Day three of Pacquiao versus Mosley pre-fight build up

Left to right, the participants on the Pacquiao vs. Mosley undercard, Mike Alvarado, Kelly Pavlik, Wilfredo Vazquez, Jr., Jorge Arce, Alfonso Lopez and Sugar Ray Narh. Photo: Tom Casino

What the participants on the Undercard had to say on Thursday:

Manny Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach: “Manny will be Shane’s toughest opponent. Shane cannot stay on his toes for long and move. From Day 1, Manny’s attitude for this training camp has been spectacular. Normally when he runs, we start out on the flats and work our way up to the hills. This time, he started with the hills. His attitude has not changed since the first day.

“I encourage Manny to knock out more of his opponents. I tell him that because there’s more money in it for him if he knocks out his opponents. Too many times he makes friends with his opponents during a fight and avoids knocking them out. He does just enough to win the rounds. When he was beating De La Hoya, he came back after a round and I knew De La Hoya was ready to go. I told Manny, ‘it’s your job to knock him out.’”


Trainers Freddie Roach (above) and Naazim Richardson held court with the media during a roundtable session Thursday before the fighters on the undercard participated in their final press conference. Photo: Tom Casino/Showtime

Sugar Shane Mosley’s trainer, Naazim Richardson: “You get an opportunity to face Pacquiao, you take advantage of it. Pacquiao is not just a guy off the streets. He is a legendary athlete. The last fighter I saw like Pacquiao was Aaron Pryor. But he’s never been hit by anybody like Shane.

“Shane is a gladiator and will be prepared for everything, and his experience is a great strength. Pacquiao starts fast, almost abnormally fast, but Shane can adapt and will. He’s ready to fight 12 hard rounds.’’


The Wlifredo Vazquez Jr. Vazquez (left) and Jorge Arce (right) stare down. Photo: Tom Casino/Showtime

Jorge Arce: “I know that everyone will be watching on Saturday night because Manny Pacquiao will be fighting. I don’t know what will happen but only one thing is for sure – I’ll win by knockout.”

Wilfredo Vazquez, Jr: “I’m very happy to be fighting on a big show like this. Arce is talking about a knockout? He is crazy – I’m ready for him. Arce is a great fighter, a great champion and has a lot of guts. But the knockout is not going to happen. I fight for my family and I’m going to win on Saturday night.”







Kelly Pavlik: “The story has been done, everything has been written. But what hasn’t been talked about is how zeroed in I am for this fight. This is a hungry kid, he’s undefeated and he’s looking to make a statement in his career. We didn’t take him lightly. He’s a tough kid with a lot of knockouts and he’s a great opponent to come back to.

“The energy level of this training camp is the best I’ve had in my career. I’m ready to show the boxing world that we’re back and we’re ready to make our stamp in this division.”


The no nonsense photo shoot of Kelly Pavlik (left) and Alfonso Lopez (right). Photo: Tom Casino/Showtime

Alfonso Lopez: “What an amazing event to be a part of. I had a great camp. This is going to be a tough fight because Pavlik is a great champion. He’s very strong and we all know what he can do in the ring. I’m just ready to get in there and fight.”









Announcers for Saturday's mega-event pose with Team Mosley and Ken Hershman of Showtime (left-to-right): Antonio Tarver, James Brown, Al Bernstein, Steve Farhood, Richardson, Mosley, Hershman, Gus Johnson, Jim Gray, Barry Tompkins and Rich Marotta. Photo: Tom Casino

Mike Alvarado (left) and Sugar Ray Nahr face off. Photo: Tom Casino

Mike Alvarado: “I need to win this fight to get to the next level for all the great champions in front of me. Saturday night is going to be a very explosive and intense fight. I’ve had a great camp and I’m ready to go.”

Sugar Ray Narh: “I’m here to take care of business. I can’t lose. He brings everything to the table and that’s what I like. It will bring the best out of me. I know he’s going to come ready to fight, but I’ll be the one with my hand raised at the end.”

Fearless picks: Pacquiao wins an unanimous decision over Mosley; Pavlik by TKO over Lopez, Vazquez wins by decision over Arce and Alvarado knocks Narh out in the second round.

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