Epic Fighting 39 line-up

With the 8 p.m. start time on Friday, August 24, Epic Fighting will be presenting their 39th show in this long-running Amateur MMA series. It goes without saying there will be another packed house of diehard MMA fans present and the promoter has a staggering 42 fighters chomping at the bit to show the crowd how well-schooled they are.


Over the past eight years, the Epic Fighting Matchmakers have sought to deliver these unique storylines and Friday’s show is no exception. It’s the times we live in. The most successful promoters attempt to mimic the Hollywood Studios, the nightly newscasters, as they seek out the best human interest stories and get their patrons immersed in each matchup. Movies, TV, the Nightly News, NPR, Netflix and Epic are all competing for your attention and are aware of your voracious appetite for non-fiction that’s shorter than a book but longer than a Donald Trump tweet. Here’s an example of that extra effort – “The Fearless females of Mexico.”

On February 16, 2018, at Epic Fighting 37 the promoter debuted Maria Jose “Leona” Favela a.k.a. Majo. She was their first female mixed martial artist from Mexico to face an American fighter in the Epic Fighting cage. Her opponent was the undefeated Laura Anderson, who nobody in the division wanted to face. The young lady from far away Mexico City did not hesitate and accepted the challenge. The match was considered a historical one since it opened the border to the many young fighters from Mexico who may have been intimidated by taking such a plunge. And now at Epic 39, there will be three additional female fighters who flew to Tijuana, Mexico and then crossed the border to make their U.S. debut. All have extensive experience in the Mexican MMA amateur league and all are looking forward to displaying these skills in the Epic Fighting cage. Their inspiration – Majo – who now enjoys a record of 3-1 and the scouts who keep touting her improvement state: “What can I tell ya, she just keeps getting better and better.”

The three ladies who came from afar to represent their Mexican gyms/teams include (l to r) Mariana Carolina Ruiz Avila, Andrea Ceballos and Ana Paulina Guerrero Villalobos.

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