Citalli Ortiz, not only wins the Gold but shines brightly on the World Stage


(photo right) Gold Medal winner Citalli Ortiz (c) is on the top stoop as they play our National Anthem at the 2017 Women’s Youth World Championships which took place on November 19-26, 2017. (left) As if it were necessary, we’ll also point out Ortiz’s million-dollar smile, which comes straight right from the heart.

November 27, 2017

Citalli Ortiz, who loves to box, is what you would call a natural. Even when there was only the slimmest of chances there might be a female boxer in her weight class for a USA Amateur Boxing competition, you knew she would be there to represent the Lee Espinoza Coachella Boxing Club. There she’d be with her Dad, Alex Ortiz, hoping for an opportunity to compete. 

Citalli began to box when she was only eight-years-old. What happened was her older sister began to box and there was no one left at home to care for the younger Citalli. Then, these workouts became a necessity when she needed to lose weight before going off to middle school. Since her Dad didn’t want her to get bullied in school, he had her spar in their backyard against some of the kids who were teasing her. Once she had her gloves and headgear on, as well as having her father there to instruct her, she ended up knocking her opponents down. That was the first time her father realized she had the potential to compete. From that point on, her father became so impressed by how well she followed his instructions which led to having her spar even more.Ortiz’s ability to adapt to the different boxing styles and still manage to put pressure on an opponent has led to her success. With an undefeated amateur record of 20-0, her current list of accomplishments is mind-boggling: 2016 Junior National Champion, 2016 Junior Olympic Champion, 2016 WBC Belt at the Beautiful Brawlers Show, Four Gold Medals, 3x National Champion, the 2016 Youth National Champion and now after her trip to Guwahati, India with Team USA she’s won the Gold Medal at the 2017 Women’s Youth World Championships.  

Who has been Citalli’s biggest inspiration? “My first inspiration was my sister, who got me started in Boxing. She’s always been a really good boxer-brawler, but unfortunately, she decided to give up boxing. Now, my biggest inspiration is Cecilia Braekhus from Norway (32-0 as a Pro). She is the undisputed female world welterweight champion and first woman to hold all four titles, the IBF, WBA, WBO and WBC at the same time. There is also Hanna Gabriel, who is a champion in the super welterweight division. I believe both are the best boxers in my weight division, and I visualize that someday I might be competing against them. 

“My biggest motivation is knowing I have the potential to become someone in this sport. I never seem to be satisfied. I’m always wanting more when it comes to competing. Also, I have this goal of attending the 2020 Olympic Games, and eventually turning Pro. Hopefully, AIBA will add another division between 132 lbs. and 165 lbs. so I have an opportunity to compete at welterweight, the 140 to 147 lb. weight class. 

What are five things that people don’t know about you? 1. At one time I did weigh over 220 lbs. 2. I was just hours away from being aborted. 3. I have this obsession with french fries. 4. I like to go to the movies twice a week. 5. Every summer, ever since I was a baby, I have visited my family in Mexico City.

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