Nuevo Toreo de Tijuana gets to host the latest Borizteca Boxing Promotions Show

More exciting, more memorable than a bullfight? How could that be? On Sunday afternoon, November 29, 2020, there was Borizteca Boxing Promotions of Chula Vista, Calif. with an assist from Stockton, California’s King Gio giving it their best shot and delivering the goods at the Nuevo Toreo de Tijuana.

Bout #1 was a super lightweight contest between two gents, both making their Pro Debut. Needless to say, Isaac Rojas and Ronaldo Sandoval were fired up with all their family, friends and gym mates watching them open this Best In Boxing telecast.

In Bout #2, it was Rohan Polanco (1-0) facing Miguel Angel Bautista Navarrette (8-4-2).

Bout #3 featured the ladies in a battle royal, the 39-year-old, 16-year veteran 5’0″ tall Carina “La Reina” Moreno (25-6) from Watsonville, Calif. taking on the 5’1″ tall, 26-year-old Naomi Getzaly Arellano “La Chapita” Reyes (8-1) from Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico. With rounds being just two minutes long, the ladies went non-stop at a furious pace. The fact that Reyes had the quicker hands, was most times busier and had Moreno backing up more, these advantages led to Reyes getting the nod from the three judges.

Naomi Getzaly Arellano “La Chapita” Reyes (now 9-1) is all smiles after defeating the always tough Carina “La Reina” Moreno who now goes to (25-7).

In Bout #4 they had wrangler/cowpoke Mario “El Gurdo” Ramirez (14-1-1) a well known featherweight from Camulu, B. C., Mexico ride in on a white horse to intimidate his opponent Cristian Ramon Cortes Gonzalez (6-18-3). The treachery likely scared Gonzalez into butting heads with the well respected wrangler Ramirez. After seeing the blood streaming down his face, the Fight Doctor stopped the bout which made the bout, stopped before the fourth round, a “No Contest”.

Without a doubt, Bout #5, between lightweights: the 5’4″ tall Rene “El Bravo” Tellez Giron (14-1, 8 KOs) from Santiago de Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico taking on Guadalupe “El Lupe” Acosta (12-5, 7 KOs) from Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, Mexico has to be considered the Bout of the Day. You’ve heard the expression “Blood Bath” well this was one. Two fighters, one much, much taller throwing and landing punches as if his arms were whips lashing out at his opponent who was desperately dodging and working around and under Acosta’s looping punches to land the better leveraged, harder blows in a Mike Tyson like style. While Giron has just one loss, his opponent Acosta has lost his last three bouts.

In Bout #6, you had two extremely talented and serious pugilists, the 30-year-old Giovanni “King Gio” Gonzalez (10-5-1) from Stockton, Calif. battling it out with the 25-year-old Jose Luis Roa (9-1-1)) for the vacant World Boxing Federation International Lightweight Title.

The confident veteran, Giovanni Gonzalez, appeared unflappable. Strikingly different, the more cunning Roa, five years younger, two inches taller, with a 6½” reach advantage, showed his opponent much respect. That all ended as soon as the bell rung. Seeking a photo of Gonzalez landing a good shot on his opponent soon became a chore. And after a while, it became a seemingly impossible task. The biggest surprise of all came later after discovering that after 10 rounds, one of the three judges actually had Gonzalez winning the bout. Fortunately, the other two judges had their eyes open and had Roa winning going away. Below is proof of our belief.

To his credit, Giovanni Gonzalez was able to survive the many blows.
Bottom left photo shows both fighters landing a blow to the midsection at the same time.
(Bottom right) Photo shows both Giovanni Gonzalez (right) and his opponent Jose Luis Roa (left) landing their blows to the chin of their opponent at the very same time.
At the conclusion of Bout #10 we see Jose Luis Roa’s trusty coach/trainer plus cornerman taking off his gloves.
Realizing that this just might be the final bout of his illustrious career, Giovanni Gonzalez, a 15-year veteran, reflects and then speaks a few thoughtful words, sentiments from his heart.
Finally, the mixed decision scores favoring Jose Luis Roa were read aloud and Roa was spared that incredulous thought of somehow being caught up in a Loss or Draw.
Best in Boxing’s Kyle Irwin and the show’s Ring Announcer Pablo Flores wait patiently as the representative of the World Boxing Federation attaches the WBF International Lightweight Title belt around the waist of its newest Champion.

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