Citlalli Ortiz, USA Amateur Boxing’s Olympic Hopeful

(photo, right) November 26, 2017: Gold Medal winner Citlalli Ortiz from Coachella, Calif. is positioned on the top stoop while they play our National Anthem at the 2017 Women’s Youth World Championships. (left) We’d also like to point out another of Ortiz’s most laudable assets, her one of a kind, million-dollar smile.

Citlalli Ortiz began to box when she was just eight-years-old. What happened was her older sister began to box and there was no one left at home to care for the younger Citlalli. Then, Citlalli’s workouts became a necessity when she needed to lose some weight before heading off to Middle School. Since her Dad didn’t want her to get bullied at school, he had her spar in their backyard against some of the very kids who had begun to tease her. Once she had her gloves and headgear on, as well as having her father there to instruct her, she’d end up knocking her opponents down. That was the first time he realized his daughter had potential. Following that discovery, her Dad became impressed by how well she listened to him and followed his instructions. This led to having his daughter spar even more. Soon, it was Citlalli’s ability to adapt to the different boxing styles while managing to put pressure on an opponent that began to fascinate him. Her innate ability to adjust led to further success.

Soon after, Citlalli’s list of accomplishments became mind-boggling. With an undefeated amateur record of 29-0, she was the 2016 Junior and Youth National Champion, the 2016 Junior Olympic Champion, she won the 2016 WBC Belt at the Beautiful Brawlers Show, she’s won Four Gold Medals, been National Champion three times, and after an amazing trip to Guwahati, India with Team USA, she won the Gold Medal at the 2017 Women’s Youth World Championships. After that she won the 2016 Oxnard National PAL, been the Desert Showdown Champion three times, the 2015 Gene Lewis Champion, the 2016 Binational Champion, the 2017 Youth National Champion and the 2017 Mexican National Champion. 

From whom did Citlalli Ortiz receive her inspiration? “My first inspiration came from my sister, who got me started. She had always been a really good boxer-brawler, but unfortunately, she decided to give up the sport. Since that time, my inspiration has come from Cecilia Braekhus of Norway (now 35-0 as a Pro). She is the undisputed female world welterweight champion and first woman to hold all four titles for over a decade, the IBF, WBA, WBO and WBC, all at the same time. There’s also Hanna Gabriel, who is the champion in the super welterweight division. I believe both are the best boxers in my weight division, and I envision that someday I will get my chance to compete against them.

“My biggest motivation is realizing that I now have the potential to become someone in this sport. I’m never satisfied. I’m always wanting more when it comes to competing. Also, I have this goal of competing in the 2020 Olympic Games, and eventually turning Pro. I used to wish AIBA would eventually get around to adding another weight division between 132 and 165 lbs. That was around two years ago and now it’s looks as if my wish has come true. Now what motivates me the most is there will finally be this 152 lbs. weight division in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. As a result, you can count on me to be working extra hard to earn my spot.”

What are five things people don’t know about Citlalli Ortiz? “1) My first and middle name have the same meaning which is “Star”. 2) I was over 220 lbs. when I first started to box. 3) My hobby is going to the movies every week. 4) I have this obsession for french fries. 5) Every summer, ever since I was a baby, I go to visit my family in Mexico City.”

The photos above and below illustrate how far our U. S. A. Amateur Boxing sensation has gone to become this praiseworthy beauty who no doubt will be all the talk when and if she arrives at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Like the maturing of fine wine, those of us who witnessed her development, know of her painstaking strength and conditioning to become this top athlete, firmly believe she will do an admirable job of representing her hometown of Coachella, California, Southern California plus the entire U. S.

Photo (left) features Citlalli Ortiz surrounded by an assortment of awards, plaques, trophies, medals, championship belts, plus that impressive, eyecatching wall banner, a true work of art.
Like with most competitions, we must never become over-confidant and put the proverbial cart before the horse. Here at home, Ortiz must first defeat the following young ladies, Oshae Jones and Sharakya-Taina Moreu who like Ortiz have designs on being the Team USA’s 152 pound female representative at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

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