When reaching 80, do you retire, or get set to train the next Champ?

At his party in Alpine, Calif., Hall of Fame boxer Bumpy Parra (r) is joined by his dear friend promoter Lou Messina (l) and his son, well-respected trainer Vince Parra (c).

On Sunday, May 19, 2019, a party took place at the gorgeous Rancho Palo Verde Estates Clubhouse in Alpine, Calif. to celebrate Norman “Bumpy” Parra’s 80th Birthday. At one point several boxing insiders sat there listening intently as this Boxing Hall of Famer mentioned his future plans. After witnessing the awe-inspiring success of his son Vince Parra in the training of the current WBO World Super Lightweight Champ Maurice “Mighty Moe” Hooker, let’s just say Bumpy’s enthusiasm has gone through the roof, and he’s now contemplating coming out of retirement.

As a photographer snapping photos, you can become fascinated by the love and affection of the people in your photos and sometimes get overwhelmed by these revelations. In the above photo there are seven stunning ladies and three affable gents who in unison expressed an abundance of love and affection for their revered father. Not to draw comparisons, but if the Kardashian family had been present, I’m certain they would have been envious.
Our second observation: back in the late ’60s, early ’70s New York City folk-singer/songwriter Melanie Safka, with her free-spirited hippie persona, and totally epitomizing the whole “flower power” counterculture at that time, wrote this pop song “Beautiful People” which yours truly feels is so apropos at this time.

Can you imagine how fast the applause needle would have whipped over to the right if a singer like Melanie had been present to perform her timeless hit record on Sunday in front of this warm and fuzzy crowd? Even more impressive, would have been a performance from one or more of Bumpy’s grandchildren. That recommendation has already gone into the Parra Family suggestion box for next year.

Following the usual family acknowledgments, our guest of honor and one of his daughters, plus his wife Joan along with a grandson, got the party rolling by dancing to the first of many offerings from the notable quartet. And before we forget to mention it, one of Bumpy’s daughters bears a striking resemblance to the high-spirited Kirstie Alley who appeared in the early episodes of Cheers.

Reflections from boxing coach Sergio Hernandez: “With Bumpy being my first boxing coach, we trained in San Ysidro during the mid-70s. I’ll never forget his outstanding character and the fact that he was blessed with this most beautiful and supportive family.” 

Wow! Sergio wasn’t just blowing smoke. Take a gander at this lovely young lady and the first five of her 10 children with Bumpy Parra. 
As you can see, the two young boys in the above photo, Feliz and Carlos plus their baby brother Vincent are now all grown up.
Whoops! We almost forgot the adopted son, Maurice “Mighty Mo” Hooker who is the current WBO World Super Lightweight Champion. In the early years of his training, Hooker, who is from Dallas, Texas, would often sleep over on the Parra Family’s living room couch. While reminiscing about those early days, of six years ago, the Parra family shared some more privy info: the fact that early on, Hooker made them a promise that someday he would make them proud and become a World Champion.
All 10 siblings in this family are extremely proud of their father.
It was imperative that we put those with the beaming smiles first.
Ana Parra joined Bumpy Parra for this commemorative photo.
They said it couldn’t be done. Early on, the youngster with the glorious curls was giving his mom a difficult time. Then, low and behold, the youngster took solace in his magical blue balloon.
When it comes to being photogenic, a certain young lady by the name of Lisette has everyone beat hands down. For this photo she’s all smiles with her Mom Maria Christina and Ana Parra.
The muscle? From the outset of Sunday’s festivities, it was clear you didn’t want to get on the wrong side of these movers and shakers.

(photo, right) Winner of the Baby Photo Contest.

Mom: “Honey, fishing is a male chauvinist something or other, that’s why they don’t want you around.” Daughter: “No Mommy, I heard them talk, they don’t want me around cause I might tell on them for using beer on their bait.”

Like-minded? It’s likely both this young man (l) and boxing promoter Saul Rios (r) CEO of Borizteca Boxing Promotions were thinking the same thing while eyeballing this boat. ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to take this boat out for a spin? What harm could there be in that? If only that (youngster, that man) would take a hike.’

It’s likely the nearby dam with it’s 100 foot drop has quite a history, quite a few tales to tell.
After leaving Dos Equis, as their most interesting man, Bumpy truly wanted to endorse his favorite brew, that being Modelo.
Four scouts who surveyed the entire property to include all boats.
Right around 6 p.m., this awesome affair came to an end and as they say, a good time was had by all. Now Bumpy and his wife Joan can go back to being world travelers.

After almost everyone had left, the suave, debonair Sergio Hernandez got this urge to go out on the water and do some old fashion water skiing. They say after a few drinks he becomes an enlightened, fearless philosopher: “The person who risks nothing does nothing, has nothing, is nothing, and becomes nothing.”

“It’s a good thing I always remember to bring my swim trunks.”
Some people would rather familiarize themselves with the lay of the land, at least take a lesson or two from an instructor before heading out on the water. Not Coach Sergio Hernandez. Despite his attempt to hold on for dear life, he didn’t last that long. He didn’t even get to hear a 10 count. After six seconds it was the Glub! Glub!
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