Encinitas Fitness’ USA Boxing Show results: Part II

Hard luck story of Saturday or amazing comeback bout of the show had to be when Fernando Munoz (L) walked right into a KO punch thrown by Jehmon Norris (R) in the closing seconds of the final round in the final bout of the day. Photo: J. Wyatt

The breakdown of matches 11 through 18 on Saturday, February 18, 2012 at the Encinitas Fitness and Boxing Club in Encinitas, CA is as follows:


Luis "Hollywood" Enriquez (R) gets the win over Joshua De Paz (L) in their tightly contested Bout #11. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #11 featured 14 year-old Luis “Hollywood” Enriquez of the National City CYAC going up against 13 year-old Joshua De Paz of LA Sands Boxing Club, Los Angeles, CA.

Though much shorter, the scrappy De Paz held his ground and did well each time he got inside. He got in trouble when he started to backpedal and Enriquez caught him from a dozen different angles.

Gibran Perez (L) gets the well deserved victory over Lee Southard (R) in Bout #12. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #12 featured 27 year-old Lee Southard of the host gym, the Encinitas Fitness and Boxing Club, going up against 24 year-old Gibran Perez, of LA Boxing.

For whatever it’s worth, Southard proved he could take  Perez’s best punch because he was getting clocked repeatedly by right crosses and the straight rights. At one point, he was even walking directly into punches. Eventually, these jabs followed by the straight rights caught up with Southard and he was issued an eight count.

After their battle in Bout #13, Joseph Hernandez (R) and Tony Burnett (L) show their mutual respect. Referee Hondo Fontan looks on. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Proud dad, Joe Hernandez, gets a hug from his daughter after his victory on Saturday, Feb. 18, 2012 Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #13 featured lightweights 27 year-old Joseph Hernandez of Dojo Americano in Oceanside, CA, going up against 22 year-old Tony Burnett of the Encinitas Boxing Club.

Even though there was a lot of give and take early, the tide turned when Hernandez landed this big left hook near the close of round one. It was right on the money. The fact that he had more power behind his punches became evident when the referee stopped the bout to issue his eight count.

Hernandez is one of those boxers who is more than willing to take a blow just as long he gets to deliver two or three in response. That’s exactly how he got this win.

Joshua Mouton (L), the eventual winner of Bout #14, and David Martinez (R) await the judges' decision with referee Hondo Fontan. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #14 featured 27 year-old David Martinez of the Black Tiger Gym in San Diego and 30 year-old Joshua Mouton, Unattached.

Throughout the bout, Mouton went with the attack mode. He ran, lunged and sometimes dove at Martinez like a linebacker in football to pin Martinez against the ropes or in a corner and then he simply out-muscled or should we say out-mugged Martinez while working over his midsection.

While Martinez clearly took round two, Mouton bested him in both rounds one and three.

Jesus Laguna (L) gets the win over Gabriel Cortez (R) in Bout #15 on Saturday, February 18, 2012 at the Encinitas Fitness and Boxing Club. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #15 featured 11 year-old Gabriel Cortez of Barrio Logan in San Diego going up against 12 year-old Jesus Laguna of the National City CYAC. This was a match that can be best described as a free-for-all. The fists never stopped flying.

With Laguna benefitting from a reach advantage, he was able to do most of his damage from afar which frustrated the shorter Cortez.

Nicholas Carrico (L) has his arm raised in victory by referee Rick Ley after he defeated Sebastian Silbastra (R) in Bout #16. Photo: Jim Wyatt

Bout #16 featured super welterweights 21 year-old Sebastian Silbastra of the Black Tiger Gym on Miramar Road going up against 18 year-old Nicholas Carrico of Old School Boxing in San Diego.

This one turned out to be a one-sided affair, and Carrico ended up giving Silbastra a boxing lesson. With three eight counts being issued in one round, the referee was forced into calling for an early stoppage.

After their hard fought bout, Justin Auongo (L), the eventual winner of Bout #17, and Tory Henry (R) have their arms raised by referee Hondo Fontan. Photo: J. Wyatt

Bout #17 featured welterweights 21 year-old Tory Henry of the Encinitas Boxing Club taking on the 21 year-old Justin “T-bone” Auongo, Unattached.

As Auongo got warmed up, he became increasingly accurate with his punches and it became clear he was ahead on the scorecards. Then in the second round, “T-bone” came with a big overhand right that caused the referee to issue Henry an eight count.

In the final round, Auongo came again with three consecutive overhand rights and two more eight counts were issued. After the third eight count, the referee called for a stoppage.

Bout #18 featured Jehmon Norris of City Boxing in downtown San Diego taking on Fernando Munoz of the National City CYAC in what had to be the hard luck story of the day.

Throughout their excitable match, Munoz, the better boxer, was doing most everything right and had Norris backing up for the majority of the bout. For sure he was the points leader.

Then in the closing minute, Munoz ran right into a punch that put him in la-la land to lose the match.

After Anthony Torres' brother Scott left the facility, it was discovered he, along with Ricky Hood, had their contest chosen as "Bout of the Day." Anthony graciously filled in and accepted the trophy for his big brother. Photo: Jim Wyatt

"Bout of the Day" trophy went to Ricky Hood (shown here accepting the trophy) and Scott Torres for their all out efforts in Bout #6. Photo: Jim Wyatt

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