Another realty check from Benny Ricardo

Working at ringside, Benny Ricardo (on the right wearing a headset) has a unique way of engaging the fans.

Boxing announcer and analyst, Benny Ricardo writes: As if we didn’t see this one coming. The heavyweight title fight between Wladimir Klitschko and Dereck Chisora (14-0) has been postponed yet again from its second original date of April 30. Wladie has not fully recovered from a groin injury. Compared to him Wedgwood China is more durable.

Then a couple of days later it was announced he would fight David Haye


either on June 25 or July 2 in Germany. Could there be a connection between the two events? Probably.

When listening to David “The Mouth” Haye, one comes to the conclusion that he sure doesn’t lack for confidence. “This is an inevitable fight with an inevitable conclusion,” he told reporters. “Wladimir Klitschko is getting violently knocked out.”

Nor is Haye shy about expressing an opinion. “Klitschko is ready-made for me. I eat tall, chinny Eastern European heavyweights for breakfast. Wladimir is a fighter that doesn’t like to fight, and he has admitted that fact in the past. Unfortunately for him, I am a fighter that loves nothing more than fighting. I have the heart of lion, whereas Wladimir has the heart of a hyena. He cries and squeals and slips into the wilderness at the first sign of danger. Wladimir has proven this over the years, and I’m certain he will want no part of this lion when it finally comes time to go to war.”

Benny finished up his remarks by stating, “Now that’s what I call good ole Brit trash talking.”

This fight poster to announce the Wladimir Klitschko versus Dereck Chisora fight is now a collector's item since there's little chance Chisora will ever get an opportunity to fight for the title.

When Benny spoke of the good ole Brit trash talking I wondered if he was aware of Mr. Chisora’s delightful disposition. Derek Chisora was recently in court for sentencing on a theft and assault charge for beating up an ex-girlfriend. After being found guilty, he was given a two year suspended sentence.

Chisora had previous run-ins with the law, three for assaulting a police officer and one for possessing an offensive weapon – a cosh. The British heavyweight champion was also involved in a Mike Tyson-like ear bite that got him suspended by the British Boxing Board of Control for five months after he chomped on Paul Butlin’s ear at York Hall.

Wednesday of this week, the British Boxing Board of Control announced British heavyweight mandatory challenger Tyson Fury will get his shot to fight Mr. Wonderful, Dereck Chisora, for that prestigious Lonsdale belt.

The 27 year-old Zimbabwe-born fighter was later quoted as saying: “Butlin didn’t come to fight that night and I was bored stiff. I thought I’d liven things up a little bit. Would I do it again? I’d probably bite it off next time!”




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