National City Boxing Championship results

Referee Rick Lea raises Emanuel Robles arm in victory after defeating the very tough Manuel Diaz in Bout #11 of the National City Amateur Boxing Championships held at Sweetwater High School. At the end of day, Robles was chosen as the boxer of the Show.

Saturday, October 3, 2009, the National City Amateur Boxing Championships took place at Sweetwater High School in National City. From the nine boxing gyms represented, there were twenty-two USA amateur boxers showcasing their skills.

This USA Amateur Boxing Association sanctioned tournament had all the trappings of the fights you’d see on TV; fights that cost their patrons $150 to $2,500 a seat. The National City Community Youth Athletic Center, the organization hosting the tournament, charged patrons all of $10 for adults, and $5 for children 5-12. And yet, the tournament was done on the grandest scale. Even the local high school had their ROTC Marine Corps color guard on hand to present the colors as David Ornelas, lead singer for the popular reggae group, Stranger, fresh off winning the San Diego Music Awards for Best World Music, sang the National Anthem.

As each youngster was introduced, up beat music complemented their ring walk. And unlike in the professional ranks, there was not one controversial decision all day. The one referee and three judges scoring the bouts are veterans with over 80 years of combined experience. Last but not least, there were local celebrities in attendance, a city councilman, two boxing promoters, active and inactive professional-boxers, and one former NFL great, Russ Washington, of the San Diego Chargers. I was surprised that I didn’t see the governor in attendance.

Bout #1 featured Jose Toribio of the National City CYAC facing Tony Guillen of Alliance Training Center of Chula Vista, Ca. Though both boxers were quite active, Toribio was the busier fighter. At one point he landed successive blows to Guillen’s head and the referee called for a standing eight count. In the end Toribio was awarded the decision.
Bout #2 featured Jesus Hernandez of the Diaz Training Center in Vista, Ca. facing 19 year-old Luis Sedana, a National PAL Champion. Some have said it won’t be long before Sedana turns pro. Well, Mr. Hernandez mustn’t have read the press clippings, because he came to win and appeared to be the better conditioned fighter. After enduring Hernandez’s best shots, Sedana countered and landed more often with the cleaner shots. But nothing would deter Hernandez who kept pressing the fight.
After feeling he had a sizeable punch stat lead, Sedana slacked off in the final round. As a result back came Hernandez and the referee had to issue Sedana a standing eight count. After Sedana got the decision, I checked with the judges and they all agreed the fight turned out to be a lot closer than anyone had expected.
Bout #3 featured 15 year-old Elias Diaz of Barrio Station and East Lake High School facing the much taller Ryan Coulter of Duarte Boxing Club of Duarte, Ca. Coulter’s trainer affectionately calls Coulter, the quick slick assassin. Well, Mr. Quick and Slick met his match Saturday as Diaz got inside and went to work. He worked hard enough to gain a unanimous decision.
Bout #4 featured Fabian Escobedo of Gutierrez Boxing Club facing Nico Lopez of the Diaz Training Center in Vista, Ca. Though both boxers remained busy throughout, it was Lopez’s ability to slip punches and make Escobedo miss that impressed the judges and onlookers. After both boxers were issued a standing eight count and giving it everything they had, Lopez was awarded the victory.
Bout #5 featured Victor Morales of CYAC versus Alfredo Rodriguez of the Alliance Training Center. Although both were busy early, Rodriguez started to gain an upper hand by the end of the second round. That’s when Morales was issued two standing eight counts. By the third round the referee thought Morales had taken too many blows to the head and called an end to the bout. Rodriguez was awarded a TKO.
Bout #6 featured 14-year-old Juan “Johnny” Olvera of the Duarte Boxing Club facing 12-year-old Ruben Soria of the Gutierrez Boxing Club. Olvera, clearly the more experienced boxer, hit Soria right on the button several times. After a third standing eight count, the bout was stopped and Olvera was awarded the TKO.
Bout #7 featured two big punchers, David Barragan of the National City CYAC and Roman Carlos of the Poway Boxing Club of Poway, Ca.  Before long you could see Barragan was the sharper of the two and his punches were not only on the mark but packed a wallop. In the closing minute of the second round a right upper-cut was followed by a left hook that stunned Carlos. By the third round, Carlos was in trouble and given a standing eight count. Barragan moved in to finish him off. After a second standing eight count, Barragan hit him with hooks, first a right then a left. That was all the referee needed to see before calling for the stoppage.
Bout #8 featured Nadir Dally of the Poway Boxing Club versus Maximo Trucchi of Old School Boxing in San Diego. It appeared Dally’s awkward style and the fact he was a southpaw was giving Trucchi difficulty. In the very close split decision, the victory went to Dally.
Bout #9 featured Jose Jurado of CYAC facing Emanuel Diaz of Barrio Station. Since Diaz had done so well in the recent national Pal tournament, the CYAC staff was anxious to see how Jurado, one of their top boxers, would fair against him. The bout turned into a crowd pleaser. Ooohs and aahs were heard throughout as the two pugilists exchanged powerful blows. In the end it was Diaz who landed more of the cleaner shots.
Bout #10 featured Steven Vitug of the Alliance Training Center versus Kurt Weinrich of the KFO Training Center in Lemon Grove. Vitug looked impressive in the first round and then in the second and third rounds it was all downhill. Weinrich, who said he had sparred in the past with Vitug, claimed he was just sizing him up in that first round. Well that sizing-him-up did him a lot of good. In the second and third rounds Weinrich took complete command and won on each of the judges’ scorecards.
Bout #11 featured Manuel Martinez of the Diaz Training Center versus Emanuel Robles of Old School Boxing. The very same Robles who is currently a National PAL champion. In other words, the less experienced brawler, Martinez, was up against the best. All he could do was swing for the fences and go for the elusive knockout. Robles, the more skilled boxer, was able to block most every punch and shrewdly counter to win the match.
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