Andrea Medina recipient of the 2015 City of Chula Vista Commendation Award from Mayor Mary Casillas Salas

How many people do you know that received a Proclamation from the Mayor? Inside Council Chambers all regular business stopped to salute this young champion Andre "The Boss" Medina. (l to r) Council member Steve Miesen, Mayor Salas, Andrea Medina, Juan Medina, Jr.

How many people do you know who have received such a Proclamation from their local Mayor? On August 18, 2015, inside the Chula Vista City Hall Chambers all regular business came to a standstill to recognize Andre “The Boss” Medina. (l to r) Council member Steve Miesen, Mayor Mary Casillas Salas, our honoree Andrea Medina and her proud father Juan Medina, Jr.

On Tuesday evening, role model, Andrea Medina, a USA Amateur Boxing National Champion plus High School Honor Roll student received this Proclamation from the Mayor of the City of Chula Vista, Mary Casillas Salas, in recognition for her many accomplishments by the tender age of sixteen.


As her Aunt/God Mother, Mari Idano put it, “Andrea Medina, the world is your oyster.” The idiom, “the world is your oyster” meaning you can do or achieve anything you so desire in life, because you have the ability, opportunity and the freedom to do so. When you’re a reporter and on deadline, there are times when you can’t find the proper words and you need a friend to lend a hand. Last night, Mari Idano, a natural wordsmith, came through for me and wrote this meaningful tribute to her 16-year-old Grand-niece/God-daughter Andrea Medina. Not only does Mari have a talent for finding the right words, she also has one of the biggest hearts.

Mari Idano: “Today the City of Chula Vista recognized my Grand-niece/God-daughter Andrea “The Boss” Medina for her accomplishments in the Sport of Boxing. The Mayor of Chula Vista, Mary Casillas Salas, presented her with the following “Proclamation” and then went on to name the majority of her major accomplishments, one by one, adding “not only is she a Great Boxer, an Olympic Hopeful, an Honor Student in High School, she’s also a Beautiful Young Lady.”

“Although I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of her life, it was very emotional for me to hear everything the Mayor had to say. And all of these accomplishments at such a very young age…words cannot express how proud I am. Andrea, the world is your oyster, Mama Girl. This is real and your time is now! Keep your feet firmly on the ground and don’t lose sight of your goals! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your dreams! Your Number #1 Fan Loves You To Eternity and Back, Forever and EVER! 

After the ceremony inside Council Chambers Family and friends gathered around for a photo with Andrea Medina, their heroine.

After the ceremony in Council Chambers, family and friends gathered around for a photo with Andrea. Check out the inscription on the red T-shirt of the youngster front and center. The inscription/wording on that shirt states, “U Don’t Play Boxing.”

640 Mayor at deskcouncil in session

I can teach you

During the ceremony, Andrea Medina made her own presentation. She gave the Mayor a pair of the best Boxing Gloves that money can buy and when the Mayor joked about putting them on and becoming a pugilist, Andrea added her own quip, “And I can teach you.”

(photo, left) Proud Mom and Dad plus younger brother Juan Medina III pose for photos with Andre Medina outside the Chula Vista City Hall.

(photo, left) Proud parents with younger brother Juan Medina III. (top right) a photo with her Aunt, Uncle and cousins outside the Chula Vista City Hall.

Others quickly jumped on the bandwagon. This “feeling proud group” included many friends and relatives which of course included mates from the Bound Boxing Academy. They were all there in the City Council Chambers in Chula Vista, on Andrea Medina’s Special day, August 18, 2015.

Together, Juan Medina, Jr., the proud coach and father, and his daughter Andrea stood there in the Chula Vista Council Chambers and listened to Mayor Mary Casillas Salas read off Andrea’s many accomplishments.

Here we see the celebrated Andrea Medina joined by her most proud boxing trainer and father, Juan Medina Jr.

640 Actual Proclamation

Juan Medina, Jr.: “My daughter Andrea and I have been on this crazy journey, a crazy roller coaster ride, a crazy uphill battle. We have been working hard, staying dedicated to the sport and most of all we’ve sacrificed so much. At this stage, all that hard work is beginning to pay off. We can see that light at the end of tunnel.”

Later, her father elaborated on what he had said earlier: “The statement is so true. Me, personally, I put my family through hell following my dream of owning this gym, the Bound Boxing Academy. It could have been disastrous, especially in our first year. Everyone will tell you, there’s no money in boxing and yet we turned this abandoned space into a thriving gym. I believe the metaphor of a roller coaster ride is so spot on.

“As far as Andrea, who started boxing at eight years old, we’d often travel great distances only to find her opponent didn’t want to fight. The only time she was assured of a bout was when an opponent was one or even two years older or perhaps 10 pounds heavier.

“It was the same for all the kids. I would send a list of 10 boxers to a show’s organizer and he’d select two. Then, when we’d arrive at the venue, we’d learn one or both of the boxers pulled out of the competition claiming they had to work, had a shoulder problem, not feeling 100%, or didn’t have a chance to spar that week.

“When Andrea was 14 and very good, nobody wanted to fight her. It’s understandable that she would get frustrated and it’s hard to train when you get discouraged. Without the motivation she got lazy. She’d come to me and say, “What am I training for?” She was thinking about quitting.

“At that point, she wanted to stop boxing all together and I needed to persuade her to give it one last shot. I said, ‘If you do well in this next tournament, which she did, we could continue on.’ We scrambled big time to get the money together for that trip back East. She did train but at only at say 50 to 60% of her capacity. Still it was good enough to rise above the five other girls. 

From that point on, I no longer had to motivate her. She knew exactly what it takes. Now, she’s always working out and preparing herself for battle. As far as weight, she feels she’s her strongest at 132 pounds.”

Photo shows a confident Andrea Medina while having her hands wrapped prior to one of her championship bouts.

Photos show a serious, confident and then jovial Andrea Medina while she’s having her hands wrapped prior to one of her many championship bouts.

(photo, left) Shows an excited Andrea "The Boss" Medina who recently celebrated her 16th Birthday.

(photo, left) An overjoyed Andrea Medina who at the time was celebrating her 16th Birthday. (photo, bottom right) Andrea (center) poses for a photo with her father and coach Edgar Sandoval.

(top left photo) The Medina family's boxing gym, Bound Boxing Academy on Broadway regularly hosts USA Amateur Boxing events.

(top left photo) The Medina family’s gym, the Bound Boxing Academy just off Broadway in Chula Vista, which regularly hosts USA Amateur Boxing shows/events under the heading “Friday Night Fights”.

(top, left) In June of this year, Andrea and her father

(top, left) In June of 2015, the Bound Boxing Academy hosted the former WBC Lightweight World Champion Antonio DeMarco who at that time needed their facility to spar with Maurice “Mighty Moe” Hooker. DeMarco was getting ready to battle Rances Barthelamew in Las Vegas. (below) Andrea Medina (r) is shown battling Abigail Narro at this year’s Desert Showdown World Amateur Boxing Championships in Indio, California.

Additional responses from friends/relatives:

Mario Perez: “Congratulations young Champion, you are an ambassador of hard work that pays off.

Adriana Idano: “To say that I am proud is an understatement. It was an honor to be there tonight. I am speechless, emotional, and in awe of how amazing this beautiful little human is. Love you Drea, so, so, so very much.”

Ruth Arellano: “Well deserved. Putting that name in the record books! Not many can say they’ve received such a proclamation at any age. Hang it proudly!”

Coach Edgar Sandoval: “This is only the beginning Handreah!”

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