Another thrilling night of WCK Muaythai at the Sheraton

Caption for the header: What a fight this one turned out to be. Bruno Borges from the Alliance Training Center in Barrio Logan, San Diego, Calif. defended his 130 lb. title against the crafty Rogelio “Roy” Gonzales from Foothill Ranch, Calif.

On Saturday evening, February 24th, Dennis Warner & In Sync Productions presented another exciting night of WCK Muay Thai fights at the Four Points By Sheraton Hotel in San Diego. Without further ado, here are the results from that show:

Fight #1

IKF AMATEUR UNIFIED RULES / 147 lbs. / both fighters were making their Amateur debut
Sean Hirst (Santa Clarita, Calif., 1-0, 144.2 lbs., 5’10” tall, DOB 6-3-93, earns himself a unanimous decision victory over Levi Griffith (Los Alamitos, Calif., 0-1, 146.2 lbs., 6′ tall, DOB 10-22-91. The judges’ scores: Judge Vichai Supkitpol 29-27, Judge Jose Cobian 30-26 and Judge Luis Cobian 30-26. Your referee was Jim VanOver.

Fight #2

IKF AMATEUR MODIFIED MUAY THAI RULES / 132 lbs. / both fighters were making their Amateur debut
Andrew Grijalva (Visalia, Calif., 1-0, 134.4 lbs., 5’7″ tall, DOB 4-30-92) got the win by virtue of a unanimous decision over Angel Guevara-Cortes (Fountain Valley, Calif., 0-1, 132.4 lbs., 5’6″ tall, DOB 7-8-90.

In Fight #2, it was Andrew Grijalva (r) getting the best of the exchanges with the shorter, lighter Angel Guevara-Cortes (l) in what turned out to be a very close fight.

The judges’ scores: Judge Vichai Supkitpol 29-28, Judge Jose Cobian 29-28, Judge Luis Cobian 29-28. Your referee was Jim VanOver.


Victoria Beltran-Seeberger (San Ysidro, Calif., Amateur Muaythai, Record 1-1, Jiu-Jitsu 25-5, 135.6 lbs., 5’3″ tall, DOB 10-3-92, wins a split decision victory over Gabrielle Laktineh (Lincoln Heights, East Los Angeles, Calif., Record 3-1, 132.8 lbs., 5’7″ tall, DOB 9-2-93. The judges’ scores: Judge Jim VanOver: 29-28 for Beltran; Judge Luis Cobian: 29-28 Beltran and Judge Vichai Supkitpol 29-28 for Laktineh. Your referee: Jose Cobian. Right up until the final bell, Victoria Beltran-Seeberger was making certain to match Laktineh’s output and then some.

Caption: Victoria Beltran-Seeberger of Imperial Beach, Calif. (left) and Gabrielle Laktineh (right) of East Los Angeles, Calif. await the judges’ decision for Bout #3, a close back and forth struggle.

Caption 2: At the close of Bout #3, Victoria Beltran-Seeberger has her arm raised in victory by veteran referee Jose Cobian.

Caption 3 Proud husband, proud father join their heroine Victoria Beltran-Seeberger, who hails from nearby Imperial Beach, Calif., for a few photos after her victory over the tough Gabrielle Laktineh.

Fight #4a

Ruben Tarango of Panorama City, Calif., record 4-0, 119 lbs., 5’9″ tall, DOB 7-3-93 defeats Jesse Sirisack of San Diego, Calif., record 1-2, 119.6 lbs., 5’7″ tall, DOB 7-5-88, from the Jhanex Alviz led Parusa Muay Thai team at the UFC Gym in Mission Valley, San Diego, Calif. Judges’ decision: Judge Jim VanOver 29-27; Judge Jose Cobian 30-26; Judge Luis Cobian 30-26. Your referee in charge was Vichai Supkitpol.

Cation: Sirisack (right) was issued a 30 day no competition Medical Suspension until March 27, 2018, by Dr. Mitch Jelen due to rebounding slowly from an 8 count in this hard-fought battle. After Tarango (left) took both rounds one and two by landing the harder shots, he punctuated his victory with two knockdowns in the final stanza to secure his unanimous decision victory.

Caption: Up goes the arm of the victorious Ruben Tarango of Panorama City, Calif. who shortly later was  joined by his very tight support group.

Caption: At the outset of this made for TV sequence, you sort of knew who was about to win. Would it be the gentleman with the French Riviera tan or the gent who rarely if ever sees a beach?

There was little or no discussion on whether we were to mention this Fight#4b. Over in France, they have this ultra-popular Reality TV Show called “Les Anges” which is very similar to a program in the U. S. called “The Bachelor”. In an upcoming episode, one of the lead characters 5’7″ Thomas Alvin ???? is a professional Muay Thai fighter who takes on a gentleman by the name of Christian. The destruction of Christian appeared to be real and before anyone knew it, the fight doctor had been summoned to look at his foot injury. The photos above and below are of the handsome leading man who has a patch of hair coming out of the back of his neck which resembles a yellow and red flower. Take note, this could end up being the latest fashion trend. (bottom photo) Having a role in this French TV show, are well-known trainer/actor Paulo Tocha, the Vice President of the World Muaythai Council and U.S. Muaythai Association plus John Vargas, the owner of the Valor Fight Club in nearby National City, Calif.

Fight #5

Mynor Ivan Juarez-Lopez of San Diego, Calif., record 1-1, 137 lbs., 5’6″ tall, DOB 5-15-86, coached by Jhanex Alviz of Parusa Muay Thai and training at the UFC Gym in Mission Valley, San Diego, Calif. defeated Alvaro Gallardo from Anaheim, Calif., Record 0-2, 132.4 lbs., 5’4″ tall, DOB 2-26-91 by a split decision. Judges’ scores: Judge: Jim VanOver 30-27, Juarez-Lopez, Judge Luis Cobian 29-28 Juarez-Lopez and Judge Vichai Supkitpol surprisingly 29-28 for Gallardo. The referee was Jose Cobian.

Fight #6

Caption a: James Dixon (left) lands a solid left hook to the chin of Joseph Madrid from the One Kick’s Gym, Tulare, Calif. in Fight #6.

Caption: After using, Joseph Madrid, for a punching bag for almost 4½ minutes, referee Jose Cobian finally stopped the bloodletting.

Caption: Here’s one of the rare moments when James Dixon (c) is at rest. Thanks to Alyshia Madison & Coach Steven Frye.

James Dixon (Spring Valley, Calif., 1-0, MMA 1-1, 154.4 lbs., 5’10” tall, DOB 10-9-88, coached by Steven Frye of Victory MMA, Point Loma, San Diego, Calif. defeated Joseph Madrid from the One Kicks Gym (Tulare, Calif., Record 4-2, 149.8 lbs., 6′ tall, DOB 5-26-98, by TKO at the 1:25 mark of round 2. Once Dixon had Madrid in trouble, the on-target punches came fast and furious at the defenseless Madrid who was issued a 30 day no training and 45 day no competition Medical Suspension due to the severity of this TKO. Scores prior to the stoppage: all three judges had Dixon up 10-9. The referee was Jose Cobian.

Fight #7

IKF AMATEUR FULL RULES MUAY THAI Super Featherweight Title fight, 5 rounds, (126 lbs. to 130 lbs.)
Bruno Borges from Chula Vista, Calif., Record 13-2, Amateur Boxing: 2-0, weighed in at 129.4 lbs., stands 5’6″ tall, DOB 7-6-90, defeated the flashy Rogelio “Roy” Gonzales from Foothill Ranch, Calif., Record 3-3, AMMA: 2-1, 129.4 lbs., 5’8″ tall, DOB 1-7-95 by Unanimous Decision. Judge Vichai Supkitpol scored the bout 48-47, Judge Jose Cobian 50-45 and Judge Luis Cobian 50-45. The referee for this contest was Jim VanOver. Everyone, to include the tricky/sneaky Gonzales has to come fully prepared when fighting the mighty Bruno Borges who is relentless.

Caption: If your Bruno Borges and you’re looking across at Rogelio “Roy” Gonzales, you got to be thinking, “What is he trying to do by raising his arms up like that? I guess, I’m supposed to get all hot and bothered by his height and superior reach advantage. Should I tell him that his intimidation maneuver isn’t working? No need, my first solid blow to his head will take care of that.

Caption: Bruno Borges finds an opening and lands a beautiful overhand right to the head of his opponent Rogelio “Roy” Gonzales.

Caption: Roy Gonzales awaits the announcement of the scores.

Cap: As soon as the results were announced, it was as though Bruno Borges’ body levitated upwards.

Cap: It was all hail to the champion, as fans gathered around for a photo of Bruno Borges wearing his newest Championship belt.

Fight #8

IKF AMATEUR FULL RULES MUAY THAI MIDDLEWEIGHT Title bout, 5 rds, over 154 lbs. not more than 160 lbs.
Chad “Smash” Berry  from San Diego, Calif., Record 6-3, 155.6 lbs., 5’11” tall, DOB 9-4-81, defeated Roman Lysenko (San Diego, Calif. by way of Kharkov, Ukraine, 8-2, 155.2 lbs., 6′ tall, DOB 7-26-95 from The Boxing Club in LaJolla, Calif. by TKO at the 1:27 mark of round 2. All three judges had Berry ahead 10-9 after the first round. Referee: Jim VanOver. On this night, Berry reigned supreme. It’s possible that he could have beaten anyone on the Planet. He looked that good and he made the former champ Lysenko look pedestrian.

Cap: Chad Berry was relentless and kept up the pressure on Roman Lysenko (r) until he had gone down on the canvas twice.

Cap: Chad “Smash” Berry and his loyal supporters from 8 Tribe in Point Loma, Calif. went sky high after Sarinda Chaney, the IKF Commissioner presented Berry with the Championship Belt.

Fight #9


Cap: Selina Flores (l) unloads with one of her extremely effective kicks to Catherine Feeley’s head.

Selina Flores (Vista, Calif., Record 15-3, 120 lbs., 5’7″ tall, DOB 6-4-98 retained her title by winning a mixed decision over the wily veteran Catherine Feeley (San Francisco, Calif., Record 8-3, 119.2 lbs., 5’7″ tall, DOB 3-13-80. Judge: Jim VanOver had it 47-47, a draw, Judge Jose Cobian 48-46 Flores and Judge Luis Cobian 48-46 Flores. Your referee was Vichai Supkitpol.

Quote from Selina Flores: “Last night was a 5 round war. I fought an extremely tough opponent and have some great battle scars to prove it. I am nothing but thankful for this opportunity to test my skills against someone who’s been in the game for a while. Mostly because this is going to cause me to level up. Believe me, the fighter who went into this fight is not the same fighter who came out of it.”

Without a doubt, Flores needed to win that fifth and final round because as her trainer/coach was pointing out, the 37-year-old Feeley was right there matching Flores, kick for kick, punch for punch. Feeley’s offense was so creative, so deceptive, that she landed a lot of good shots and especially four hard knees flush to Flores’ forehead. And like Feeley, it took a bit of trickery from Flores to pull out the victory.

Fight #10 Pre-fight Sweet James Gregory did the ceremonial dance out of respect not only for the sport but for his coach and opponent. All photos: Jim Wyatt

Cap: This time around it was Sweet James Gregory coming away with the victory over Ryan Rahimpour.

IKF AMATEUR FULL RULES MUAY THAI / Welterweight Clash/ 147 lbs. 
James Gregory (El Cajon, Calif., Record 6-15-2, 147.2 lbs., 5’7″ tall, DOB 11-7-79, from the Art of Eight Gym in Kearny Mesa, San Diego, Calif. where he trains Muay Thai fighters plus benefits big time from the training offered by Glory Kickboxing Champion Mike Lemaire went up against Ryan Rahimpour (Ocean Beach, San Diego, Calif., 4-3, 145.8 lbs., 6’1″, DOB 7-2-89, who is trained by Steven Frye at Victory MMA. Since the two, dedicated fighters had already met before, you knew this was going to be a classic match, but as it turned out, it wasn’t. Gregory was the winner by a unanimous decision: Judge: Jim VanOver 29-27, Judge Jose Cobian 29-27 and Judge Luis Cobian 29-27. Your referee was Vichai Supkitpol. And now for the explanation: Prior to their match, someone walked away with Rahimpour’s custom-fitted mouthpiece. So, not wishing to mess up the show, disappoint the audience plus his opponent, the agitated, distressed and courageous Rahimpour went out to the ring with a borrowed mouthpiece that was not only uncomfortable but way too big for his mouth. If Rahimpour had won this match, it would have been a major accomplishment.

Fight #11

Stefan Ewing (San Diego, Calif., Record 3-0, 153.8 lbs., 5’11” tall, DOB 7-8-89 who is trained by Carl Gebhardt at Steel MMA in Tierrasanta, San Diego, Calif. went on to defeat the excitable Jamaal Parsonsbey from San Bernadino, Calif., Record 2-3, 156 lbs., 5’11” tall, DOB 10-7-94, by Split Decision.

After Jamaal Parsonsbey’s injury and a short discussion on how to handle the scoring, it was determined that Stefan Ewing was the winner by split decision.

Stefan Ewing (c) with his coaches, Carl Gephardt and Sean Raftery were all smiles after learning of his victory.

Plain and simple, this bout was wild and crazy. After an Unintentional Foul/Injury Jamaal Parsonsbey was unable to continue by recommendation of the Doctor (eye injury) after the end of round 1. It also appeared that Parsonsbey had hurt his right hand after Parsonsbey and Ewing did this tumble-sault across the ring. This inadvertent somersault was done with mistaken grace. The ones you usually see performed by downhill skiers, small animals or someone who is drunk. On the other side of the ring, Parsonsbey almost fell through the ropes. After Parsonsbey’s three falls, you half expected to see him do a backflip. Through it all, Stefan Ewing was able to keep his composure and secure the victory.

After that early first-round stoppage, the scorecards were collected to determine the winner. Judge Jim VanOver scored the bout 10-9 for Parsonsbey, while Judges Luis Cobian and Vichai Supkitpol both scored the bout 10-9 for your winner, Ewing. The referee of this gymnastic presentation was Jose Cobian. Parsonsbey was then issued a 60 day no training and 60 day no competition Medical Suspension due to the injury and will now need a clearance from an ophthalmologist to get back in the ring.

Fight #12

In their Amateur Debuts, David Conte (Carlsbad, Calif., Record 1-0, AMMA: 2-1, 144.2 lbs., 5’9″tall, DOB 7-8-85, ended up defeating Bruno Barba (Visalia, Calif., Record 0-1, AMMA: 0-1, 144.4 lbs., 5’10” tall, DOB 6-6-85, by a Unanimous Decision. Judge Jim VanOver scored the bout 30-27, Judge Luis Cobian 30-27 and Judge Vichai Supkitpol 29-28. Your referee in charge was Jose Cobian.

The following bouts did not take place as scheduled:

Carleigh Karen (San Diego, Calif., Record 4-0/1, 141.2 lbs., 5’9″ tall, DOB 2-7-99 versus Natalia Maloney (Los Angeles, Calif., Record 3-0-1, 143.4 lbs., 5’10” tall, DOB 6-18-89.

Maloney was not cleared to fight after her pre-fight physical by Dr. Jelen due to her dehydration and loss of 14 lbs in 1 day. Maloney was then placed on a 60-day Health & Safety Medical Disciplinary suspension until 4-26-18 for trying to lose so much weight in so little time. Maloney’s trainer, Tsuyoshi Hisataka has also been placed on a 60-day Health & Safety

Medical Disciplinary Suspension until 4-26-18 for not keeping watch over his fighter, risking her health and safety and for not informing the event promoter of her weight issue prior to the event which left her scheduled opponent Carleigh Karen without an opponent.

Oscar Gallegos (San Diego, Calif., Record 1-1, 5’8″ tall, DOB 5-23-86, versus Manny Garcia (Fontana, Calif., Record 0-0, 5’9″ tall, DOB 11-28-87. Gallegos showed up for his weigh-in even though he was extremely ill and unable to participate in the competition. His opponent Manny Garcia was made aware of the situation and told not to attend the weigh-ins.








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