Building the perfect MMA fighter

Does a step by step plan exist to produce the ultimate MMA fighter?

Situation: You’re a fledgling, wannabe Mixed Martial Artist and you’re interested in developing into an MMA champion. What do you do? Where do you go? Who do you emulate? Which of the many fighters do you study to learn more and model your training after? Which of the coaches in San Diego has the best track record for developing fighters?

First, you have take the baby steps which include getting into the proper shape and learning how to properly warmup and stretch before each workout. With your legs under you, you begin to sharpen your stance, blocks and strikes, nailing your kicks, high and low, and then you begin to perfect the different patterns, the combinations.

After learning the myriad of self defense techniques and you’re confident enough to start sparring with other people in your gym, you then discover you need to return to the drawing board. It’s good to have a partner in these situations. Someone who’s always going to be on your case if you’re not in the gym and keeping up with the program. After a good two years of training, you’re ready to take the next step.

Again, refer back to your list of the top fighters; the guys you want to emulate. With the constant upgrades in talent, you’ll notice that earlier list has changed. USA Today recently posted an interesting photo gallery in which their experts picked the MMA fighters who exemplify the best at each specialty. I highly recommend you check out their picks because they seem to be spot on. Then watch as many of the fights involving these champions as possible. One can only imagine how hard these gents train to maintain their current level.

On-line address of this USA Today photo gallery:

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