Doesn’t anyone stay in one place any more? Two extremely popular gyms move

zzzzzFor a Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai or Fitness Gym to change locations, it takes a crack team of heavy lifters and skilled… Wait a minute, that’s exactly the type of people they have come to their gyms. In other words, anytime anyone is planning to move, they should feel comfortable, even obliged to go into any local fitness gym and request help for their move. All those trips with heavy boxes up and down the stairs; the couch alone is a back breaker. You have the washer, dryer and refrigerator. They’re certainly comparable to the heavy barbells. Okay, you, you and you, let’s go! Shame on me, like so many others, I never thought to ask the following gym owners if they needed help. Hopefully, they did have the right amount of people to lend a hand with this arduous task.

So, who moved? The Bound Boxing Academy stayed on Broadway but moved further south to Palomar Street. Their new address is: 675 Palomar Street, Suite E,G (off Oxford & Broadway next to the Walmart), Chula Vista, Calif. 91911. With the Bound Boxing Academy hosting the District’s USA Amateur Boxing Junior Olympics Competition on Saturday morning beginning with the weigh-ins at 8 a.m., you know they’re under the gun to complete this move – in a hurry to complete the move and then quick like a bunny do the set up for the many patrons and athletes coming to Saturday’s event.

The gym fostered a ton of fond memories and of course the Friday Night Fights on Broadway were a big part of that nostalgia.

The gym fostered a ton of fond memories and of course the Friday Night Fights on Broadway were a big part of that nostalgia.

aa no more packed house at this location

How about all the top champions like Antonio DeMarco and

How about all the top professionals who came through that door – champions like Antonio Margarito plus Antonio DeMarco shown here with Andrea Medina who is currently a National and Junior Olympic Amateur Champion.

leaving hurts gets you right in the gut

Leaving this place and it’s memories has to hurt – gets you right in the gut.

the newness of it all be good to us

It was as if Juan Medina Jr., the owner of the Bound Boxing Academy was strking a bargain with the brick and mortar: “Well, here it is, our new home. Be good to us, and we’ll be good to you. Just like at our last home!”

final workers going nonstop

With the workers, volunteers and management going nonstop, around the clock, and still there is so much to be done, the challenge can be likened to climbing Mt. Everest and that Saturday show is just a few hours away.

The second move is also taking place this week as Eduardo Telles is moving his 999 Jiu-Jitsu Headquarters Open Matt Gym from Governor Drive down to 4425 Convoy Street, Suite #210, in Kearny Mesa, San Diego, Calif. He is having his Grand Opening festivities on Saturday, April 2, 2016.

What’s so remarkable about Telles? Even though he turns 40 this year he still wants to compete and despite his age, he continues to win. The secret to his success? He never stops training and he never stops learning from everyone. The list of instructors, masters of BJJ that he has trained with is almost as long as this partial list of his accomplishments: BJJ World Champion, No Gi (2013), Pan American Champion (2007), Brazilian National Champion – CBJJE (2008), World Silver Medallist (1999 – Purple Belt), 3x World Bronze Medallist (2000 – Brown Belt, 2008 and 2010 Black Belt), 2x Pan American Silver Medallist (2005, 2006), 3x Brazilian National Silver Medallist (2001, 2005, 2006), 3x Pan American Bronze Medallist (2002 – Pesado and Absolute, 2004 Pesado).

After his first defeat at the hands of the more experienced Landro Silva “Batata” from Nova Uniao, Telles understood the necessity of joining a professional MMA team, and so he joined the famous X-Gym in Rio de Janeiro, headquarters of the Black House MMA team were some of the best UFC fighters train, people like Anderson Silva, Machida the Nogueira Brothers and many others.

  640 Eduardo Telles

Eduardo Telles' new location is nestled in between car dealerships and restaurants in the busy commercial neighborhood

Eduardo Telles’ new location is in the busy commercial district of Kearny Mesa, San Diego, Calif. It’s nestled between car dealerships and eateries.

He's kind of partial to that top step- winning

Over the years, Eduardo Telles has gotten kind of partial to having his arm raised in victory or being told to go that top step.

bb fighting sequence

When you are winning and articulate, everybody and their brother wants you to be in their magazine. been featured in a ton of magazines.

When you’re winning and so knowledgeable about your sport, everybody and their brother wants you to be featured on the cover of their magazine.

Of course it helps when people keep coming up to you and saying, "You know who you remind me of - Bruce Springstein."

Of course it helps to have rockstar good looks and people keep coming up to you and saying, “Did anybody ever tell you look a lot like Bruce Springstein?”

bb guys

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