Friday Night Fights (2-7-20) at the Bound Boxing Academy

No doubt the majority of USA Amateur Boxing shows are exciting to watch. And while it takes a large staff of well-schooled volunteers/professionals to include the medical profession, to make certain each show is run safely, there’s always going to be that one match which flirts with a possible injury. Nevertheless, you have all these supporters, week-in and week-out, month after month, year after year supporting the sport. And why is that? Yes, it’s action-packed, thrilling to watch, an adrenaline rush, it improves one’s physique through the maintenance of the proper diet and exercise, and at the same time it channels an athlete’s aggression, builds character, develops their confidence, while requiring an athlete to maintain their self-control and show good sportsmanship.

All of the above benefits were on display Friday evening, February 7, 2020, at the latest and greatest Bound Boxing Academy “Friday Night Fights” USA Amateur Boxing show which was of course in the capable hands of the show’s master of ceremonies Abel Guzman.

In Bout #1, it was 12-year-old Ivan Sifuentes (93 lbs.) from the host gym, the Bound Boxing Academy of Chula Vista (right) out scoring 12-year-old Damian Martinez (left) (93 lbs.) from F.I.G.H.T.S. (Faith in God Heals Troubled Souls) Boxing Program of San Bernardino, Calif.

As a bonus, the youngsters had an opportunity to meet and have their photo taken with former boxing standout Jose Armando Santa Cruz, the former World Lightweight Champ plus brother of Leo “El Terremoto” Santa Cruz, the World Super Featherweight Champ.

In Bout #2, it was 14-year-old Dante Hernandez (117 lbs.) from the Bound Boxing Academy (r) battling 13-year-old Dawson Martinez (116 lbs.) from the same F.I.G.H.T.S. (Faith in God Heals Troubled Souls) Boxing Program.

After getting the nod from the judges, it was Dante Hernandez (right) being presented the Championship belt..
In Bout #3 it was 11-year-old Josh Alvarado (66 lbs.) (right) from the Bound Boxing Academy doing battle with 9-year-old Hayden Hoopii (67 lbs.) from the Bomber Squad Academy of El Cajon. After his victory, we see Hoopii having his arm raised by referee Dana Kaplan.

Once again, former boxer extraordinaire Jose Armando Santa Cruz, the former World Lightweight Champ, joins the young boxers at center ring for the celebration of Hayden Hoopii’s victory.

In Bout #4, it was 14-year-old Steven Gutierrez (right) (112 lbs.) from the Bound Boxing Academy taking on 15-year-old Jonathan Ramirez (113 lbs.) from the Savage Boxing Team of Vista, Calif. of whom we were advised to pay close attention.
With Jonathan Ramirez being a force to be reckoned with, it wasn’t long before Steven Gutierrez was being issued a standing 8-count by referee Dana Kaplan.
While waiting for the judges’ decision, Jonathan Ramirez (left) offers his opponent Steven Gutierrez (right) a fist pump.
On all sides of Jonathan Ramirez, the announced winner of Bout #4, we show you one of the opposing coaches clapping, the anxious Belt presenter, plus the microphone of the Master of Ceremonies just before the jubilant Jonathan Ramirez is presented his winning belt.
Most people began to wonder, shake their heads, who is this guy to get so much attention?
Better to be safe than sorry, this photographer continued his quest to get the very best photos of Jonathan Ramirez as his coach plus close friends gathered around for yet another photo of their mate from the Rhino’s Boxing Gym in Vista, Calif. Interesting but rancor provoking T-shirt worn by the youngster (front row, right), which states: HATERS MAKE ME GREATER.
Bout #5 featured 12-year-old (84 lbs.) Juan Ramirez from the Bound Boxing Academy (right) taking on 12-year-old (80 lbs.) Dallas Martinez from the F.I.G.H.T.S Boxing Program (left). In this slugfest, it was Martinez’s better defense and head movement that insured the victory.
Up goes the arm of the victorious Dallas Martinez.
Meanwhile, in a show of good sportsmanship, Juan Ramirez (right) continues to give Dallas Martinez his proper due by clapping for him.
Once again, the youngsters get to have their photo taken with the former champ Jose Armando Santa Cruz, the older brother of Leo “El Terremoto” Santa Cruz.
In Bout #6, it was 16-year-old (130 lbs.) Oscar Barrera (right) from the Mariscal Boxing Club of Tijuana taking on 15-year-old (134 lbs.) Franklin Garcia (l) from Vista Boxing. Using his jab seemed to be a rarity for Garcia who went more with the single blasts. While Barrera may have used more combinations, he still wasn’t as busy as his opponent.
Awaiting the decision, you couldn’t help but see the feelings of anxiety on both their faces.
Oh yeah! It is not known for sure but it did appear Franklin Garcia (left) had indeed touched the ceiling after learning of his victory over the now dejected Oscar Barrera.
Once again, Jose Armando Santa Cruz takes part in the belt and medal presentation to young boxers Franklin Garcia (left) and Oscar Barrera (right).
At this point, the show went to intermission which is usually the best time to survey the crowd for either a celebrity or two or to get that one of a kind photo of the most photogenic baby or toddler. This is when you usually hear a parent make the claim: “Sorry, but there’s no contest. We’ve got the most beautiful baby ever.” That’s when a savvy photographer fires back with: “That may be true, but aside from the most precious, we’re also seeking the most comical and fashionable.”

This proud papa often hears, “Oh, she’s so adorable! Tu bebe es preciosa!”

To take the guesswork out of your search for the very best baby formula, we recommend you should solicit the help of this handsome connoisseur.
Bout #7: At the conclusion of their hard fought battle in , the two combatants await the judges’ decision.
After their hard fought battle it was the blue corner coming away with the victory.
(l to r) We have referee Andrew Moreno, the current President of LBC 44 Cal Border, the winner of Bout #7, his opponent , plus former Champ, now trainer Jose Armando Santa Cruz.
At the conclusion of Bout #8, 11-year-olds Madden Huertas 68 lbs. (right) from the United Boxing Gym of Chula Vista and Cayson Aquino (72 lbs.) from the Alliance Training Center of Chula Vista, Calif. awaiting the judges’ decision after their hard fought, nonstop battle.
After the announcement of Madden Huertas’ victory, good sport that he is, we see Cayson Aquino (left) applauding Huertas’ victory.
Before leaving the ring Cayson Aquino (left) and the victorious Madden Huertas (right) have an opportunity to have their photo taken with the guest of honor Jose Armando Santa Cruz (28-5, 17 KOs), the older brother of World Champion Leo Santa Cruz. Jose is the former Interim WBC World Lightweight Title holder, who in his day battled such greats as Zab Judah, Joel Casamayor and David Diaz.
At the conclusion of Bout #9, a battle Royale, the 23-year-old Tyler Connelly of the Savage Boxing Team of Vista (left) and 19-year-old Roberto Huerta of the Mariscal Boxing Club of Tijuana await the judges’ decision with referee Andrew Moreno.
Upon the announcement of his win, up goes the arm of the victorious Tyler Connelly.
In good spirits we see left to right, LBC 44 Cal Border President Andrew Moreno, our winner Tyler Connelly, Jose Armando Santa Cruz, and finally Roberto Huerta.
Once again, the victorious Savage Boxing Team gathers for another group photo.
At the conclusion of Bout #10, another hard fought battle, we see veteran referee Dana Kaplan standing between 16-year-olds Pedro Arenas (172 lbs.) from United Boxing San Diego and Angel Perez (177 lbs.) from the Savage Boxing Team of Vista, Calif.
In the end, up went the arm of Pedro Arenas, the winner of the hard fought Bout #10.
Before leaving the building, we had to get one last photo of this group that called themselves the “Savage” Boxing Team who trains at the Rhino’s Boxing Gym in Vista, Calif. Beware!
At the conclusion of Bout #11, we see referee Andrew Moreno raising the arms of both 16-year-old Adrik Bohon (139 lbs.) of San Diego’s United Boxing and 17-year-old Anthony Cuba (137 lbs.) from Temecula Boxing.
In the end, the judges had Anthony Cuba (right) from Temecula Boxing out-pointing Adrik Bohon (left) from San Diego’s United Boxing to earn the belt.
Before leaving center ring we had an opportunity to get one last photo of the winner Anthony Cuba (r) and his rival Adrik Bohon (c) with our LBC 44 President Andrew Moreno.
In Bout #12, they had the 13-year-old Manuel Leivas (97 lbs.) of Temecula Boxing (right) going up against 12-year-old Oscar Ramirez (left) (95 lbs.) from the National City CYAC.
After getting off to a better start in Round one with Ramirez being issued a standing 8-count, you could see Leivas was a tad better at managing his offensive output despite one noticeable surge by Ramirez in round two. In the end, the winner of Bout #12 was Manuel Leivas (right) from Temecula Boxing who as we said did a better job of controlling this contest.
In Bout #13 we had 21-year-old Somo Rockman (148 lbs.) from RSD Boxing in Spring Valley, Calif. going up against 19-year-old Nathaniel Marshall (149 lbs.) from Temecula Boxing.
This bout was another outstanding scrap with both men throwing some solid leather. In the end, it was Somo Rockman (left) coming away with the victory.
Next time out, we have to make sure we get a photo of the ultra casual Mr. Rockman without that protruding mouthpiece.

The final bout, Bout #14, was their Main Event of the Evening, a heavyweight clash between the big guys, 18-year-old Adolfo Jimenez from Vista Boxing (weighing in at 213 lbs.) facing the 27-year-old Daniel Gallen (212 lbs.) from the Azteca Boxing Club of Bonita, Calif. where he is being trained by newly retired, former boxing standout Christopher Martin.

Here we see veteran referee Dana Kaplan going over his final instructions.
A quick starter, Daniel Gallen (right) wasted little time and went hard and fast at Adolfo Jimenez (left) with one big overhand right after another.
Soon Daniel Gallen landed that one big bomb and down went Jimenez as if he were following the Cassius Clay (Mohammad Ali) versus Sonny Liston script.
Looking down at Jimenez’s glazed eyes, referee Dana Kaplan could plainly see he was a bit delirious/discombobulated and immediately made the signal to stop the fight.
Clearly feeling a bit despondent, Adolfo Jimenez is shown having his gloves removed.
In the opposite corner, the mood was certainly a lot different.
Referee Dana Kaplan closes out the show with his final chore of the night that being the raising the arm of the victorious Daniel Gallen.

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