Las Pulgas Boxing Show results of August 16, 2012

In Thursday evening’s Main Event at Salon Las Pulgas in Tijuana’s downtown featured Jose “Tigre” Cayetano (L) challenged by Sergio “Costeño” Najera. Photo: Jim Wyatt

On Thursday evening, Mayen Promotions was back at Salon Las Pulgas on Avenida Revolucion in Tijuana’s downtown to present another exciting boxing card.

In their Main Event, it was Jose “Tigre” Cayetano being challenged by Sergio “Costeño” Najera in an eight rounder. Since both men are from the area, the raucous crowd was evenly divided.


Cayetano (13-1-0, 6 KOs) was returning after a fifth round TKO victory over Arturo Badillo (20-3) on June 2. More than likely he figured Najera (4-6) would be easy prey but oh contraire. After taking the first three rounds by backing Najera up and landing an occasional flurry, Najera surprised Cayetano late in Round #4 with some hard shots to the head. At the time, it appeared Cayetano was switching his stance and content to just keep Najera at a distance with his head snapping jabs.

Thursday night’s main event winner, Jose “Tigre” Cayetano has his arm raised after defeating Sergio “Costeno” Najera. Photo: Jim Wyatt

At times Sergio Najera pressed forward on Jose “Tigre” Cayetano but he never really pulled the trigger on an all out assault. Photo: Jim Wyatt

From that point on, Najera not only had his hands cocked and ready to go, he had his confidence back. To his credit, Cayetano switched his approach as well and began matching each and every hard shot that came his way.

With the crowd completely energized and the fighters touching gloves to begin the final round, the expectations for one last, all or nothing, slugfest were high. That craving went unsatisfied. Najera pressed forward but he never really pulled the trigger.

All three judges, Alejandro Rochin, Leo Ibarra and Benjamin Rendon, scored the bout the same, 78-74 for Cayetano 78-74.

On the undercard:

Kenia Enriquez (R), the eventual winner and Angelica Dominguez, her opponent in the Thursday night’s Co-feature at Las Pulgas in Tijuana, take a moment to pose for photos. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Kenia Enriquez has her arms raised by the show’s hostesses after defeating Angelica Dominguez, Thursday evening at the Salon Las Pulgas in Tijuana’s downtown.

Once again, female flyweight Kenia Enriquez of Tijuana, now 2-0, 1 KO, looked sensational as she went aggressively after her opponent, Angelica “Maravilla” Dominguez of Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua who was making her pro-debut.

Much was made of the fact Dominguez had worked out at the same gym as Erik Morales, according to insiders she was an accomplished, hard hitting boxer and she’d certainly have the height and reach advantage. Not one of those assets could she exploit.

The ultra confident Enriquez was like one of those fifteen foot swells that just keeps bashing the shoreline. Even after suffering an early cut on her right cheek due to a head butt, Enriquez kept her composure and never stopped her forward progress on the fleeting Dominguez. 

All three judges had Enriquez winning every round.

The “Fight of the Night” was an all action bout between light heavyweights Jonathan “Nini” Medina and Edgar “Roca” Bojorquez shown here unloading a straight right at Medina’s head. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Edgar Bojorquez (C) has his arm raised after defeating Jonathan Medina. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Light heavyweight Jonathan “Nini” Medina awaits the news of his defeat to Edgar “Roca” Bojorquez in their close, all out battle on Thursday evening at Las Pulgas Nightclub in Tijuana’s downtown on August 16, 2012. Photo: Jim Wyatt

The “Fight of the Night” was an all action thriller between light heavyweights Jonathan “Nini” Medina (1-2-1, 1 KO) and Edgar “Roca” Bojorquez (4-3-3, 2 KOs), both of Tijuana.

In Round #1, Medina, the more polished boxer, began well but finished poorly. He made a strong comeback in Round #2 and repeatedly landed these bruising left hooks (8 or 9) to Bojorquez’s right side. How Bojorquez stood up to those body shots is simply amazing.

With both fighters pounding each other in Round #3, it was difficult to keep track of their momentum swings. Medina started out strong in Round #4, slipping punches and landing a nice uppercut. But it was Bojorquez who looked grander in the final minute and even smiled broadly at Medina after Medina hit him in the gut as the bell rang.

All three judges scored the bout 39-37 in Bojorquez’s favor. If the UFC President, Dana White, had been present, I’m sure we’d be hearing him call out for one more round. It was that close.

Tijuana junior welterweight Pastor Elenes (R) has his arm raised after defeating Adrian Martinez. Photo: Jim Wyatt

After his tough loss to Pastor Elenes, Adrian Martinez leaves the ring. Photo: J. Wyatt

In his second fight, Tijuana junior welterweight Pastor Elenes (2-0, 1 KO) won a four round unanimous decision over Adrian Martinez (1-2-1), also of Tijuana.

From the outset, Elenes kept pressing forward and was clearly the more accurate boxer, plus the one landing his punches in bunches. In the end all three judges, had the same 40-36 scores for Elenes.

Heriberto “Tremendo” Delgado (C) miraculously avoided the big, wide looping punches of Hector “Chuky” Figueroa to gain an unanimous decision victory on Thursday night at Salon Las Pulgas in Tijuana, B. C., Mexico. Photo: Jim Wyatt

On Thursday evening, Hector “Chuky” Figueroa was throwing these wide looping punches at the head of Heriberto “Tremendo” Delgado. Fortunately for Delgado, he was able to duck under this almost continual assault. Photo: Jim Wyatt

After his victory, Heriberto “Tremendo” Delgado gets a victory ride around the ring on the shoulders of a buddy from his gym. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Heriberto “Tremendo” Delgado (2-0) miraculously avoided the big windup punches of Hector “Chuky” Figueroa (0-3-1) to get his unanimous decision victory over the frantic and heavy throwing Delgado. After ducking under the wild punches, he countered and got Figueroa to go down twice, once in the 1st round and second time in the fourth, to win an unanimous decision in their super bantamweight bout.

Not to be outdone, Rosalio “Aspid” Rios was also hoisted up on the shoulders of one of his cornerman after he defeated Jesus Antonio Garcia. Photo: J. Wyatt

Super bantamweight Rosalio “Aspid” Rios (4-0, 3 KOs) was on top of Jesus Antonio Garcia (1-2) like bees on honey. It was soon apparent that Garcia was defenseless and before he got seriously injured, the referee stopped the bout.

Norberto Vaal (L) gets his first win after stopping Artermio “Norteño” Garcia (R) in the second round. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Tijuana flyweight Norberto Vaal (1-0-1, 1 KO) got his first win after stopping Artermio “Norteño” Garcia (1-2-1) also of Tijuana in the second round. Vaal kept pounding Garcia until referee Agustin Rivera felt Garcia had had enough and stopped the contest.

Carlos Manuel Lopez (L) has his arm raised in victory after beating Ensenada’s Juan “Gallo” Tozcano. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Ensenada, Mexico’s Juan “Gallo” Tozcano appears to be a lost soul after his loss to Carlos Manuel Lopez in his pro-debut. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Light flyweight Carlos Manuel Lopez (1-2) of Tijuana got his first win by beating Ensenada, Mexico’s Juan “Gallo” Tozcano (0-1) in his debut.

After Tozcano took round #1, it was all Lopez from that point.

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