Jessica Juarez, Anthony Clark, latest to make their Pro Debut

As we get closer to these Pro Debuts and learn more, we will certainly keep you updated.

You just knew the day was fast approaching and now here it is. For a Boxing enthusiast like myself, it’s like being a teacher at a local high school and all of a sudden you find yourself emotionally invested after learning two of your favorite students (in this case, USA Amateur boxing standouts) have been awarded scholarships to this renowned University (or in this case are joining the honorable ranks of Professional Boxing). 

Still, we have to be careful in regards to what we consider great news. In the Professional ranks, there is no headgear as there is in the U.S. Amateurs and it’s a serious hurt game rather than a point scoring contest. While the standing 8-count doesn’t exist in the Pros, in the Amateur ranks, a standing 8-count is given to any boxer who is having difficulty. After three of these eight-counts are issued in a round or four total, the fight is stopped. There are 21 fouls (forbidden, unfair or dangerous tactics in the Amateurs) which lead to an immediate warning, point penalty, or even disqualification after three such warnings. In the Pros, some of these very same tactics aren’t even considered a foul.

You win in the Amateur ranks by landing more, correct scoring blows on an opponent’s target area. For a point decision win in the Pros, it is all about aggressiveness, knock-downs, injuring an opponent and knockouts are the main objective. Acute knock-outs are concussions. Less than 1% of amateur bouts end in a knock-out. Over 25% of pro fights end in a KO, with over 50% ending in a KO or TKO.

This was the fight that got Kika Juarez’s boxing career off and running. It took place over eight years ago when she making her Amateur debut against the more experienced Lil

After her first fight, anyone with a little less fortitude would have given up on the sport. But not Kika Juarez who considered this first loss a building block and went on to win a great many matches and tournaments under the watchful eye of her Dad and Coach Luis Gamez.

Over the past eight years, Kika Juarez and her support group have traveled all over.

On Saturday, August 25th, after an extensive Amateur career, San Diego’s Kika Juarez, who got her start with Coach Robert Coons at the SDAA, San Diego Athletic Academy, off Skyline Drive in San Diego, will be making her Professional Debut, entertaining the boxing fans at the Agua Caliente Casino located in Rancho Mirage, Calif. 

A 2½ hour drive East of San Diego is San Luis Colorado, Arizona, the home of Anthony Clark, another boxer who has competed in our local USA Amateur shows. (photo top, left) Like Kika Juarez, Clark got himself started early, at age eight. And now that he’s just earned his High School Diploma, he thought he’d give Pro Boxing a run for the money.

On Friday, August 31st, Anthony Clark from the San Luis Colorado Boxing Gym in San Luis Colorado, Arizona will enter the professional ranks. He’ll be duking it out at a venue in Mexicali, B. C., Mexico which is 2 hours and 20 minutes from San Diego and if you’re going to this event you should give yourself an additional 40 minutes travel time due to the heavy traffic on Fridays. 

What a show this guy would put on while in the USA Amateur ranks. There is no doubt that both Juarez and Clark will be able to stand and deliver and as in the past, give it their very best. For both Jaurez and Clark, we wish them a long and successful career.

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