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llllllll header 640 Epic 9-26-14September 26, 2014

Tonight’s the night: Epic Fighting 26 returns to the Four Points By Sheraton on Aero Drive for their 26th installment of the Epic Fighting Series which showcases some of the most gifted MMA fighters on their way to eventually competing in the professional ranks.

Leading up to that first bell, Epic Fighting has a special treat for their audience, a performance by the highly acclaimed “Melapelus” with singer Jovvan Meza, guitarist Larry Quintero, Joshua Meza on bass and Esteban Gallegos on drums. Melapelus’ addicted sounds feature a fusion of English/Spanish reggae cumbias and classic rock, a cross between Pink Floyd and Steel Pulse.The catchy lyrics of: “You make me feel so down” and “No quires mas,” and “the Mastermind,” will have everyone’s hips, shoulders and heads gyrating.lllll 640 reggae band

Then, stepping up to the plate to sing the National Anthem, they have Draeh Jirnae, the talented singer that blew everyone’s mind on American Idol. She’s so good people have already started drawing the comparisons with the greats Dionne Warwick, Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill and Roberta Flack. Her voice and delivery is truly a gift from God.

Draeh Jirnae, the talented singer that blew everyone’s mind on American Idol

Draeh Jirnae, the singing sensation from American Idol

Then, in the featured bouts of the night they have:

Bruce “Swift” Smith going up against Ryan Lilly in a Title Fight

Mike Thomas facing Mateusz “The Polish Assasin” Grudiziaz

and Diego “Crazy Eyes” Rivera of Victory MMA taking on top wrestler Anthony Peairs who has also developed a well grounded MMA game.

Storylines abound:

Also on the fight card is Harlem Dillon from the United Kingdom, a very young and talented kickboxer whose been undergoing a crash course in the ground game from his American coach and grappling legend Dean Lister. Dillion recently earned himself a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Dillon’s opponent is Andreu Mendoza from the Fight Academy in Canyon Country. He also has a blue belt in Jiu Jitsu with an additional two years of MMA experience. According to his team mates, “he has some serious hands”.

In his very first fight, the 24 year old featherweight, Christian Leon, made the highlight reel with his first round KO victory of Dale Soto. The startling outcome went viral and was picked up by the popular MMA radio show InsideMMA that features Kenny Rice and the legendary Bas Rutten. Leon, who trains out of The Arena, in San Diego is hoping to add another victory to his record with a win over Joshua Marer (0-3) from Team Fury. Check out the footage of that last victory.

The complete Fight Card:

Fight Card 1 640Fight Card 2 640Screen shot 2014-09-26 at 12.55.38 PM

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