic: Train, sleep, family, fight. It’s my life. I like it. I’ve been in front of the cameras for 10, 12 years. I was a star at the University of Minnesota. I went on to the World Wrestling Federation. Wannabe NFL player. And here I am, the UFC heavyweight champion. I just don’t put myself out there to the fans and prostitute my private life to everybody. In today’s day and age, with the Internet and cameras and cell phones, I just like being old school and living in the woods and living my life. I came from nothing and at any moment, you can go back to having nothing.”

How prophetic was that? His training has been long and arduous and then in less than five minutes one warrior is declared the new champion and the other has the rug pulled from under him.


The 33 year old giant was hurt by almost every punch thrown and knocked down several times. After the final knockdown, Velasquez started pounding him with elbows and punches to the face. Referee Herb Dean quickly stepped in to halt the match.

At first, Lesnar, like a defensive tackle, shot out of his corner and threw a knee. Velasquez answered with a hard combination that opened a cut under Lesnar’s left eye. After they grappled some, the bigger man took Velasquez down hard. Velasquez remained calm and worked himself back on his feet. After a second Lesnar takedown, he bounced up and began letting his hands fly. As a result of this bout, the 28 year-old Velasquez becomes the first American of Mexican ancestry to hold the sport’s top prize.

After his awesome victory, the new champion, Cain Velasquez, looks out at the cheering crowd at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA.

They say it’s already been worked out that Velasquez’s first title defense will be against Brazilian striker Junior Dos Santos a good friend of the Nogueira brothers who just opened up a new gym across from MCAS Miramar in San Diego. He’s been in the San Diego gym to workout.

Meanwhile, Lesnar may end up fighting a rubber match with Frank Mir before getting another title shot.

On the undercard, the former Strikeforce champ Jake Shields struggled to a points victory over Danish veteran Martin Kampmann. The victory puts him in line for the next welterweight title shot, against the winner of Georges St-Pierre’s title defense against Josh Koscheck.

Former UFC bad boy Tito Ortiz was beaten by one of his pupils from the Ultimate Fighter reality show, deaf fighter Matt Hammill, by unanimous decision, while Diego Sanchez took a points victory over the very tough Paulo Thiago in an exciting back and forth win.

Up and coming heavyweight Brendan Schaub also claimed a points win, over Brazilian Gabriel Gonzaga.

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