Intensity MMA hosts latest USA Amateur Boxing Show

headerAugust 10, 2013

The latest USA Amateur Boxing Show took place Saturday at the Intensity MMA gym in South San Diego. The results are as follows:


In Bout #1, it was 13 year-old Leon Garcia, Unattached from Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico (95 pounds) gaining the decision victory over 14 year-old Angel Castro of La Gente in Brawley (91.2 pounds). 

Before talking about the match, it’s interesting to note that Garcia (7-0 in Amateur bouts) has been training for eight years whereas Castro (0-2 in amateur bouts) has only been training for three years. Also, Castro was not only giving up the inches in height and an obvious reach advantage, he weighed in 3.5 lbs. less than Garcia.

Angel Castro, Leon Garcia

In the tightly contested Bout #1, it was Leon Garcia (l) from Culiacon, Sinaloa, Mexico (top photo, right) coming out on top over the tough Angel Castro from La Gente Boxing in Brawley, CA. All photos: Jim Wyatt

During this match, the taller Garcia did well early, using his jab to keep the smaller opponent at a distance and then occasionally popping him with a nice one, two combination.

Then, as the match progressed so did their in-fighting which favored the shorter Mr. Castro. As a matter of fact, by the third round, Castro had forced the referee to issue Garcia an 8-count. Makes you wonder if all things were on an even plain, how great a match-up this could turn out to be.

In Bout #2, it was 11 year-old Juan Padilla of the Legacy Training Center in Vista (78.4 pounds) getting the best of 11 year-old Jabin Chollet of Barrio Station, San Diego (78.6 pounds).

Bout 2 Padilla over Chollet

In Bout #3, it was 9 year-old Julian Garcia of Golden Hands (61.2 pounds) getting the decision victory over 8 year-old Victor Castro of La Gente (64.2 pounds).

Bout 3

In Bout #4, it was 15 year-old Anthony Leatham (111 pounds) from Soldiers of God in Fontana, CA defeating 14 year-old Jovani Contreras (112.2 pounds) of Barrio Station here in San Diego. 

Final for Bout 4 Anthony Leatham

In Bout #5, it was 11 year-old Jonathan Rodriguez from United Boxing, Chula Vista (73.8 pounds) getting the decision victory over 10 year-old Victor Ortega of The House of Boxing, Paradise Hills (76 pounds).

Some say Rodriguez has an unfair advantage over opponents after he has his coach, Luis Gamez, cut his razor like hair-do. They feel it’s not only a distraction, but he could easily cut someone.

Bt 5 Collage the secret to his success

Bout 5In Bout #6, it was 19 year-old Robert Lopez (126.2 pounds) gaining an unanimous decision victory over 17 year-old Fabian Zarco of Barrio Logan (124 pounds).

Why all the interest in this match? Prior to the match, Lopez was 3-0 and Zarco was 6-0. As far as boxers go, Zarco is considered a boxer/technician who keeps coming straight ahead, while Lopez is considered to be a knockout artist, better grounded and using his full leverage behind every punch. In the coming year, this match-up could get even more interesting as the two boxers mature.

fabian Zarco, Robert Lopez

In Bout #7, it was 19 year-old Arnulfo Carreon of North County Boxing (138.8 pounds) getting the decision victory over 17 year-old Miguel Tovar of United Boxing, Chula Vista (140.2 pounds).

Bout 7 Arnulfo carreon over Miguel Tovar

In Bout #8, it was 20 year-old Jose Ponce of United Boxing (164.8 pounds) defeating the much taller 29 year-old David Real, Unattached (160.4 pounds).

Bout 8 Jose Ponce over David Real

The next USA Amateur Boxing Show will be held Saturday, August 24 at the

Legacy Training Center

1304 N. Santa Fe Ave. #B
Vista, CA 92083
Contact: Cesar Ortigoza (760) 717-8631
Weigh in: 9 A.M.
First Bout: 1 P.M.
As far as all upcoming shows, you can always check the weekly schedule updates posted on this website.
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