Arellano brothers sign on dotted line with Thompson Boxing Promotions

Israel and Antonio Arellano

Photo: Paul Rivera/Thompson Boxing Promotions

ORANGE, CA (August 2, 2013) – Thompson Boxing Promotions continues to add to its talented stable of boxers. Today, the Southern California-based promotional company signed two more hot prospects, light welterweight brothers, Antonio (6-1-1, 2 KOs) and Israel Arellano (6-1, 5 KOs) to exclusive promotional contracts. Born and raised in San Diego, the Arellano brothers are prospects looking to make a name for themselves in a most talented division.

ccmeeting around the deskArellano brother sign with Thompson Boxing Promotions

Antonio Arellano, Thompson Boxing Promotions

Today in Orange, CA., Antonio Arellano and his brother Israel signed on the dotted line with Thompson Boxing Promotions.

“We are extremely thankful for this opportunity and cannot wait to start preparing for our first fight under the Thompson Boxing Promotions banner,” said the 27-year-old Antonio, the older of the two. “Signing with Thompson is the first step in growing our careers and I have complete confidence that they will move us in the right direction.”

Israel Arellano

Younger brother of Antonio, Israel Arellano was right there to sign as well.

This is theĀ opportunity my brother and I were waiting for,” said Israel, 23. “It’s like we just graduated college and now we are ready for a real life education. Instead of wearing shirts and ties to work, we wear gloves and mouthpieces. It’s an exciting time for us.”

Israel Arellano

Both Israel Arellano (top) and Antonio Arellano (bottom) take a break from their normal workout at a local gym in South San Diego. Photo: Jim Wyatt

cccccAntonio Arellano

The brothers are trained by Carlos BarraganĀ Jr. at The House of Boxing Gym in Paradise Hills, a neighborhood of San Diego and co-managed by Saul Rios and Lou Messina.

Israel Arellano, Antonio Orozco, Carlos Barragan, Sr., David Barragan and Antonio Arellano.

(l to r) Professional boxers Israel Arellano, Antonio Orozco, trainer Carlos Barragan, Sr., professional boxers David Barragan and Antonio Arellano. Photo: Carl Barragan Jr.

“We like their work ethic and their passion for the sport and it goes along with what they bring to the ring physically,” said Alex Camponovo, General Manager and matchmaker for Thompson Boxing Promotions. “They describe themselves as gym rats and it shows in their appearance because they are in shape year round. As a promoter you always look for the dedicated athletes. Israel and Anthony have the desire to be great.”

Both fighters are sound technically, boast good waist movement and have solid instincts. As a result of being in the same weight division the brothers tend to spar quite frequently with one another in an attempt to stay sharp and improve on their abilities.

“When they spar against each other, it’s primarily a teaching tool for us,” Messina said. “We don’t keep score, but we look for ways to improve each of their styles. We use the sessions to work on their offensive and defensive skills.”

The brothers work full-time to help supplement their budding boxing careers. Israel is a talented specialty baker that designs intricate pastries for most any kind of an event, while Anthony works in the construction field.

Both boxers are scheduled to make their first appearance under the Thompson Boxing Promotions banner on September 7, 2013 at a show in Costa Mesa, CA. Opponents are to be named at a later date.

Additional photos from Paul Rivera/Thompson Boxing Promotions

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