Han versus Morrison “Battle at the Ballpark” update

(L to R) boxer Davrene J. Morrison, boxing promoter Zef Ramirez and boxer Jennifer Han.

Thursday there was a press conference at Mulligans Bar and Grill in El Paso to announce the “Battle of the Ballpark” boxing show to be held, Saturday, October 15, 2011 at Cohen Stadium in El Paso.

The first person to address the media was Zef Ramirez of Zeferino Entertainment with the promoter’s spin, “El Paso’s sweetheart Jennifer Han is set to face the more experienced D. J. Morrison of Billings, Montana.”


After addressing the media, Mr. Ramirez introduced the headliners.

Davrene J. Morrison (2-10-0, 2 KOs) took to the podium first and spoke of her strategy: “I know Han and I respect her. She’s a good fighter but she has never fought a fighter with the experience I have. I will find the knockout come Saturday.”

Morrison, who is 33 years old, does have two knockouts to her credit. On March 19, 2010, a technical knockout over Brittney Christian. On July 30th of this year, the same Brittany Christian defeated Morrison in their rematch.

Then on October 27th of last year, referee Bobby Brunette stepped in to stop a bout between her and Kristie Davis. Over a five year career, Morrison has fought 12 times but not one fight in 2008 and fought only once in 2009. 

Jennifer Han poses for a photo after a recent workout.

Then it was Jennifer Han’s turn: “I want to thank Zef Ramirez for believing in me for the main event. It’s an honor, this fight. I’m very prepared and will be victorious this Saturday. I respect Ms. Morrison and have trained very hard. My brother Abie has been working with me on all different levels. I promise this will be a fight to remember and Morrison is not knocking anybody out!”

After checking over Han’s performance over the past two and a half years, we discover she’s (4-1-1). During the same period, Morrison is 1-6. Also, Morrison might not be familiar with Han’s background.

And now the rest of the story.

When noticing the last name of Han, I started to wonder if Jennifer might be related to this middleweight boxer Abraham Han who came to town back on May 21, 2009 for a fight staged at the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown San Diego, a fight against Ibaheim King. Sure enough they are brother and sister and I soon learned the entire family is involved in the fighting sports.

Master Bae H. Han poses with four of his successful offspring, Jennifer, Stephanie, Heather and Abraham.

At the head of this amazing family is Master Bae H. Han, who has a martial arts school and trains his students in Kick Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Aikido, Karate, Hap Kido and Judo. His top students include his own children, Jennifer, Abraham, Stephanie, Heather, and Israel. Over the past decade his children have demonstrated extraordinary skills at the local, state, national and international levels. It may be fair and correct to state they represent the most successful fighting family in the U. S.
If you’ve ever read about the famous dynasties in world history, dynasties are a sequence of rulers from the same family that over time have produced armies that have defended or expanded empires. Such was the case with the Han Dynasty in China, a dynasty that seized power in 206 B.C.

This dynasty spent years training their warriors to be experts in the use of deadly weaponry especially for close infighting with the saber, spears, swords, daggers and other hand weapons. That first Han Dynasty declined and the Hsing Dynasty emerged. The masses were non-supportive and the peasants soon swelled their forces and led an uprising to topple this short-lived dynasty. Many of these fighters were nobles from the old Han dynasty. Once again, it was the difficult yet successful training with the best weapons of the day, along with strong leadership and planning that led to the success of the Han Dynasty.

With that thought in mind, we come back to the present day Han Dynasty in Texas. It’s been successful because the children under the guidance of their father have mastered the numerous skills of the martial arts. The most notable are Abraham, a famed kickboxer and now light middleweight boxer with a record of 14-0, and Jennifer whose remarkable martial arts success coupled with her championship boxing has given the family heirs to the throne that their father now holds.

The awards, trophies and medals could never fit in even the largest of trophy cases.

Over her short life, Jennifer, the oldest sibling of Master Han, has become El Paso’s most prolific champion in the combat sports. Master Han empowered his daughter throughout her teen years in the demanding disciplines of Tae Kwon do, Hap Ki do, and Hoi Jeon Moo Sool. She eventually excelled in all three. He then molded her into a top-level kickboxer which naturally led to Muay Thai. He soon realized that his expertise in six martial arts disciplines did not include a full knowledge of boxing. That’s when he enlisted the help of Las Cruces New Mexico boxing trainer Art Monsaviaz, Christy Halbert, and eventually El Paso boxing trainer, Jerry Wright. Again, his daughter was up to the task.

Jennifer’s list of accomplishments include: Hoi Jeon Moo Sool World Champion, Taekwondo National Champion, Four-time National Golden Gloves and USA Boxing Boxing Champion, Ringside World Champion, IKW World Classic Kickboxing Champion, Two-Time IKF World Classic Champion and 10 time State and Regional Boxing Champion. Her amateur record as a boxer is 86-16, as a kickboxer 87-4.

Now trying her hand at boxing, it won't be longed before Jennifer Han will be a top contender.

Throughout history, ring battles have been won or lost depending upon one’s preparation. Jennifer Han has certainly prepared herself for Saturday’s bout with D. J. Morrison. That’s why I question the promoter’s use of the words “more experienced” when describing Morrison’s qualifications. I doubt if any of Morrison’s past opponents had as much experience and I also doubt if Morrison has a chance in h-e-double hockey stick of defeating Jennifer Han. I’m wondering if she could beat anyone in the Han Dynasty.


On Saturday night, October 15, Han had no problem defeating Ms. Morrison.

One reporter remarked, “Morrison was so technically deficient that she offered more hugs than punches to the sweetheart of El Paso.”

Han impressed the 3,500 attendees with her speed and movement while punishing her foe from bell to bell. Han ended up with the TKO victory at :10 into the fourth round.

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