Friday Night Fights results from Bound Boxing Academy on St. Patty’s Day

At the conclusion of the Friday, March 17, 2017 show at the Bound Boxing Academy in Chula Vista, six of the seven boxers who represented the gym in the competition, posed for a group photo with their proud coaches. The Bound Boxing Academy Team went 5-2 on the night. Not too shabby!

Bout #1 featured 13-year-old Emily Arias Molina (106 lbs., red gloves) from Mariscal Boxing of Tijuana in her third bout, going up against 14-year-old Daisy Medina (102 lbs., blue gloves) from United Boxing & Fitness who had 3 bouts.


In this one, the bout may have been swayed by the softest punch on record. The more productive Molina landed this short, left hook in round two and there was an immediate stoppage for a standing eight count. In a bout with only three-two minute rounds, this bout was over in the blink of an eye and Molina, the faster starter, had won her third straight victory. 

At the conclusion of Bout #1, we see (l to r) Daisy Medina from United Boxing, veteran referee Will White and the winner Emily Molina holding the championship belt.

(top) Members of the United Boxing & Fitness family pose for photos. (below) Daisy Medina poses for a photo with her proud father.

Bout #2 featured 15-year-old Cesar Hernandez (105 lbs. with three bouts, wearing blue gloves) from the North County Boxing Club, going up against 13 year-old Michael Figueroa (109 lbs., number of bouts at least two, wearing red gloves) from the Backyard Boxing Gym in Oceanside, Calif. While one boxer, Hernandez, would land the straighter punches and show better defense, Figueroa was the busier of the two and his reckless abandonment won over the judges in this very close contest. 

Bout #3 featuring 10-year-old Alfred Esparza (80 lbs., with 1 bout, red gloves) from Coachella Boxing going up against 10-year-old Javier Garcia (76 lbs., 1 bout, blue gloves) from United Boxing & Fitness, Chula Vista, was all about how the judges would weigh the fierceness of their back and forth exchanges. Garcia would be ahead early and back came Esparza. At times the punches would land simultaneously. 

In this close scrap, the judges awarded Javier Garcia (l) from United Boxing & Fitness the victory over Alfredo Esparza (r) from Coachella Boxing.

Bout #4 featured 17-year-old Daniel Remigio (126 lbs.) from Alliance MMA & Training Center of Chula Vista taking on 17-year-old Aron Avila (123 lbs.) from Intensity MMA & Fitness, South San Diego in a brutal contest of two guys with contrasting styles pounding each other and for some unexplained reason avoiding the use of their jab. The one noticeable difference was when the taller Avila landed his combinations. This was one of those last man standing bouts where the judges sided with Avila.

Early on, Daniel Remigio (red gloves) from the Alliance MMA & Training Center landed this right cross which had the potential of ending Aron Avila’s night early.

In another close one, it was Aron Avila coming away with the decision victory over the always tough Daniel Remigio in Bout #4. Photos: Jim Wyatt

Bout #5, one of the most anticipated bouts of the night featured 14-year-old Sergio Ramos (95 lbs., with 1 bout, wearing red gloves) from the host gym, the Bound Boxing Academy, Chula Vista going up against 13-year-old Mario Garcia (91 lbs., 3 bouts, blue gloves) from Intensity MMA, South San Diego. From the opening bell, the intensity was there and then came the unfortunate stoppage after Garcia complained that his hand had been hurt. The physician on staff examined the wrist/hand injury and ruled in favor of an immediate stoppage.

(right) Sergio Ramos of the Bound Boxing Academy has his arm raised in victory by referee Hondo Fontane after Mario Garcia was forced to pull out of the contest. The winner of this bout, scored a TKO Injury, Sergio Ramos.

They say a job is easy as long as you have the right tools. Once Bout #6 between 10-year-olds Kevin Perales (89 lbs., red gloves) from the National City CYAC and Giovanni Van Rosendale (93 lbs., blue gloves) from the Backyard Boxing Club, Vista began, the punches started landing at a record pace. At that point, you know the judges must have been regretting the day USA Amateur Boxing did away with their clickers to track punches. Perales’ motivation? He wanted to make an impression in his debut. Van Rosendale’s motivation? It’s a tradition at the Backyard Boxing Club, you throw hands like you’re fighting off a swarm of bees.

Kevin Perales (blue) of the National City CYAC made certain to exceed the output of his adversary Giovanni Van Rosendale (red) and as a result, referee Will White issued Van Rosendale not one, but two standing 8-counts.

Kevin Perales (l) of the National City CYAC has his arm raised in victory by referee Will White after the defeat of Giovanni Van Rosendale (r).

Bout #7 featured 16-year-old Raymond Ramos (141 lbs.) from the Bound Boxing Academy, Chula Vista going up against 15-year-old Carlos Garcia (138 lbs.) from the Jackie Nava Boxing Gym, Tijuana in what turned out to be “the Fight of the Night”.

Raymond Ramos (red) from the Bound Boxing Academy and Carlos Garcia (blue) from the Jackie Nava Gym learned the hard way about the benefits of using the jab. Throughout their bout, both were on the receiving end of haymakers, uppercuts and more than a few big overhand rights.

In the end, it was Carlos Garcia, the pride and joy of the Jackie Nava Gym, having his arm raised in victory by referee Will White after his defeat of the popular, local favorite Raymond Ramos of the host gym, Bound Boxing.

Remember their names, (l to r) Carlos Garcia and Raymond Ramos. Before long, you will be seeing these gents in the professional ranks.

Bout #8 featured 14-year-old Esteban Julian “Mexican” Rojas (100 lbs., an Open boxer) from the Bound Boxing Academy going up against 14-year-old Jose Salas (102 lbs., Open boxer) from the Jackie Nava Boxing Gym, Tijuana. In this one Salas proved to be the more accomplished of the two. He waited for Rojas to throw a punch, then countered with the more meaningful combinations. As always “The Mexican” showed his toughness and went the distance while being subjected to the boisterous Tijuana partisans who not only cheered in unison after each Salas punch, they also added situational commentary in hopes of swaying the judges, “¡Dárselo a él, Eso es! Eso! Eso!”    

(bottom, right) At the conclusion of Bout #8, referee Andrew Moreno raises the arm of the victorious Jose Salas from the Jackie Nava Gym in Tijuana after it was announced he had won a unanimous decision over Julian “Mexican” Rojas from the Bound Boxing Academy, Chula Vista, Calif.

In Bout #9, 16 year-old Steve Rios (115 lbs., blue gloves, 8 bouts) from Backyard Boxing, Oceanside, gave his opponent 15-year-old Mario Salas from The Arena (119 lbs., 6 bouts, red) a boxing lesson.

At the conclusion of Bout #9 we see referee Hondo Fontane raising the arm of the victorious Steve Rios after his defeat of Mario Salas.

In Bout #10 it was 18-year-old Brandon Cruz (131 lbs., an Open boxer, red gloves) from the Bound Boxing Academy taking on 19 year-old Ernesto Martinez (135 lbs., an Open boxer, blue gloves) from the Undisputed Downtown Gym, San Diego, Calif. After the more experienced Martinez took round one, back came Cruz to take both rounds two and three. Simply put, it appeared Martinez had run out of gas.

On hand to make the presentation of the belt was Eric Puente. It’s been rumored young Mr. Puente will soon be signing a contract with an obscure local promoter by the name of Oscar De La Hoya of Golden Boy Promotions.

Bout #11 had 16 year-old Joe Corral (132 lbs., red gloves) from the Jackie Nava Gym going up against 17 year-old Mario Ramos (131 lbs., an Open boxer, blue gloves) from the Bound Boxing Academy. Fighting out of the same southpaw stance and having a ton more experience, Ramos had little difficulty with the shorter Corral who will most likely regroup and want a return match.

In the feature attraction, Bout #12 they had 17 year-old Brandon Ruiz (123 lbs.) from the Mariscal Boxing Club, Tijuana, taking on 17 year-old Jorge Chavez (121 lbs.) from the National City CYAC, both quality boxers with more than a fair share of victories.

Tijuana amateur, Brandon Ruiz, lowers his hands and favors a wide stance. You have to have mighty quick hands, similar to Floyd Mayweather Jr., to lower them to this level. Still, Ruiz did more than enough to gain the victory. Of course, there’s a strong possibility we will see a rematch. Not to offer an excuse for Mr. Chavez, but he is scheduled to report Sunday, March 19th in Albuquerque, New Mexico for the on-site check-in for the start of the 2017 USA Amateur Boxing Western Elite Qualifier and Regional Open Championships. Perhaps, Chavez was looking passed this show or may have been holding back somewhat in order to avoid a cut or injury before the more important Regional Tournament.


After his victory over Chavez, Brandon Ruiz (c) poses for a photo with his proud parents, sister and coach Mariscal.

Bout #13 featured 11-year-olds Alejandro Bastidas (85 lbs., 6 bouts, red gloves) from the Bound Boxing Academy taking on Antonio Padilla (88 lbs., blue gloves) currently unattached.

At the conclusion of Bout #13, we see referee Andrew Moreno raising the arm of the victorious Alejandro Bastidas (r) of the Bound Boxing Academy who managed to outwork the game Antonio Padilla (l).

In Bout #14, it was 21 year-old Richard Godoy (138 lbs., blue gloves) from the Bound Boxing Academy taking on 26 year-old Brian Dominguez (141 lbs.) who now trains at Undisputed Fitness Downtown, San Diego, Calif. In this one, it was Godoy who landed more of the solid punches and made better use of his leverage to make them count. Still, it was a very entertaining bout and Dominguez put up quite a fight. He also learned it’s not such a great idea to poke fun at your opponent’s punching power. What happened was Dominguez got hit shortly after being issued a standing 8-count and then play acted, clowned around, about the severity of the blow. He wobbled his head as if Godoy had just delivered a knockout blow. Not having the best view of the punch, the ref immediately jumped in to stop the action and deliver a second standing 8-count. It’s likely the jokester will refrain, think twice before clowning around in the future.   

After the awesome battle between Brian Dominguez of Undisputed Fitness and Richard Godoy of the Bound Boxing Academy, we see referee Hondo Fontane attaching the winner’s belt around Richard Godoy’s waist.

USA Amateur Boxing volunteers pose for a photo at the end of the show. Where would USA Amateur Boxing be without these selfless individuals.

Next up on the docket is the April 1, 2017, 1 p.m. show at the One Training Center in Spring Valley. See you there.

If anyone needs a copy of the 2017 Western Elite Qualifier & Regional Open Championships roster, here it is. Representatives of LBC 44 are in bold type. This is an OPEN tournament to males and females in the following divisions – PeeWee, Bantam, Intermediate, Junior, Youth, Elite. The West and East Coast Qualifying Tournaments will provide the pathway for the top two elite male and female boxers in each weight category to compete in the 2017 Elite National Championships in December.  

Elite Female

106 lbs. (48kg)

Jazzelle Bobadilla – Ewa Beach, HI

Kayla Ann Carvalho – Hillsboro, OR

Sarah Dawson – Houston, TX

Veronica Rodriguez – Horizon, TX

Mia Valadez – Los Angeles, CA

112 lbs. (51kg)

Dacia Jacquez – Bloomfield, NM

Kristyn Juarez – Los Angeles, CA

Monica Lazalde – Kearns, UT

Maryguenn Vellinga – Heber City, UT

125 lbs. (57kg)

Elyza Peralta – Los Lunas, NM

Rianna Rios – Colorado Springs, CO

Brittany Sims – Salem, OR

132 lbs. (60kg)

Rachel Etcitty – Round Rock, AZ

Olivia Fisher – Ypsilanti, MI

141 lbs. (64kg)

Dominique Barrios – Racine, WI

Jessica Bridge – Albuquerque, NM

Whitney Gomez – Herriman, UT

Jajaira Gonzalez – Fort Carson, CO

Kim Putzier – St. Cloud, MN

Annalicia Sustaita – Houston, TX

152 lbs. (69kg)

Naomi Graham – Colorado Springs, CO

165 lbs. (75kg)

Melissa Ausilio – Sacramento, CA

Elite Male

114 lbs. (52kg)

John Atiles – Cypress, TX

Timothy Longoria – Palacios, TX

123 lbs. (56kg)

Michael Angeletti – Spring, TX

Tayden Beltran – Huntington Beach, CA

Sean Brewer – Cedar Park, TX

Dominique Crowder – New York, NY

Isaac Martinez – Las Vegas, NV

David Perez – Oklahoma City, OK

Matthew Searle – Salt Lake City, UT

Christian Sullivan – Casa Grande, AZ

Erik West – Indio, CA

Charles Williams – Colorado Springs, CO

132 lbs. (60kg)

Brandon Cruz – Bound Boxing Academy, Chula Vista, CA

Jalen Gibson – Rock Springs, WY

Tyler Herberger – Old School Boxing, San Diego, CA

James Hernandez – Ft Worth, TX

Joseph Macedo – Las Vegas, NV

Pablo Melgar – Los Angeles, CA

Kevin Otero – Euless, TX

Hector Rendon – Tacoma, WA

Jemiah Richards – Kountze, TX

William Rodriguez – Las Vegas, NV

David Sample Jr. – Las Vegas, NV

141 lbs. (64kg)

Trey Alexander – Colorado Springs, CO

Marcell Davidson – Kansas City, KS

Nino Delgado – Anchorage, AK

Marcus Ewing – Los Lunas, NM

Arnold Gonzalez – New York, NY

Ismael Gutierrez – Herriman, UT

Joe James – St. Cloud, MN

D’angelo Keyes – Houston, TX

Carlos Padilla – Spanish Fork, UT

Wrylee Padilla – Rock Springs, WY

Israel Rodriguez – Humble, TX

Charlie Sheehy – Brisbane, CA

Jonathan Sledge – Brooklyn, NY

Anthony Zavala – Bellflower, CA

152 lbs. (69kg)

Kaleb Anderson – Sandy, UT

Joshua Anton – Palmdale, CA

Joey Borrero – Las Vegas, NV

Daijon Carter – Las Vegas, NV

Marcus Davidson – Kansas City, KS

Anthony Franco-Rodriguez – The Arena, Point Loma, CA

Mario Gonzalez – Hobbs, NM

Lucio Hirales – Brawley, CA

Issac Luna – El Paso, TX

Trini Ochoa – Mesa, AZ

Falah Salem – South San Francisco, CA

Alexander Thiel – Las Vegas, NV

Daeshawn Williams – Colorado Springs, CO

165 lbs. (75kg)

Nikita Ababiy – Brooklyn, NY

Herschel Andrews – Lancaster, TX

Trenton Collins – Houston, TX

Miguel Delgado – Albuquerque, NM

Cristian Escobedo – Denver, CO

Anthony Flores – Austin, TX

Miguel Hernandez – Dallas, TX

Joseph Hicks – Lansing, MI

Joeshon James – Dixon, CA

Zaquan Peterkin – Las Vegas, NV

Raul Salomon – Long Beach, CA

Austin Williams – Fresno, TX

178 lbs. (81kg)

Christopher Berven – San Francisco, CA

Edel Gomez – Fremont, NE

Mario Hernandez – Sparks, NV

Kiante Irving – Ambridge, PA

Suray Mahmutovic – Vallejo, CA

Halatoa Piutau – Herriman, UT

201 lbs. (91kg)

Joshua Bahe – Chinle, AZ

Matthew Mollet – Port Orchard, WA

Sardius Simmons – Flint, MI

Jared Thomas – Longview, TX

Adrian Tillman – Colorado Springs, CO

201+ lbs. (91+kg)

Cam Awesome – Lenexa, KS

Eric Briggs – Fresno, TX

Jesse Cervantes – Colorado Springs, CO

Michael Graves – Las Vegas, NV

Youth Female

106 lbs. (48kg)

Amy Salinas – Mesquite, NM

112 lbs. (51kg)

Heaven Garcia – El Monte, CA

125 lbs. (57kg)

Destiny Jasso – Dallas, TX

Aiyonan Williams – Kirtland, NM

132 lbs. (60kg)

Jessica Juarez – Gamez Boxing, Chula Vista, CA

Andrea Medina – Bound Boxing Academy, Chula Vista, CA

152 lbs. (69kg)

Nayrija Yellowman – Shiprock, NM

165lbs (75kg)

Sharahaya Moreu – Albuquerque, NM

Youth Male

108 lbs. (49kg)

Anthony Bustillos – Albuquerque, NM

Fernando Garcia – Conroe, TX

Aaron Lopez – Land O Lakes, FL

Breenan Macias – Goodyear, AZ

Isaac Martinez – Conroe, TX

Cuauhtemoc Vega – Colorado Springs, CO

114 lbs. (52kg)

Diego Alvarez – South Ogden, UT

Jorge Carlos – Olathe, KS

Sean Garcia – Victorville, CA

Aron Hernandez – Fort Worth, TX

Abraham Perez – Albuquerque, NM

Brian Velasquez – Phoenix, AZ

123 lbs. (56kg)

Myron Bridges – Surprise, AZ

Rajon Chance – East Orange, NJ

Jorge Chavez – National City CYAC, National City, CA

Anthony Garnica – Oakland, CA

Ronnell Johnson – Columbus, OH

Japhethlee Llamido – Norwalk, CA

Braxton Lowry – Waianae, HI

Santos Ortega – La Quinta, CA

Michael Pavelko – Albquerque, NM

Brian Shelledy – Artesia, CA

Nes jr Tiburcio – Honolulu, HI

132 lbs. (60kg)

Shavale Johnson – Columbus, OH

Joshua Pagan – Grand Rapids, MI

Oscar Perez – Houston, TX

Mario Ramos – bound Boxing Academy, Chula Vista, CA

Isayah Smith – Duluth, MN

Jose Vasquez – Stockton, CA

Carlos Velasquez – Phoenix, AZ

Terrence Williams – New Port Richey, FL

Christopher Zavala – Bellflower, CA

141 lbs. (64kg)

Richard Dozal – Deming, NM

Bre’yon Gorham – Houston, TX

Omar Juarez – Brownsville, TX

Lazaro Lorenzana – One Training Center, Spring Valley, CA

Marcelino Martinez – Albuquerque, NM

Jaquan McElroy – Flint, MI

Enmanuel Rojas – Las Vegas, NV

Isaac Rosales – Oakland, CA

Ulisses Urbina – Phoenix, AZ

Salvador Vasquez – Stockton, CA

Michael Jackson – Farmington, NM

152 lbs. (69kg)

Israel Alvarez – Spokane, WA

Jojit Butay-Fillon – Las Vegas, NV

Luis Carbajal – Cypress, TX

Isaac Chapa, Jr. – Rockwall, TX

Alex Donis – Cypress, TX

Rafael Medina – Houston, TX

Jaydon Vigil – Lakewood, CO

Uriel Villanueva – Santa Ana, CA

Thomas Wu – Arcadia, CA

165 lbs. (75kg)

Derrick Colemon – Detroit, MI

Ruben Gonzales – Tolleson, AZ

David Kaminsky – Reseda, CA

Christian Torres – Denver, CO

178 lbs. (81kg)

Alexis Espino – Las Vegas, NV

Daniel Gates – Dyersburg, TN

201 lbs. (91kg)

Angel Young – Gilbert, AZ

201+ lbs. (91+kg)

Drake Banks – Shawnee, KS

Ethan Hailey – Stark City, MO

Junior Female

101 lbs. (46kg)

Jolene Bottini – Los Lunas, NM

Neildra Harvey – Round Rock, AZ

Rosario Hernandez – San Bernardino, CA

Estrellita Iturralde – Los Lunas, NM

110 lbs. (50kg)

Lilly Keating – Phoenix, AZ

119 lbs. (54kg)

Alexandra Fernandez – Splendora, TX

Gabriela Fundora – Coachella Boxing, Coachella, CA

Sarah Garrison – Rock Springs, WY

Nayeli Rodriguez – Horizon, TX

125 lbs. (57kg)

Estrella Lucero – Albuquerque, NM

138 lbs. (63kg)

Jasmin Fernandez – Splendora, TX

154 lbs. (70kg)

Aiyahnah Burke – Pikesville, MD

Junior Male

90 lbs. (41kg)

Izak Carlos – Olathe, KS

Ray Johnson – Whittier, CA

95 lbs. (43kg)

Justice Barrios – Brooklyn, NY

Tanner Gurule – Riverton, UT

Juan Medina – Bound Boxing Academy, Chula Vista, CA

101 lbs. (46kg)

Richard Archuleta – Gallup, NM

James Avila – Colorado Springs, CO

Sirilo Bermudez – Lansing, MI

Patrick Cody – Spokane, WA

Jose Gonzalez – Hillsboro, OR

Xavier Montoya – Colorado Springs, CO

Braden Reed – Dyersburg, TN

Esteban Julian “Mexican” Rojas – Bound Boxing Academy, Chula Vista, CA

106 lbs. (48kg)

Anthony Cabanyog – Phoenix, AZ

Daniel Luna – Victorville, CA

Rolyn Nez – Farmington, NM

David Rodriguez – Dallas, TX

Floyd Schofield – Marietta, GA

Alfred Vargas – unattached, San Diego, CA

110 lbs. (50kg)

Keith Colon – Newark, NJ

Samuel Cosio – Kansas City, MO

Omar Estrada – Hillsboro, OR

Ricardo Garcia – Adelanto, CA

Steve Johnson – East Palo Alto, CA

Victor Ruiz – Surprise, AZ

D’Angelo Sanchez – Las Cruces, NM

Jalen Walker – Gardena, CA

114 lbs. (52kg)

James Bahe – Chinle, AZ

Maximus Castro – Phoenix, AZ

Santiago Giron – Albuquerque, NM

Joseph Lajeuenesse – Albuquerque, NM

German Lopez – Arlington, TX

Ernesto Mercado – Pomona, CA

Jesus Montano – Las Vegas, NV

Jalen Moore – Irving, TX

Maximus Moya – Albuquerque, NM

Adan Palma – The Arena, Point Loma, San Diego, CA

Jeremiah Perales – Omaha, NE

Garrett Rice – Flint, MI

119 lbs. (54kg)

Breeon Carothers Jr – Racine, WI

Serjio Duran – Farmington, NM

Christopher Gonzalez – Houston, TX

Wilver Hernandez – Kansas City, KS

Vito Mielnicki – Roseland, NJ

Alex Moreno – Gilbert, AZ

Matthew Reyes – Farmington, NM

Angelo Torres – Longmont, CO

125 lbs. (57kg)

Jose Campos – Longmont, CO

Ram Gandara – Houston, TX

Daniel Garcia – Westminster, CO

Keeton Robinson – Glenn Heights, TX

Eddie Robles – Kansas City, KS

Leonardo Rodriguez – Bloomfield, NM

Luis Joe Ybarra, – Colorado Springs, CO

132 lbs. (60kg)

Aaron Aponte – Hialeah, FL

Juliano Castellano – Spring Hill, FL

Gil Garcia – Los Angeles, CA

Sergio Martinez – Mills, WY

Rodolfo Sauzameda – Los Lunas, NM

138lbs (63kg)

Hakeem Antoine – Atlanta, GA

Elija Martinez – Kirtland, NM

Jesus Ramos – Casa Grande, AZ

Josue Reyes – Albuquerque, NM

145lbs (66kg)

Oscar Cordero – El Monte, CA

Angel Munoz – El Centro, CA

Brendon Torres – Denver, CO

154 lbs.(70kg)

Jay Deleon – Dallas, TX

165 lbs. (75kg)

Bryce Edwards – Muldrow, OK

176+ lbs. (80+kg)

Otoniel Escobar – Albuquerque, NM

Intermediate Female

80 lbs. (36kg)

Jenny Delaluz – El Paso, TX

Yesenia Hernandez – Fort Worth, TX

85 lbs. (39kg)

Mariah Bahe – Chinle, AZ

Jackaline Garcia – Rawlins, WY

90 lbs. (41kg)

Roselinda Harvey – Round Rock, AZ

95 lbs. (43kg)

Lizbeth Garcia – Rawlins, WY

Paige Gilbert – Midwest, WY

Yoseline Perez – Houston, TX

Lorena Ramirez – Cleveland, TX

Kayla Rico – Los Angeles, CA

Easton Ring – Wheatland, WY

101 lbs. (46kg)

Monica Garcia – Rawlins, WY

Jewry Rodriguez – Humble, TX

114 lbs. (52kg)

Ariana Carrasco – Las Cruces, NM

Marisol Denogean – Deming, NM

Alisha Ricks – Aiea, HI

Reina Tellez – San Antonio, TX

119 lbs. (54kg)

Melissa Holguin – San Antonio, TX

Aaliyah Mendez – Houston, TX

132 lbs. (60kg)

Sativa James – Dixon, CA

138 lbs. (63kg)

Victoria McCullough – Colorado Springs, CO

Intermediate Male

80 lbs. (36kg)

Yahir Calderon – Kansas City, KS

Akeem Cheatham – Las Vegas, NV

Daniel Mercado – Pomona, CA

Steven Navarro – Los Angeles, CA

85 lbs. (39kg)

Garret Palmer – Mount Morris, MI

Seyer Reyes – San Antonio, TX

Colin Tuilevuka – Provo, UT

Luis Vasquez – Stockton, CA

90 lbs. (41kg)

Samuel Contreras – Palmdale, CA

Ramon Guzman – Albuquerque, NM

Pedro Tejada – Rialto, CA

95 lbs. (43kg)

Eladio Castillo – Albuquerque, NM

Leonardo Rubalcava – Whitter, CA

Emiliano Vargas – Las Vegas, NV Son of the great Fernando Vargas. He last fought at The Arena

101 lbs. (46kg)

Diego Luna – Bound Boxing Academy, Chula Vista, CA

Victor Ordonez – Newark, NJ

Francisco Sauzameda – Los Lunas, NM

Dominick Vega – Coachella, CA

106 lbs. (48kg)

Butch Bottini – Los Lunas, NM

Ricardo Gonzalez – Racine, WI

Joel Iriarte – Bakersfield, CA

110 lbs. (50kg)

Johnathan Gonzalez – Houston, TX

Moroni Hale – Minot, ND

Trinidad Vargas – Grand Prairie, TX

114 lbs. (52kg)

Miklo Arnold – Hillsboro, OR

Isaiah Garcia – Adelanto, CA

Jalil Hackett – Washington, DC

125 lbs. (57kg)

Nathan Lugo – Marietta, GA

Maximino Sanchez – Arlington, TX

132 lbs. (60kg)

Cam’Ron Patton – Paris, TN

Juan Velazquez – Duncanville, TX

Bantam Female

60 lbs. (27kg)

Natalie Martinez – El Paso, TX

70 lbs (32kg)

Ivy Enriquez – El Paso, TX

Starr Henry – Colorado Springs, CO

Teagan Reed – Dyersburg, TN

75 lbs. (34kg)

Sa’rai Brown-El – Atlanta, GA

Yaneli Muratalla Prado – Dallas, TX

90 lbs. (41kg)

Gabriela Tellez – San Antonio, TX

132 lbs. (60kg)

Casiphia Arnold – Hillsboro, OR

Bantam Male

60 lbs. (27kg)

Caesar Gonzalez – Hillsboro, OR

Yovanni Guevara – Longmont, CO

Keith Jordan – San Francisco, CA

Miguel Montalvo – El Paso, TX

65 lbs. (29kg)

Alejandro Castillo – Albuquerque, NM

Andrew Corona – Laveen, AZ

Dominik Marquez – Albuquerque, NM

Jacob Rodriguez – Humble, TX

70 lbs (32kg)

Francisco Cruz Jr – El Monte, CA

Lorenzo Garcia – Westminster, CO

Curmel Moton – Las Vegas, NV

75 lbs. (34kg)

Adrian Cisneros – Albuquerque, NM

Damian Flores – Ceres, CA

Rayquon Gardner – Flint, MI

Gabriel Gomez – Bloomfield, NM

Samuel Hale – Minot, ND

Yoruba Moreu – Albuquerque, NM

Iram Sanchez – Odessa, TX

80 lbs. (36kg)

Jamil Cheatham – Las Vegas, NV

Ronny Edmonds – Nashville, TN

Jared Mendez – Houston, TX

Andrew Perez – Albuquerque, NM

85 lbs (39kg)

Isaiha Cervantes – Longmont, CO

Dominic Jones – Lansing, MI

Kaleb Medina – Las Vegas, NM

Martin Mendoza – La Salle, CO

Troy Nash – Colorado Springs, CO

Jackson Nez – Farmington, NM

Jaime Ramirez – Cleveland, TX

90 lbs. (41kg)

Elijah Lugo – Marietta, GA

Ezekiel Martinez – Kirtland, NM

Aaron Soriano – Albuquerque, NM

95 lbs. (43kg)

Alfredo Gonzalez – Racine, WI

Marco Romero – Olathe, KS

Amery Williams – Kirtland, NM

Pee Wee 9-10

50 lbs. (23kg)

Taylor Henry – Colorado Springs, CO

55 lbs. (25kg)

Joscelyn Olayo-Munoz – Las Cruces, NM

60 lbs. (27kg)

Zachary Godines – Rock Springs, WY

Brady Ochoa – Gilbert, AZ

65 lbs. (29kg)

Andre Flores – Ceres, CA

Donovan Garcia – Thornton, CO

Ezariah Garcia – San Antonio, TX

Gracen Hoopii – Bound Boxing Academy, Chula Vista, CA

70 lbs. (32kg)

Jermaine Nez – Farmington, NM

75 lbs. (34kg)

Victor Rodriguez – Colorado Springs, CO

95 lbs. (43kg)

Anthony Romero – Albuquerque, NM

Pee Wee 8

50 lbs. (23kg)

Lorenzo Cerrillo – Albuquerque, NM

Ka’vonte James – El Paso, TX

65 lbs. (29kg)

Daniel Zaragoza – Gallup, NM

119 lbs. (54kg)

Jernee Padilla – Rock Springs, WY

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