How to treat dog bites by Vincente Martin Rodriguez

Super featherweight Vincente Martin Rodriguez

Do you want people to be talking about you? Do you want the notoriety regardless of what you have to do to get it? It’s simple, just follow the lead of boxers like Mike Tyson or 33 year-old, super lightweight, Alejandro Daniel Gómez of Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina and bite down hard on someone’s ear.

Sporting a dismal record of 11-21-4, 3 KOs, Gomez was disqualified Saturday evening for biting the left ear of world ranked super-featherweight contender Vicente Martin Rodriguez of La Salda, Buenos Aires, Argentina (33-2-0, 19 KOs) at the Club Vecinal Vec in Buenos Aires.


Why would someone bite an opponent’s ear. It’s part reactionary when you’re facing a losing battle. With your hands wrapped up tight and covered by gloves, you have little else aside from a head-butt or a leg kick to stop your opponent.

In round six of a 10 rounder, Gómez apparently got a hankering for filet of ear and chomped down hard on Rodriguez’s unsuspecting ear. Left with a deep cut on his earlobe, Rodriguez looked on incredulously at Gomez, unable to facet what had happened. After the shocking occurrence, referee Rodolfo Stella went to view the incident on the available TV replay. In short order, the carnivore was disqualified and the sales person who handles dog muzzles was given a call.

Some detractors claim “El Mono” (Rodriguez) had it coming. Ever since August 22, 2008, when he lost to William “Cool Willie” Kickett (17-2-0, 5 KOs), he’s been fighting nothing but dogs or cream-puffs. He’ll be all right as long as he keeps getting his rabies shots. Regardless of what others are saying, the WBO has Rodriguez rated at #5 and the WBC has him at #11.


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