Andrea Medina inches closer and closer to her debut in the 2020 Summer Olympics

At this point San Diego sports fans must feel like those squirrel-sized meerkats famous for their upright posture, standing on their rear legs as they gaze out alertly over the southern African plains. Everyone wants to know the latest news. “Have you talked to or seen Andrea Medina since her return from that International Boxing Tournament in Bulgaria?” Hopefully she’s getting some much deserved rest after being forced to box four straight days in a row. Local sports fans haven’t been this excited since Sweetwater High School’s track legend Gail Devers, a 3-time Olympic Gold Medalist and 5-time Olympian was blowing away the competition in the Olympics and all across the world.
Follow-ups will continue right up until the moment we see San Diego’s (Chula Vista’s) Andre Medina standing on the top step of the podium to receive her Gold Medal.
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