Boxing Examiners are going with Pacquiao over Mosley

With the big Manny Pacquiao – Shane Mosley fight now less than 24 hours away at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV, the Press has been all over this story. It is now time for predictions. Below are the thoughts of various boxing writers across the platform.

Joseph Bourelly – National Boxing Examiner

“Although I believe Shane Mosley has the physical tools to give Manny Pacquiao problems, he has given no indication of a good strategic game plan to defeat the pound-for-pound great.  He keeps talking about matching speed with speed, and that is the wrong approach.  Pacquiao wins this one by easy 12-round decision.”

Jim Wyatt – San Diego Boxing Examiner

“Manny Pacquiao, the younger boxer by seven years, the boxer with quicker hands and more experience, should win this one easily if he uses his head and goes solely for the decision. If he gets cocky and stands in front of Mosley, and allows the bigger man to use his power and seven inch reach advantage, the upset is possible.”


Scott Heritage – Pittsburgh Fight Sports Examiner

“I see it being close in the early rounds as Mosley counters effectively and Pacquiao keeps his distance.  As the fight wears on I believe Mosley will start to tire and Pacquiao should take control, possibly getting a late stoppage.”

John Raspanti – Stockton Boxing Examiner

“I have to go with Pacquiao, though in the early rounds Mosley has a shot. I see Shane being very aggressive from the get go and pushing Manny.  He wants to make him fight and hopes he can land a bomb.  Pacquiao will likely weather the storm and start pounding on Mosley as the fight progresses.  Manny Pacquiao by unanimous decision or late stoppage.”

Colin Linneweber – Boston Boxing Examiner

“At nearly 40 years of age, Shane Mosley is finished. Manny Pacquiao, 32, named ‘Fighter of the Decade’ for the 2000s by the Boxing Writers Association of America, is somehow just getting started. Pacquiao will easily emerge victorious over Mosley with a violent sixth round knockout Saturday night.”

Delroy Hill – Baltimore Boxing Examiner

“Mosley has not looked good in his last two fights, and he no longer has the footwork or the head movement to deal with Manny’s combinations.  Pacquiao will respect Shane’s power early, so the first few rounds may be close and even entertaining, but once ‘Sugar’ begins to tire, he will be picked apart en route to another wide decision loss. Manny proved he no longer has the killer instinct in the last 2 rounds with Margarito, so I don’t think he’ll press the issue with a guy he’s been so friendly with in the lead-up to the fight.”

Ramon Aranda – Oakland Boxing Examiner

“While Mosley certainly has a puncher’s chance to make something happen, his slowing reflexes and inability to pull the trigger will render him ineffective by the middle rounds. I fully expect Pacquiao to pull away from that point on (round 5 or so) and dominate Mosley en route to a clear cut unanimous decision or late stoppage.”

Colin Seymour – San Francisco Boxing Examiner

“Manny Pacquiao will repeatedly beat Shane Mosley to the punch Saturday and will stop him in six or seven rounds. Mosley has been quicker than just about everyone he has fought, with the notable exception of Floyd Mayweather Jr. last year.  That disadvantage mystified and discouraged Mosley, as it will happen against Pacquiao.”


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