Floyd Mayweather Jr. living in a world of fast cars, fast cash, fast women

Riding and rallying apparel as recommended by top model Shantell Jackson.

In Vegas, they’re saying “Money” does talk especially when your name is Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr.  On Friday, January 6, 2012, the judge in the Josie Harris vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. court case agreed to postpone a jail sentence against the boxer who was found guilty in their domestic violence case. Why?


When convicted of a subsequent offense, Mister Happy Feet will be asking for an extension of his sentencing to be on a reunion episode of "Dancing with the Stars."

Because in four months, Mr. Mayweather may or may not be involved in a fight which may or may not make a lot of money against an as-yet unnamed opponent. His promotion company signed a contract to rent the MGM Grand Hall for a boxing show on May 5, 2012 and Mayweather, who runs ever facet of his promotion company wouldn’t be getting out of jail until April 6, 2012. This would only leave 29 days to prepare for the event. Don’t you know that when you’re in jail they keep you so busy with all sorts of activities.

With this unsupported claim, Mayweather’s attorney was able to convince the female judge it was more beneficial to society as a whole that his convicted client should roam free. Justice of the Peace Melissa Saragosa tipped the scales for Mayweather and allowed the pampered boxer to begin his 90-day jail sentence on June 1, 2012.

Mayweather’s lawyer, Richard Wright, estimated that Mayweather’s last seven fights in Las Vegas (single-handedly?) generated a combined $1 billion in business for the community. He then projected an economic boost from a May 5 fight at more than $100 million (which would apply only if Manny Pacquiao is his opponent).

"Money, money, money, money!" whatever it cost, I can buy it.

Now, how does that saying go? “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time,” so said Abraham Lincoln. Floyd Mayweather Jr. must be one of those guys who likes to debunk the old adages.

In an attempt to look hard nosed, Saragosa then ordered Mayweather to immediately enroll in a yearlong domestic violence counseling program, and noted that under her original sentence, Mayweather faces an additional three months in jail if he doesn’t comply. Mayweather must also complete 100 hours of community service and pay a $2,500 fine.

Credibility issues:

On Friday, the judge made no mention of the promise Mayweather’s lawyers made in court last month that the boxer would donate $100,000 by the end of the year to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast cancer research and support foundation in Las Vegas.

On Friday, Stephanie Kirby, one of the nonprofit’s executives stated that Mayweather’s lawyers had contacted the organization, but the donation had not been made.

This is your typical Las Vegas jail cell. There's no sign of any Cable TV, no HBO Championship Boxing, no ESPN Friday Night Fights, no Showtime Showbox. That's what you call cruel and unusual punishment.

Two weeks before that, Mayweather pleaded guilty to a reduced battery domestic violence charge and no contest to two harassment charges as part of a plea bargain that saw prosecutors drop felony and misdemeanor charges that could have gotten him 34 years in prison. As it was, the judge still could have sentenced Mayweather to 18 months in prison.

Authorities say the case stems from a hair-pulling, punching and arm-twisting argument with Josie Harris, the mother of three of Mayweather’s children, and threats to beat their sons in an argument about Harris dating one of Mayweather’s so-called friends.

All along Mayweather has been dating famous women and unknowns, yet he became enraged with his ex-girlfriend for finding someone else. It’s as though he wants to maintain a stable of women, where females are solely devoted to him. That night, he reportedly asked Harris if she was having sex with C. J. Watson a Chicago Bulls basketball player and she did not deny the claim. Mayweather flew into a rage and began threatening her. She called the police and he was removed from the property.

Josie Harris, now living in Los Angeles, is the mother of three of Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s children.

He returned hours later through the side door of his son’s bedroom. Mayweather is alleged to have pulled Harris out of bed by her hair, dragged her onto the floor, punched her in the head repeatedly and twisted her arm, attempting to break it. He did so, right in front of their children, who he threatened not to call the police. Neighbors heard her screams and police were summoned. Mayweather was then arrested on a domestic violence charge and for larceny, as he had taken Harris’ purse.

Josie Harris, now 31, lives in the Los Angeles area with the couple’s sons, now 12 and 10, and a daughter age 8.

On Friday, December 9, 2011, Mayweather’s current love interest, Shantell Jackson, who’s been showing her mug all over the internet, was showing off her new $2.5 million dollar engagement ring.

Manny Pacquiao currently has a defamation lawsuit pending in Las Vegas federal court against Mayweather stemming from statements that he made claiming Pacquiao was taking performance-enhancing drugs.

As part of a plea deal, Mayweather also pleaded no contest Dec. 30, 2011 to a misdemeanor harassment in a separate case stemming from a scuffle with a 21-year-old homeowner association security guard who claimed he was poked in the face during an argument about placing parking tickets on cars outside of Mayweather’s home.

He was convicted in 2002 of misdemeanor battery stemming from a fight with two women at a Las Vegas nightclub, received a suspended one-year jail sentence and was ordered to undergo impulse-control counseling. That case was overturned on appeal.

He was fined in Grand Rapids in February 2005 and ordered to perform community service after pleading no contest to a misdemeanor assault and battery for a bar fight.

He was acquitted by a Nevada jury in July 2005 of accusations he hit and kicked Harris during an argument outside a Las Vegas nightclub.

He was acquitted last October of misdemeanor allegations that he threatened two homeowner association security guards during a parking ticket argument separate from the one in November.

According to a Celebgalz.com report, Mayweather allegedly threatened to have the guards shot.

Mayweather also faces a civil lawsuit in state court in Las Vegas from two men who allege he orchestrated a shooting attack on them outside a skating rink in 2009. Police have never accused Mayweather of firing shots, and he has never been criminally charged in that case.

He is also on the hook for 40 hours of community service with the Las Vegas Habitat for Humanity Project under a South Carolina federal judge’s order for dodging a deposition in a music rights lawsuit. Habitat for Humanity has not heard from Mayweather, agency official Catherine Barnes said Friday.

On the various websites, the photos abound of parties and expensive cars.

On hand for Friday’s travesty of justice were the boxer’s manager and supporters, including rap star Lil’ Kim and R&B artist Ray J. Mayweather was seen leaving the courthouse area driving a new Bentley Mulsanne, which has a base price of around $290,000. Mayweather had recently posted photos of this luxury sedan on the Internet.

Mayweather, 34, who goes by the nickname “Money,” has earned upwards of $20 million for each of his two most recent fights. If and when the jail stint happens, it will be a first for Mayweather who more than anyone knows the value of a good lawyer.

Here’s hoping he’ll smarten up. Insiders have told me that’s not likely to happen, especially after he loses the majority of his money to the bookies, lawyers and the multitude of women in his life.


Evidence of his heavy betting can be seen on this Sports Book Ticket - this one is for a rather meager bet of $150,000 for a payback of $136,363.65.


This is the betting slip purchased on Christmas Eve showing that Floyd Mayweather Jr. has a lot of confidence in his NFL picks. It's for $400,000 on the San Francisco 49ers minus 1½ points in their game against Seattle. It has a payback of $347,826.10











Over the Christmas holidays, Mayweather flashed these two winning Sports Book tickets. The biggest problem with a gambler is they only mention the times they win. How often did Floyd Mayweather Jr. lose?

How many times has he been chasing his own money?

On Christmas Eve, Mayweather had a blood and guts victory and if you have the stomach for a heart pounding finish then I suggest you go to the NFL replay site for the highlights of the Seattle Seahawks versus San Francisco 49ers game of December 24, 2011.

Mind you, you are Floyd Mayweather Jr. and you have $400,000 bet on the San Francisco 49ers minus 1½ points to beat the Seattle Seahawks with the game being played at Seattle.

With around six minutes left in the game, the Seahawks score to go up 17-16. Your heart drops. Barring a miracle, you’re about to lose $400,000, almost ½ a million dollars on one stupid, meaningless football game. But no, your 49ers travel 41 yards sparked by an amazing 41 yard catch by Michael CrabtreeDavid Akers, the 49er kicker, then kicks his fourth field goal of the day, a 39-yarder with 2:57 left in the game to give San Francisco the lead. The score is now 19-17 and you’re up by a half a point. With 2:57 left, Seattle still has time to drive down field and score the winning field goal.

With Seattle on the move, a gentleman by the name of Larry Grant, a 49er linebacker seals the win by forcing a fumble by Tavaris Jackson which was recovered by teammate Donte Whitner with 1:07 left. If I’m Floyd Mayweather Jr., I will forever be remembering not only that Christmas Eve game but the gentlemen who in the closing minutes got me the win, the ½ point win to win $347,826.10. That’s what I call living on the edge.



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