House of Boxing hosts another classic “Rumble on Reo” Boxing show

June 22, 2019, the latest “Rumble on Reo” USA Amateur Boxing show featured: 22 boxers from both sides of the border, 12 separate boxing clubs, boxers from as far north as Oxnard, Calif., east as far as El Centro, Calif. and as far south as Tijuana, B. C., Mexico.

Before getting started, the USA Boxing faithful with a heavy heart remembered one of their own who just a few days ago passed away from cancer. Coach Art Wilson of the ABC Youth Foundation, the ABC Mongoose Gym, on Market Street in San Diego, the beloved head boxing coach of a gym honoring boxing legend Archie Moore, passed on to his eternal reward. Art Wilson also worked tirelessly for our local USA Amateur Boxing’s LBC 44 by being their Center City Registration Chairman, an official at local and national events. Art Wilson would always go that extra mile.

Billie Moore, Archie Moore’s son, was present Saturday to say a few words: “It is with a heavy heart that I inform our local boxing community that our beloved ABC coach and dear friend Art Wilson has passed away. He will surely be missed. We will certainly update everyone as far as information regarding his funeral arrangements.

After Mr. Moore’s message to the crowd, Melanie Ley, the show’s official timekeeper, began the sounding of the traditional 10 count.

Never one to be showy or pretentious, this reporter had to do a lot of searching to come up with these photos. He was definitely more of a workaholic, than a look at me aren’t I special individual.

Without further ado, here is the top half of Saturday’s bout sheet.
Before the start of Bout #1, Dante Aparicio (r) of The Jab Boxing Club, East Lake, Calif. and Joel Hernandez (l) from the Robert Garcia Boxing Academy, Oxnard, Calif. receive their final instructions from veteran referee Rick Ley.
Anticipation grows as the boxers await the judges’ decision.
After the announcement of his victory over Dante Aparicio up goes the arm of sharpshooter Joel Hernandez by referee Rick Ley.
At the conclusion of Bout #2, we see referee Hondo Fontane raising the arm of the victorious Nick Cuevas (l) from the host gym, the House of Boxing, after out slugging Jaime Ybarra (r) from The Jab Boxing Club. On hand for the presentation of the trophy was pro standout Kevin Torres (l) who has another tough contest coming up on August 24th at the Viejas Casino in Alpine versus Marcos Arturo Dominguez (9-1-1, 8 KOs) from Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico.
Bout #3: What a nonstop slug fest this one turned out to be, as Adrian Torres (l) from the Robert Garcia Boxing Academy, Oxnard, Calif. went toe to toe and more with Zachary Jones (r) from the Bomber Squad Academy of El Cajon, Calif. All photos: Jim Wyatt
On hand to present the winning trophy to either Adrian Torres, (left) of the Robert Garcia Boxing Academy or Zachary Jones (right) of the Bombers Squad Academy of El Cajon, Calif. is soon to be pro Lazaro Francisco Lorenzana (far right) who everyone knows had an exemplary USA Amateur Boxing career.
Winner of that Bout #3 slug-fest ended up being Zachary Jones from the Bombers Squad on Main Street in El Cajon, Calif.

In the next contest, Bout #4, it was Diego Nava (l) from the House of Boxing taking on Matthew Jacinto (r) from the Bombers Squad.

In the end, it was Jacinto (r) coming away with the victory after dominating his foe with far more of the well-placed and better leveraged blows. On hand to distribute the trophy and medal was Golden Gloves Champion Hunter Williams from Nevarez Boxing.
Bout #5 saw Fabian Burgueno (l) from the Robert Garcia Boxing Academy use both his height and reach advantage to dominate the shorter but still gritty Isaac Alvarez (r) from Sparta Boxing of El Centro. Learning to fight successfully on the inside like Mike Tyson can be quite a chore.
With the great support staff they have at Sparta Boxing and Isaac Alvarez’s toughness, you can be certain he’ll be back.
Bout #6: most of the insiders were looking forward to this match between Johnny Mansour (r) from the Bombers Squad with his height and reach advantage versus the much shorter Jose Salas (l) from the well respected Jacquie Nava Boxing Club of Tijuana.
And yes, the crowd was not disappointed as these two young men, Mansour (right) and Salas (left) never let up.
On hand to assist in the trophy presentation were three 2019 USA Junior Olympic Champions.
Unlike the other two matches where the taller boxers like Mansour won, Jose Salas doesn’t play that game and made certain to get in close and stay in close to pound away and secure the victory.
Bout #7 between Angel Gil of the Robert Garcia Boxing Academy and Andrew Avenido of the House of Boxing started off well but soon developed into a one-sided beat down. Same weight and same ages, but there was something special about Avenido who rarely if ever was off target with one of his well placed punches.
In this photo, we see Angel Gil (l) throwing a soft right cross that misses while his opponent retaliates with a much harder left hook.
The only thing Angel Gil could do was try to duck or dodge the almost continual onslaught of power shots to his head and body.
With the lack of return fire from Gil, referee Rick Ley was forced to start issuing standing 8-counts.
From the look on their faces, the winner of Bout #7 had become clear.
Andrew Avenido (r) of the House of Boxing gets the win.
Above, we have all the particulars from the remaining four bouts.
Bout #8 had Christopher Balleza of the Gladiator School of Boxing (r) taking on Luis Coria (l) of the Robert Garcia Boxing Academy.
As expected, Luis Coria (black trunks, gold trim) had no problem stopping his opponent Christopher Balleza early.
Bout #9 was quite different from the bouts you usually see. The underdog Ioane Juarez of Pound 4 Pound Boxing came at his opponent, Jose Santos of the House of Boxing, as if he only had a short time to register his win. His fast and furious approach, reminiscent of a young Mike Tyson, was all about registering an early stoppage. While certainly surprised by this technique, Santos was able to maintain his cool, weather the Juarez blitz, and make in-roads with the sharper punches and a defense which soon frustrated Juarez who started to slow down.
Before long it was the attacker, Juarez, who was being issued an 8-count and facing the realization that he couldn’t just run roughshod over his opponent.
After Juarez’s awesome attack mode stalled, he became the one on the receiving end of the heavier blows.
In the end, the trophy went to Jose Santos (l) while it will be Ioane Juarez (r) returning to his gym to improve on his technique.
Things got off to a rocky start (two straight standing 8-counts) for Malik Gadson from Maxwell’s Boxing who was facing the more polished Jacob Macalolooy who hales from The Arena Boxing.
In the end, Malik Gadson (l), who had hardly broken a sweat, must have figured, wow, there’s a lot more to this sport than I figured.

How does that saying go? They saved the best for last. The final match of the show featured two solid, accomplished heavy hitters, Juan Ariza of the Nevarez Boxing Club of Vista, Calif. and Franklin Garcia from the Vista Boxing Club, Vista, Calif.

Early in Bout #11, it is the more accomplished Juan Ariza of the Nevarez Boxing Club (black trunks) getting the best of his opponent Franklin Garcia (blue trunks) from the rival Vista Boxing Club.

From the look on their faces, you could tell these two gentlemen had been in a back and forth, all out war.
Juan Ariza (r) from the Nevarez Boxing Gym gets the win after out slugging Franklin Garcia (l). Veteran referee Andrew Moreno looks on as the two boxers show each other considerable respect.
Juan Ariza (c) has his photo taken with two of his coaches, Brian and Sandra Chanel Nevarez.
Warning, you don’t want to mess around with this group from the Nevarez Boxing Club of Vista, Calif.
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