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USA Amateur boxing show results from Saturday, August 28th

Saturday, the USA Amateur boxing show at the United States Institute of Amateur Athletics facility in Skyline Hills, a San Diego neighborhood, was limited to just one match. It was in the grouping known as the Masters’ class, for boxers over the age of 35. Representing Old School Boxing of San Diego was 37 year-old […]

USA Amateur Boxing, Vista, CA, August 7, 2010

Saturday, there was another exciting and often fun-filled USA Amateur Boxing Show. This time around, the up and comers were showcased in Vista, CA at the Pacific Coast Boxing Gym.  A large contingent of San Diego’s boxing fans were on hand to enjoy the great food, the lively music and 13 action packed bouts. Among […]

The decided underdog? Chris Martin takes Chris Avalos to school

After tuning in to watch Showtime’s Showbox, the next Generation, I thought perhaps I had been placed in some weird time warp as I listened to the announcers preview the upcoming bout between bantamweights Chris Martin of Chula Vista, CA and Chris Avalos of Lancaster, CA. All three announcers, Curt Menefee, he’s great on Fox […]

Results from Saturday’s USA Boxing Show at the USIAA Facility

Another Saturday passes and another great USA Amateur Boxing Show goes into the books. This time the USIAA, United States Institute of Amateur Athletics on Woodman St. in Skyline Hills (San Diego) was the host. In Bout #1, nine year-old, Destiny Ruiz, all of 64 pounds, made the trek from her gym in Las Vegas, Nevada, […]

Results from USA Amateur Boxing Show at Victory Outreach Church

When the USA Amateur Boxers travel about southern California and stop at a venue near you, you, as a boxing fan, have an opportunity to see a Boxing Show that resembles if not surpasses the entertainment value of a championship bout you’d see on Pay Per View TV for $49.95. The only difference is the price. At your local USA Boxing Show you might end up […]

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