Mayweather vs Marquez fight prediction

Juan Manuel "Dinamita" Marquez is photographed working out at his trainer's gym in Mexico City on September 2, 2009. Photo taken by Chico Sanchez

No use belaboring the point, Juan Manuel Marquez is the underdog in the upcoming bout with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. And if this fight were fought ten times the wise thing to do is to put your money on the bigger man. Mayweather’s height, weight and hand speed advantage make this a no-brainer. You can talk all you want about Marquez’s dedication, his macho Mexican ancestry, his willingness to drink disgusting urine to make him super human, Mayweather’s rust, Mayweather’s current complications with the law and the IRS, his oddball family, and his loco demeanor which makes him appear to be the bad guy, but none of that will matter when the two men face each other on September 19th.

But as Chris Berman likes to say, “That’s why they play the game.” If Mayweather were to let his guard down and get caught coming in or by a phenomenal uppercut followed by a pile driving overhand right, who knows? Also insiders have brought up the issue of Mayweather’s 21 month layoff and a rib injury that has already postponed this fight.

One thing is for sure, the backers of this boxing show would like to see Mayweather beat Marquez and then have Pacquiao defeat Cotto to set up the fight of the century. The fight that can make even more money, money in the range of 25 to 35 million dollars a piece.
I don’t see Marquez beating Mayweather and to quote Mike Marley, my colleague in New York, “Marquez is an old fox, indeed, but he will never catch the wily rabbit.” Mayweather will win by a unanimous decision. My main concern is that Marquez doesn’t get hurt.
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